Yu-Gi-Oh! Streaming Roundup, June 2020: Netflix, Tubi

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Shadow creatures materializing around Yugi in the remastered version of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters is in a strange state on Netflix. Since each of its five seasons were acquired separately and premiered on different dates, some seasons have expired and left the network while others remain. On June 8, Netflix removed seasons 1 and 2. This follows the network’s removal of seasons 4 and 5 back in March. Yes, that means only season 3 is currently available. Season 1 is slated to return on July 8. What about the others?

Seeing the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime in such a disarranged state on the world’s most prominent streaming network is pitiable. But all things considered, it’s not a terribly big blow because the entire series is still available on so many other platforms, including Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, hoopla, Hulu, Tubi, and YUGIOH.com.

In more positive news, Tubi added the remastered version of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie on June 27. Available free with ads, this edition of the film premiered in U.S. theaters in March 2018. Gone is the pan-and-scan SD video found on the DVDs of yesteryear. If you still haven’t seen the dazzlingly clean HD widescreen picture in this version, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Hot Topic Cancels Slifer Funko Pop! Pre-Orders

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Slifer the Sky Dragon disintegrating behind the Quiet One after being defeated in episode 67

Bad news for everyone who pre-ordered the Slifer the Sky Dragon Funko Pop! figure from Hot Topic. The retailer announced today via email that it has canceled all orders of this figure because of fulfillment issues related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Hot Topic’s full email reads as follows:

We’re sorry to inform you that we cannot fulfill your pre-order of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Slifer The Sky Dragon POP! Vinyl Figure. Due to the impact of COVID-19, our receipt of this item has been cancelled and as such we cannot create a replacement order. You will not be charged for this item and no further action is needed from your end. Any other items that were a part of your order will not be impacted and will ship as normal.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your business. If you have any other questions our customer service team is ready to assist.

Hot Topic Customer Service

Slifer is a 6-inch Funko Pop! sold exclusively by Hot Topic. The retailer’s online listing for Slifer currently states that it is “Out of Stock.”

There has been no word yet on the cancellation of the other six Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop! figures unveiled at Toy Fair New York back in February.

Of the six, Obelisk the Tormentor is the only other store exclusive. Its retailer, GameStop, is still accepting pre-orders and gives an expected release date of May 18.

First 4 Figures’ Yu-Gi-Oh! Line Is PVC Only … For Now

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First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club members are divided about the upcoming Blue-Eyes White Dragon PVC

Blue-Eyes White Dragon and First 4 Figures’ other upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! products will be sculpted using PVC, not resin. That’s the word from Alex Davis, the CEO of F4F, who confirmed the material of the statues in an announcement in the F4F Official Collectors Club on Facebook. (Note: Admin approval is necessary to view this group.)

Within the comments of that post, Davis further stated that the popularity of the PVC Blue-Eyes would determine whether or not it would get a resin in the future.

“Just didnt make sense to come out of the gate with a $700+ massive resin,” Davis wrote.

Davis also noted that F4F’s Dark Magician is already at the physical stage while Dark Magician Girl is almost finished at the 3-D design stage. Both of these monsters will be PVCs too, said Davis.

Reactions in the club to Davis’s revelation have been mixed.

Some fans were unhappy and expressed interest in only buying a resin Blue-Eyes and did not want to double dip by purchasing the PVC. However, they remained mindful that their decision would hurt the chances of a resin being greenlit.

Others fans were pleased that Blue-Eyes would be a PVC because of the lower price point and smaller size. F4F has not announced the price or size of Blue-Eyes yet. However, based on Davis’s comment that its wingspan “makes it quite a bit bigger than our typical PVC range,” and taking into account the prices of F4F’s other PVC statues, fans are predicting a price point for Blue-Eyes of $100 to $150.

Still others were thrilled because they could now afford to purchase three copies of PVC Blue-Eyes. Davis was receptive to their interest, stating that “[a] triple pack deal makes sense.”

A small faction showed interest in owning both PVC and resin Blue-Eyes.

Which camp do you fall in? Now that you know more about First 4 Figures’ upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! products, how does this influence your buying decision? Join the F4F Official Collectors Club Facebook group and voice your opinion!

First 4 Figures Unveils Blue-Eyes White Dragon Statue Prototype

First 4 Figures Unveils Blue-Eyes White Dragon Statue Prototype

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Unpainted physical prototype of Blue-Eyes White Dragon by First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures today provided an early look at its upcoming Blue-Eyes White Dragon statue. The premium collectibles maker posted a photo showing an unpainted physical prototype of Seto Kaiba’s signature monster to its Facebook page and website.

Today’s reveal did not include any other details about this product. In a comment in the F4F Official Collectors Club on Facebook, CEO Alex Davis noted that neither the scale nor the material of Blue-Eyes have been confirmed. (Note: Admin approval is necessary to view this group.)

However, in January 2019, Davis stated that Blue-Eyes would have a “nice and metallic” paint job. At that time, he also expressed interest in creating both resin and PVC versions of Blue-Eyes.

First 4 Figures November Roundup: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl Progress Update

Close-up of the head of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon prototype by First 4 Figures

Yu-Gi-Oh! Streaming Roundup, April 2020: Crunchyroll, Ameba, YouTube

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Young Sugoroku Muto with a cigarette in his mouth in episode 199

It’s been a long time coming, but the subbed version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters at last entered the final story arc on Crunchyroll this past month. The network now has 200 Japanese episodes of the anime available for all to enjoy for free. If you haven’t already done so, remember to add the show to your queue so you’ll always be alerted of new episodes.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise has expanded to another children’s video network. Ameba, which specializes in content for kids between 3 and 13 years old, has picked up all 146 English-dubbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL for worldwide streaming (excluding Asia). The first five episodes are available to Ameba users who create a free account, while the rest require a paid subscription to view. Ameba is available on the web and on numerous platforms. All of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is still available for free on many other services, like YUGIOH.com and Crunchyroll.

The official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel started up its Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s marathon again this month. Since April 6, the channel has been looping the first 19 episodes of the English-dubbed anime. The marathon is, as of this writing, still in progress. The rest of the episodes are available for free on YUGIOH.com, Crunchyroll, and other popular networks.

Kitsune Tweaks Kaiba Statue, Proposes Marik, Atem, Joey Statues

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Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon by Kitsune Statue

Kitsune Statue today presented an update on the production of its upcoming products. The company stated that “[t]he factory is advancing the engineering” on its Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue. Furthermore, Kitsune is considering reprinting the base of that statue with enhanced details, particularly the electrical cables and bolts.

Kitsune is also waiting to hear back from Konami regarding its next proposed Yu-Gi-Oh! projects. In addition to the previously announced Yugi statue, the company also wants to make Marik, Atem, and Joey, all standing with their monsters.

And lastly, Kitsune announced that beginning with its next Yu-Gi-Oh! statue, it will no longer restrict sales to only buyers in France and Monaco.

Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is still available for pre-order for €699 (about $775). It is scheduled to be delivered during the first half of 2021.

Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Statue Pre-Order Now Live
Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Statue Photos

Jump Force Deluxe Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Seto Kaiba with Obelisk the Tormentor in Jump Force

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today that it will bring Jump Force Deluxe Edition to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The tag-team fighting game will include a roster of over 50 characters from 16 Weekly Shonen Jump franchises, including Yugi from the original release of the game and Kaiba from the first DLC pack.

New for the Switch version is an offline 3 vs. 3 mode, which allows six players, each wielding their own Joy-Con, to control their own character and tag in and out with members of their team.

A second DLC pack is also coming in 2020 to all versions of the game. The Jump Force Character Pass 2 will offer five new characters from My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, YuYu Hakusho, Bleach, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Look for Jump Force Deluxe Edition for the Switch later this year for a suggested retail price of $49.99, and Character Pass 2 for $17.99.

Jump Force celebrates Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50th anniversary and originally launched in February 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

(News from @BandaiNamcoUS [1, 2])

Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Coloring Page

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Yugi in Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! coloring page

Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi knows that everyone is getting antsy because of extended stay-at-home orders. That’s why he posted a Yu-Gi-Oh! coloring page today for all to enjoy. See the full image on Instagram and give it a shot. Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba are waiting for you!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Streaming Roundup, March 2020: Hulu, Netflix, YouTube

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Pharaoh Atem on his throne, angry at Bandit King Bakura in episode 202

March was a great month for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V as season 3 of the English dub found another new home — Hulu. The U.S.-based subscription VOD network is now one of three platforms to host the entire series in English; the other two are Amazon Prime and Kidoodle.TV. If you’re looking for the Japanese version instead, Crunchyroll has you covered.

Bad news for fans of classic Yu-Gi-Oh!. Today, Netflix removed seasons 4 and 5 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters while sparing the first three seasons. The network originally added seasons 3, 4, and 5 exactly two years ago. You can still find the full English-dubbed series on YUGIOH.com, Crunchyroll, Tubi, and other services.

Between March 23 and 31, the official Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube channel live streamed the first five episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s non-stop. Over 430,000 duelists dropped by to see the action, which ended this morning. Were you one of them? If you like what you saw and want to watch the rest for free, Yusei is waiting for you on YUGIOH.com, Crunchyroll, and Tubi.

Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Statue Pre-Order Now Live

February 29, 2020 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 2 Comments

Three-quarter close-up view of Seto Kaiba's body in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

Pre-orders for Kitsune Statue’s Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue are now live. Buyers will want to act quickly because there are only 300 statues up for grabs. Its price is €699 (about $775), which includes a VAT of 20 percent.

Seto Kaiba's upper body and BEUD's heads in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

Kitsune’s creation depicts a 1/7 scale Seto Kaiba standing proudly atop his duel tower in the Battle City semifinals, ready to take down Yugi with his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Details from the anime, like the KaibaCorp logo, holographic pillars, and even Kaiba’s BEUD card, are on full display.

Three-quarter view of Seto Kaiba's upper body in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

This statue is crafted from resin, polyurethane, and PVC. Its dimensions are H47.2 x W54 x D46 centimeters (about H18.5 x W21 x D18 inches) and its weight is approximately 10 kilograms (22 pounds). The estimated delivery date is the first half of 2021.

Sales are limited to customers in France and Monaco only.

Close-up of one of the BEUD heads in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

On Twitter, the sculptor, Sacha Delon, shared a closer look of the 3-D computer models of the statue. Fans and buyers will definitely want to check out those images because they show some finer design details that aren’t visible in Kitsune’s photos of the product.

ZBrush 3-D computer model of the faces of Seto Kaiba and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

ZBrush 3-D computer model of Seto Kaiba's body in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

ZBrush 3-D computer model of BEUD card in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

ZBrush 3-D computer model of the duel arena floor in Kitsune Statue's Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue

This statue’s project directors are Yann Rademske and Baptiste Periou. Artistic direction was handled by Periou and Delon. The 2-D concept artist is Guilherme Daigo from Brazil, and the painter is Thai artist Titinun Naksud.

For more photos and information about the development of the statue, including comments from sculptor Delon and director Periou, check my write-up from earlier this week.

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