[YGO: TAS] Episode 68 – Mad Mai

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Mai Valentine under the control of the Orichalcos in YGOTAS episode 68

“What a lovely day” for a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged! LittleKuriboh today uploaded episode 68, “Mad Mai,” (on YouTube, TFS), bringing Yugi and the gang face-to-face with Mai Valentine, who is now under the control of the Orichalcos. Look out for some shiny and chrome Mad Max references.

Mai’s new voice, which made a very brief appearance in YGOTAS episode 66, is performed by LK’s talented friend and roommate Caitlyn Muncy (@Boobsmcbalrog).

LK Anime Convention Update: Anime Southwest, FANdom Con

Bad news for Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans who were looking forward to seeing LittleKuriboh in Colorado at the end of this month. LK announced that he has had to cancel his appearance at the first-year convention Anime Southwest — and he’s not the only one. There was apparently some kind of drama or misunderstanding among the con’s organizers that led to staffers either getting fired or quitting, and that caused numerous guests to pull out. What a shame.

On the plus side, LK has added one new stop to his calendar: FANdom Con in Fort Walton Beach, Florida! This event will take place from November 11 through 13. LK last guested at FANdom Con in 2014.

I’ve updated my page dedicated to LittleKuriboh’s convention schedule with these two new developments.

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