Here are some of the most common questions that I’ve received, broken down into various categories. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact me and ask!

Questions about downloading video files
Questions about video file playback
Questions about streaming episodes
Questions about the subbed videos
Questions about this website’s video indexes
Other questions about this website
Questions about me (ravegrl)
How do I download the Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes? How do I use MegaUpload?

Go to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Downloads page and select the series you are interested in. Find the episode that you would like to download, then click the link. All of the episodes are hosted by MegaUpload, a one-click hosting service. You’ll be taken to the episode’s MegaUpload page, which looks something like this:

First MegaUpload screen

(1) If your native language isn’t English, you can change the language here.
(2) This is a text entry box, where you should enter the four-letter/number code displayed.
(3) Filename. Only the first few characters of the filename is displayed, plus its file extension.
(4) File size and description. In this example, the file size is 251.9 MB and the description contains the fansubber, episode number, CRC value, file extension, and information about the video (XVID 640×480) and audio (MP3 48kHz 192Kbps). The description won’t always have all of this information. The uploader of the file decides what to put here.
(5) Advertisements.

Step A: Enter the four-character code in the area labeled (2). In this example, you would enter YGO5. Then press the orange “download file” button. The screen will then change to this:

Second MegaUpload screen

Step B: A timer, circled in red, will begin to count down. If you don’t have a MegaUpload account, you will have to wait 45 seconds. If you have a free MegaUpload account, you only have to wait 25 seconds. Once the timer reaches zero, it will change into a grey “Regular download” button.

MegaUpload counter changes to download button

Step C: Click the “Regular download” button, and your download will begin!

(Note: Premium members of MegaUpload will not see the four-character code and timer. They can begin downloading immediately.)

I get an error message that says “XYZ” when using MegaUpload. What does it mean?

There are a couple of error messages that MegaUpload will occasionally spew out. Most of the time, when you get one of these messages, there isn’t an immediate solution to the problem. The only remedy is often to just wait and try downloading again later. Here is a list of common errors:

  • All download slots assigned to your country are in use. MegaUpload allows only a limited number of people from certain countries to download at the same time. If you get this message, you unfortunately live in one of those countries.
  • Click here to install flash, which you will need to use our site. You don’t have the Adobe Flash Player. Go ahead and download it — it’s a useful thing to have!
  • Download limit exceeded. Unless you have a Premium membership, you are limited in the number of bytes you can download each day.
  • Javascript/ActiveScripting required. You need to turn on JavaScript support for your browser. Look here for some solutions.
  • The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. The file still exists on MegaUpload’s servers, but for one reason or another (e.g. too much server traffic, server maintenance, glitch), you can’t get to it. Users with a Premium membership can still get this error.
  • This file has expired due to inactivity. The file wasn’t downloaded in the last 90 days, and was therefore removed from MegaUpload’s servers. If you get this message, please let me know.
  • Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available. The file no longer exists on MegaUpload’s servers. If you get this message, please let me know.
What is a CRC value?

A CRC value is a string of 8 letters and/or numbers (e.g. 7C2BC331) that serves as a “fingerprint” for a file. Each file has only one correct CRC value. CRC values are important in helping us figure out why there are playback problems because they can identify a corrupt file from a normal file.

All of the subbed episodes indexed on this site have their CRC values given on the Episode Downloads page where they are listed. (Additionally, some of the subbed episodes contain their CRC value in their filename. For example, the file “[Ouji-&Hina] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 215 [XVID] [7C2BC331].avi” has a CRC value of 7C2BC331.)

CRC values can be checked using various programs like RapidCRC, QuickSFV, or SFV Checker. They’re all pretty similar. I’ll show you RapidCRC as a demo:

To use RapidCRC, download, install, and run the program. The screenshots below show you what the program looks like and how to use it.

Selecting the correct options in RapidCRC
Click the “Options” button and make sure the two items in the red boxes are checked off.

Drag-and-drop in RapidCRC
Drag-and-drop your videos right into the program window. The videos’ CRC values appear in the circled area.

Why won’t the Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes play properly? Why is there no sound/video?

A video file can fail to work either because the original uploaded file is bad, because the downloaded file is bad, or because you are missing the appropriate audio/video codecs to play the video. Trying to figure out why a you are having playback problems is a multi-step process.

  • Is your computer missing an audio/video codec needed to play the file?
    • Begin by downloading the Combined Community Codec Pack (a.k.a. CCCP). The CCCP is an all-in-one filter pack created by anime fans especially for anime fans. It allows you to play all of the different audio and video file types that exist in the fansubbing world. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully, especially if you have downloaded other codecs on your own. The instructions will teach you how to disable those other codecs so that they don’t interfere with the CCCP.
  • Is the file corrupt?
    • Use a program like RapidCRC to check the CRC value of the file. (Read the previous question if you don’t know what a CRC value is or how to check it.) If the CRC value of the file you downloaded does not match its true CRC value (given on the page where the file is listed), the file is corrupt. Please try downloading it again.
    • Check the CRC value of the file you re-downloaded. If it is still incorrect, check if it’s the same incorrect value as the first file you downloaded. If so, then the original uploaded file is probably corrupted. Please let me know about this. If the CRC values of the first and second files are different, then something probably happened during your download to corrupt the file. Please try downloading it again.
  • Is the file smaller than it’s supposed to be?
    • Sometimes, the problem is simply because you downloaded an incomplete file. Compare the file size of your downloaded file to its file size listed on MegaUpload. (It can be found in the area labeled (4) as seen in this example picture.) Does your file have a smaller file size than what is listed? If so, then your download was interrupted and you have an incomplete file. Please try downloading it again. An incomplete file will obviously have an incorrect CRC value because it’s corrupt.
Even though my file has the wrong CRC value, it still plays properly. Is that okay?

Agh, no, that’s not okay! If the file you downloaded does not have a CRC value that matches the correct CRC value given on the page its, then the file is bad. Even though you might be able to play it, there is still something wrong with it. If this happens to you, please tell me! It could mean that the original uploaded file is bad, and I need to replace it. Don’t share corrupt/bad files!

What technical/system requirements are needed to stream videos successfully?

4KidsTV.com recommends that your computer have the following:
– Adobe Flash Player 9.0+
– Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2.0+, or Chrome .2+
– Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X, or Linux
– JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled
– Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth

YouTube recommends that your computer have the following:
– Adobe Flash Player 7.0+
– Firefox 1.1+, Internet Explorer 5.0+, or Safari 1.0+
– Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed, or Mac OS X 10.3+
– Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps

Why won’t the Yu-Gi-Oh! videos on 4KidsTV.com work?

The video library on 4KidsTV.com is unfortunately viewable only to visitors in the United States.

Why won’t the Yu-Gi-Oh! videos on 4Kids’ YouTube page work?

4Kids’ YouTube uploads of Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes are viewable only to visitors outside of Asia.

Are the subbed episodes “official” releases?

Many of the subbed episodes are fansubs. They were created by fansubbers for the many others fans of the show.

Others were ripped from bootlegged Hong Kong DVDs.

None of the subbed episodes, however, are released by official production, distribution, or licensing companies of any kind. They are not to be sold or rented. If you paid money for these episodes, you were ripped off! The videos indexed on this website are all free.

Who made the subbed episodes?

The subbed episodes are made possible by the efforts of many talented and dedicated fansubbers.

  • #yugioh!: #yugioh! (IRC channel, website) began releasing Duel Monsters episodes sometime in late-2003 and early-2004. Unfortunately, #yugioh! is no longer working on any more Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters episodes.
  • Ouji- & Hina / Ouji- & Co: Ouji- and Hina are currently working on episodes from the Duelist Kingdom and the Egyptian Memory Arcs. Ouji- is encoding the Duelist Kingdom episodes, while dirtydude16 is encoding the Egyptian Memory episodes. Some of their releases are labeled as “Ouji- & Co.” This just means that Ouji-, Hina, and some other people worked on the episode (too many people to list in the filename! ^_^).
  • dirtydude16 (dd16): dirtydude16 is an encoder, timer, and raw provider and currently works with a variety of fansubbing groups, including Ouji- & Hina and Tatsu no Kiba Productions (TnKP). In late 2005, dd16 released episodes 010-032 of Duel Monsters himself using Edo Hrzic‘s translations.
  • TV Nihon: TV Nihon (IRC channel, website) released all 27 episodes of the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! — frequently (but incorrectly) called Season 0.
  • HK DVD: Episodes from bootlegged HK DVDs. These are not fansubs.
When will episode XYZ be released?

I don’t know. There is no set schedule for the release of newly subbed episodes. Subbed episodes are released when they are released. Whenever any new content is available, I will always alert visitors by making a new post on the front page, so check back often, or subscribe!

Where are the raw episodes from? Which raws are from TV/DVD/HK DVD sources?

The raw episodes have been collected from a variety of places (e.g. other websites, forums, torrents, Winny, Share, and other Japanese P2P applications) and have been ripped from a variety of sources (TV, DVD, and HK DVD).

Every raw that I’ve ever come across is available either via direct download or BitTorrent. However, I have not watched the majority of the raws posted, and am therefore unable to say anything about their quality. Similarly, I don’t know which episodes are ripped from a TV/DVD/HK-DVD source. If you are looking for a DVD rip of a particular episode and it’s not already there, then I don’t have it. Sorry.

Some episodes have more than one raw version available (each with different file sizes). This was done intentionally so that you may download and examine each one and choose to save the best version.

In the event that you download a raw whose quality is so hideously bad that it can’t be used for a fansub or AMV, let me know and I’ll take it down. I don’t want to intentionally distribute bad-quality raws.

What are “alternate”/”alternative” version raws?

Some episodes have more than one raw version available. I call these “alternate” or “alternative” versions (or “alt ver” for short). Since I haven’t watched the majority of the raws posted (see the previous question), I can’t say which raws have the best quality. So, I put up several alternate versions for people to watch and choose from.

Why aren’t the raw episodes’ CRC values given?

Because they weren’t originally provided by the uploader of the raws. While fansubbers almost always give the CRC values for the video files that they make, raw providers often do not.

Why is episode XYZ from Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series not available for download?

The Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series videos found on my YGO: TAS downloads page come from three sources. The WMVs, AVIs, MPGs, and M4Vs are from the torrents and/or the official YGO: TAS Blip.tv account. The MOVs are from the official YGO: TAS Revver account. If a certain video isn’t available from at least one of these three sources, I won’t be listing it on my YGO: TAS page. I’m not interested in adding Flash videos that are ripped from YouTube. If you want a Flash video, just go to YouTube and watch it there directly.

Can you add links for downloading/streaming other Yu-Gi-Oh! media? (e.g. GX, 5D’s, etc.)

There are many more Yu-Gi-Oh! media out there that are not indexed on this website (e.g. various commercials and specials, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Pyramid of Light and 10th anniversary movies, GX, 5D’s, video game footage). However, at this time, I have no plans to add any other Yu-Gi-Oh! media to this page. If something is not already indexed on this website, then I either don’t have it or I am not interested in it. Any decision to make additions to this website in the future is made solely at my discretion.

Sorry, I don’t plan on indexing download links for any English-dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes. I have, however, already indexed many links for streaming English episodes.

Please let me know! Include the name of the series, the episode number, whether the episode is subbed or raw, and the link with your report.

Can you put up torrents?

Only a limited number of episodes are available via BitTorrent:

Unfortunately, I’m not able to create a torrent for all of the episodes and seed them for extended periods of time, so if a specific episode isn’t already found in one of those links, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you.

Why do you use MegaUpload? Why not use Sendspace/RapidShare/etc. instead?

I use MegaUpload for three big reasons. (1) MegaUpload allows everyone to download files that are up to 500 MB. (Only premium members can download files greater than 500 MB.) This limit is greater than that of Sendspace, RapidShare, and the other popular services. (2) Files are stored for 90 days after their last download. This expiration date is greater than that of MegaUpload’s competitors. Additionally, the uploader can manually extend the expiration date for the files. In other words, even if no one ever downloads a certain file, as long as I remember to extend the expiration date once every 90 days, that file will never be deleted! (3) MegaUpload is popular and it’s huge. At the time of this writing, it is one of the top 100 most popular websites, according to Alexa. MegaUpload isn’t going anywhere. There are smaller file-hosting services who might offer more space or a longer expiration time, but those services could disappear tomorrow.

How often are the indexes updated?

There is no set schedule for when the indexes are updated with new episode links. Subbed episodes are added when they are released. Raw episodes are put up if or when I find them. Regardless, I will always make a new post on the front page whenever any content is added, so check back often, or subscribe!

What is the history behind this website?

This website was born out of necessity — a need to share, a need for convenience. It began as an index for individuals looking to download Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters episodes, and though it has grown, such remains its primary purpose.

Many of the episodes indexed on this website were available only in the Downloads subforum of the Janime Community Forum. Beginning sometime in the middle of 2006, problems with piracy, warez, and the threat of legal action forced the administrators of the forum to adopt very stringent rules as to who could access the Downloads subforum and what content could be posted. Currently, a visitor must have been a member of the Janime Community Forum for six months and have made 500 posts before being able to enter that subforum. During this time, the administrators began removing many raw and fansubbed videos as well.

While the rules helped protect the forum from the sharing of illegal materials and being shut down, the Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes were no longer available to the general public. That was disappointing to me. At the time, the episodes were very hard to come by, and I felt strongly that there needed to be a place dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes that any fan could visit without restrictions. Since many people helped me build my collection of Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes, I wanted to return the favor and spread the wealth. So, I decided to create a page outside of the Janime forum to share these episodes with the rest of the world so that others too could easily build their own collections.

Even though I’m using the WordPress.com blogging platform, this website was never intended to be a blog. While it has since grown to include some coverage of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters-related news and releases by 4Kids and Little Kuriboh, its goal is and always will be to provide an index of download links for fans of the original Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series.

Why are there ads for XYZ on this website?

Sometimes, you will see advertisements placed on various posts and pages on this website. Those ads are inserted automatically by WordPress.com, not me. I’m not necessarily endorsing any product or service being advertised, and I’m not earning any money from those ads. I apologize if they are intrusive.

How do I subscribe to this website?

Subscribing to a blog allows you to be automatically notified whenever something new gets posted on the blog. And since I always make a new post every time a new video is added, subscribing will help keep you informed without the need to regularly check the front page of this site for updates.

Big RSS buttonTo subscribe to this or any other blog, you’ll first need a blog reader (also called a feed reader, RSS reader, or news aggregator). Here is a list of a bunch of them. Personally, I use Google Reader because of its simplicity.

The blog reader will have a button that says “add feed” or “add subscription” or something similar. Click on it and copy and paste this address: https://ravegrl.wordpress.com/feed/

Why is this website called “In the Name of The Pharaoh”?

Because the pharaoh commands me to make these Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes available to everyone for download! :)

Disclaimer and Comment Policy

This is a personal website written and edited solely by me (ravegrl). I am not affiliated with any companies, organizations, groups, or advertisers of any kind. I do not accept any form of sponsorship, paid insertions, or compensation.

This website includes indexes of various video media. None of the videos are hosted on the servers of WordPress.com.

This website allows comments on some of its posts and pages. All comments are automatically passed through spam filters and are moderated before being publicly displayed. I do not necessarily endorse any comments left by other commenters. I reserve the right to edit, move, or delete any comments submitted to this website.

Who are you?

Anzu Mazaki, ravegrl's avatarI’m ravegrl! I post on the Janime Community Forum, along with a few smaller Yu-Gi-Oh! forums.

I’m a big Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters fan who lives in the United States. A few years ago, I began playing the real-life Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game with my brothers. We often visited a local game-and-hobby store and played in their tournaments. Unfortunately, because I don’t have a lot of free time any more, I no longer play the card game. As for the Duel Monsters anime, I first became interested in the uncensored Japanese version when I found out how 4Kids (who owns the rights to the Yu-Gi-Oh! property outside of Asia) edited so much of the original storyline. Since then, I’ve been on a never-ending quest to collect the best videos of the original Japanese version that I can find. I’m also a lover of all sorts of anime — from shoujo to shounen and more — and am willing to give everything a shot.

Do you wanna duel?

Believe it or not, someone once emailed me asking this very question. Unfortunately, like I mentioned above, I no longer play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Sorry. Besides, it’s pretty awkward to duel using IMs or by posting in a forum, don’t you think?

What is your blogging style?

I don’t know if I have a specific blogging style. I just like to write. And talk. A lot. In any case, this website isn’t really a traditional blog anyway since it is mainly about providing Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes for everyone. Thus, I write knowing that visitors will come here primarily to download and to look for updates, not to read a blog. That’s why there are no thought-provoking posts, no solicitations for comments, no ongoing discussions, or whatever else makes up your typical blog.

Nevertheless, I find that the following sums up pretty well my views about writing on the Internet (and everywhere else): I am anti “txt-tlk.” I support good grammar. I am part of the “save the vowels” movement. For your sanity and mine, type out your damn words! Thank you.

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