Card Games For Charity #6 Highlights: Live Auctions, YGOTAS Episode 58, Bald Kuriboh, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal L.A. Dub

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Little Kuriboh having his head shaved by Kyle Hebert
It’s hard to tell from this image, but LK is actually smiling.

A huge congratulations goes out to Little Kuriboh, whose Card Games For Charity #6 live stream event yesterday raised $15,642.58 for Hurricane Sandy relief! The total makes CGFC 6 the most successful charity event yet, surpassing the $11.8K total achieved by CGFC 4 in April 2011.

CGFC 6, which lasted over 13 straight hours and had 16 guests (12 in person visiting LK and Marianne’s home, four calling in over Skype), had over 1,000 viewers and 800 participants in the accompanying IRC chat at its peak. Many more participants came and went throughout the day.

In addition to organizing 12 eBay auctions for CGFC 6, LK and Marianne held 55 live auctions over the course of the live stream, with bidding being held in the IRC chat. The very first item auctioned off, a pack of Nyan Cat wrapping paper, also had the distinction of being the most expensive item, being sold for $1,000. The next highest winning bid was for the Battle City story arc Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga at $280. Overall, the live auctions ran quite smoothly given the hundreds of potential bidders in the chat, with only six re-auctions needing to take place due to non-paying bidders. All eBay auction winners paid within five hours of the auctions’ end, surely a welcome sight for LK.

The entire CGFC 6 live stream video has been saved and is available for streaming on LK’s account. For those of you who want to follow the action in the IRC chat as you watch the video, a log of the entire event is available for download thanks to the always generous Fox.

Below are some highlights for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Episode 58 Previewed, The Vagina Monologues Return

YGOTAS fans rejoiced when Little Kuriboh offered to show a preview of episode 58 if they reached $5,000 in donations. Thanks to the generosity of many, the milestone was reached less than three hours into the live stream. The new episode features the duel between Melvin and Susan Joey, the return of Espa Roba’s baby, and the rise and fall of Mokuba’s company, Mokusoft. LK would replay the episode two more times before the live stream concluded.

In addition to showing YGOTAS episode 58, LK also performed, for the first time ever, the Vagina Monologues version of episodes 2 and 3. (LK actually asked if anyone would have any moral objections to his readings. I’m pretty sure his fans would only be offended if he didn’t do the readings!) Episode 2 was made considerably more hilarious thanks to voice actor guest Erin Fitzgerald, who laughed uncontrollably while LK deadpanned his performance.

Little Kuriboh Shaves His Head

In what is perhaps the crowning moment of CGFC 6, Little Kuriboh had his head shaved live when the donation total reached $9,001. They hit the mark while Kyle Hebert (the voice of adult Gohan and the narrator in Dragon Ball Z) was visiting, just as LK had hoped for. Hebert offered to buzz off LK’s hair, though he later noted that he had never given anyone a haircut before. (Good thing they weren’t using a razor!)

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” LK wept as the clippers ran over his head. The IRC chat went crazy as each strand of hair dropped to the floor. It was the first time LK had ever shaved his head. The funny thing was that LK had just paid for a haircut before doing the live stream!

The Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal English Dub

Among the guests of the live stream was Kristi Reed, a veteran of the anime and video game industries for over 10 years and who directed and wrote Durarara!! and Persona 4: The Animation. Reed provided some insight into the much whispered-about Los Angeles dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, clips of which have only been shown at Armageddon Expo 2012 in Melbourne and Auckland.

Prior to the conclusion of the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit last year, the Japanese licensors of Yu-Gi-Oh! were confident of their chances at triumphing in court and taking back the rights to the franchise. Ignoring the court’s warnings not to exercise the rights to a product that it hadn’t yet secured, ADK proceeded to produce its own version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. ADK tapped Reed to direct the series with an L.A.-based cast, including Johnny Yong Bosch (Yuma), Vic Mignogna (Shark), Richard Cansino (Bronk), Cassandra Morris, Sam Riegel, and Liam O’Brien. After nine months, the result was a full-fledged product that was ready for the airwaves.

“We cast it, we recorded up to 26 episodes of it, we stripped out the music, completely recomposed to picture with two amazing composers, re-sound designed it, reanimated some sequences, and it was one of the most big-budgeted things I’ve ever worked on as far as anime goes,” Reed explained. Oh, and Yuma actually says “Kattobing” in this version, haha.

Dissatisfied with 4Kids’ work and not wanting to do business with it any more, ADK bent over backwards to make sure the L.A. team did well and were happy working on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. Reed described how ADK sent the L.A. team hard drives full of all of the animation layers and After Effect files, giving the American producers full rein to easily edit the video as they needed. Did they want to fix the mouth flaps to better fit the English dialogue? No problem! Did they need to edit an image so the network censors didn’t get on their case? Simple!

Within the American anime production industry, obtaining such resources from the Japanese studios is completely unheard of. The studios are very protective of their properties (and who wouldn’t be?) and licensees regularly need to adapt within the confines of the animation as it is presented.

Of course, we know how the lawsuit ultimately turned out. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal anime by 4Kids and Konami with the New York-based cast remains the de facto version of the show, while the version with the L.A.-based cast gathers dust inside a box.

Coming Soon

The fun’s not done yet! As Little Kuriboh promised, for every $2,000 raised, one person in the live stream would have to take part in the Orochon Ramen “Special Number 2” challenge, a punishment to the human digestive system made famous by Man v. Food on the Travel Channel.

Tomorrow, LK, Marianne, Erin Fitzgerald, Kaiji Tang, and some other unfortunate folks will each attempt to down one large bowl of ramen seasoned with a top secret, painfully-hot spice mix. Their adventure will be filmed and uploaded so that the rest of the world can relish in their misery.

But it’s all good, because it’s all for charity!

Card Games For Charity #6 – Hurricane Sandy Relief Livestream (12/08/12)

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Yugi gets some words of encouragement from Yami in episode 122

Save the date! On Saturday, December 8, Little Kuriboh will be back with another exciting installment of his famous Card Games For Charity event! But unlike previous events, which consisted of eBay auctions, this charity drive will be streamed live on his account from 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST until 1:00 am EST/10:00 pm PST! All donations will go to the Red Cross to help the people whose lives were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in late October.

Several guests from the voice acting and video game industries will be joining Little Kuriboh on the live stream, including cast members from Dragon Ball Z, Persona 4, League of Legends, Skull Girls, and more.

And what would a charity event be without some sweet incentives? Throughout the day, LK will be auctioning Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged merchandise, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and goods from Tasty Peach Studios, Level Up Studios, and more.

For more information about the event, including a tentative schedule of the live stream guests, check out LK’s post in the forums. A video summarizing the event is also on YouTube and

Can’t make the livestream but still want to help? Donate directly at A small number of eBay auctions will be available on that day as well, Marianne noted in the YouTube comments.

Why a Live Stream?

Although Little Kuriboh has participated in live stream charity events in the past, like Anime Fans Give Back To Japan and Ganbare For Japan, this will be the first time he’s running his own event of this kind. Why is he moving away from the familiar eBay auction format used in past charity events?

After his last event for Dan Green, Little Kuriboh was slammed with $500 in eBay fees for the $6,300 he raised. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but he finally had enough of it.

“Due to all the cumulative problems I’ve had over the years, I will no longer be using eBay for charity drives,” he explained in January 2012 after that event concluded. “Usually, for an official charitable organization, eBay has stuff in place to avoid this s***. Obviously, this isn’t ‘official,’ so it charged us as if we were just selling the items for our own profit. From now on, probably going to host live in-house auctions via a video stream service and have the bids be tallied via chat.”

And that is exactly how the auctions for Card Games For Charity #6 will be handled. Bidding will be conducted only in the YGOTAS chat (accessible on and via IRC at #ygotas @ LK decided against using Skype because of its limitations on the number of people that can participate in a group call. As for the video streaming platform, LK is opting to use a new account on after a poor test run on

Since his last charity event, LK has considered various organizations that he wanted to support, including RAINN, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign. He finally decided on a Hurricane Sandy relief effort earlier last month.

Update (December 2): Heads up! A few goodies have already hit the auction block on eBay. Check them out:

  • Catherine t-shirts and coasters by Sanshee
  • Marble Hornets Season 1 and 2 DVD set signed by the creators and stars of the series
  • Persona 4 t-shirts and buttons by Sanshee
  • Skull Girls t-shirt, pins, sticker, and necklace by Sanshee

Update (December 4): Heck yeah! Four more items have gone up on eBay:

Update (December 6): LK has put up one more batch of auctions!

Furthermore, LK has received some positive feedback about an idea to further incentivize donations. LK has decided to write a brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic, the length of which will be dictated by the total dollar amount donated between 6 pm EST/9 pm PST and 7 pm EST/10 pm PST. For every $50 donated, LK will write 1,000 words! What will the fanfic be about? Shipping, of course — and he’s letting his fans vote on the pair!

If you’ve ever read one of LK’s fanfics, you know what a tremendously articulate and talented writer he is. This is definitely one incentive to get worked up about. So donate, vote, then donate some more!

And lastly, head over to once again to the forums to get an updated schedule of the live stream, which now includes details about the live auctions!

Update (December 8): There’s less than 12 hours to go before the charity live stream kicks off! LK has uploaded one more promo video for the event on YouTube. Included is a new incentive: if fans raise $5,000 during the stream, LK will show a preview of the new episode! Yay!

Support Dan Green & The Twins – Card Games For Charity #5

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Yugi decides to save Joey rather than himself during their deadly duel in episode 78

By now, you’ve probably heard about the tragedy that befell Jay Snyder (a.k.a. Dan Green, the voice of Yugi) and his family and friends. On November 25, Michal Friedman, the singer better known as Michal the Girl and the wife of Snyder, passed away after giving birth to a healthy girl, Reverie, and boy, Jackson, via Caesarean section. The couple had been trying to conceive for seven years.

Since then, the heartbreaking story has received an abundance of coverage, from a local Manhattan news outlet, to the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail in the UK, and even from papers in Hungary and Turkey. Many more write-ups offer heartfelt condolences to the Snyders, while others bemoan the risks of C-sections.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, Little Kuriboh was among the first to encourage fans to lend a hand to the voice actor who’s entertained so many of us for so many years. Now, LK has gotten the go-ahead from Jay’s closest friends and family to set up another eBay charity event to help raise money for Jay, Reverie, and Jackson. Card Games For Charity #5 is live.

The hottest item up for grabs in this event is undoubtedly the song parody by Little Kuriboh. The winner of the auction will be able to choose a song for LK to parody “in the style of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.” The current bid has already exceeded $1,000!

The other items are as follows:

The winners of each auction will also receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! card signed by Little Kuriboh. All of the auctions end in about one week.

Despite retaining the “Card Games For Charity” label like previous charity auctions, this event is highlighted not by cards, but by items that are noticeably more personal, like handcrafted creations and donated items. It’s a fitting shift.

I’m glad to see Little Kuriboh put together another charity auction, even though the previous Card Games For Charity event was marred by some negative incidents that left LK wanting to avoid eBay for good. Check out LK’s video highlighting this event on YouTube or

Since Michal Friedman’s story was first reported, kind individuals — even complete strangers — have opened their hearts and offered to help the Snyders. Won’t you help, too? Bid on one of the great items listed above, or, if none of that catches your fancy, visit The Dan Green Guestbook at to make a direct donation via PayPal.

Additional Related Websites:
Michal Friedman’s obituary

Little Kuriboh’s Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot

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Little Kuriboh and Spaghetti in the Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot parody

Battle stations, level one! Little Kuriboh’s Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot has appeared! Filmed in Pretentio-Vision and packed with an equally pretentious soundtrack, the Eva video is the second of two projects stemming from his Card Games for Charity #4 event earlier this year. This special parody of LK’s favorite anime has given him an opportunity to perform many voices that he used to do back in school that he otherwise hasn’t had a chance to use, he says.

Originally, LK considered editing the Eva one-shot in a live stream. During his most recent live stream on December 12 however, he said that doing so would probably be too distracting. He did note that he might edit one of the final sections of the one-shot during another live stream, but this ended up not taking place. Too bad! I’m sure many fans would one day like to see the master at work. Other ideas that didn’t pan out: “Walt Disney‘s Neon Genesis Evangelion” (it could have worked, you never know!), Pen-Pen as a celebrity-voiced animal companion (the twist: this time, Morgan Freeman is the penguin!), and making fun of Christianity.

I’ve got to say, it feels pretty good to wrap up this year with some really long-awaited videos from LK. Last month, it was the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged parody (initially announced back in December 2009, haha). Today, it’s Evangelion. LK must feel superbly satisfied after finishing these projects. Congratulations, Little Kuriboh. Congratulations.

Update (December 19): The Eva one-shot is now on! Links to the AVI, M4V, and MP4 files hosted on its servers have been added to my YGOTAS downloads page (listed as “NGE One-Shot – Card Games For Charity”) for anyone who’s interested.

Card Games For Charity #4 – Aftermath

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Screenshot from LK's Card Games For Charity 4 - Final Total video
I wonder if British tax laws allow LK to write this off.

A big congratulations goes to Little Kuriboh, whose fourth installment of the Card Games For Charity event raised an astronomical $11,809.88 for the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief fund! This grand total towers above the earnings from the previous Card Games For Charity events.

Donations for LK’s one-shot video raised over $3,000 in and of themselves, with Neon Genesis Evangelion earning the most number of votes. InuYasha, Tenchi Muyo, Animal Crossing: The Movie, and Riding Bean followed in the rankings.

And because the total amount of money raised exceeds $3,000, Little Kuriboh will also be making a one-shot parody of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, which he says will be coming out in the next month or so.

Cheers to all of the individuals who contributed money to LK’s event or who donated to charitable organizations directly.

Jeers to the person who won the “Riding Duel, Acceleration” print for $530, then backed out. How could you? This was for charity! It’s too bad Little Kuriboh doesn’t want to release the bidder’s name, otherwise we could all add him to our blocked bidders list. I hope LK at least went through eBay’s unpaid item process so he recoups some of his fees and the bidder gets a strike against his account.

LK has relisted the “Riding Duel, Acceleration” print, and is also highlighting ShadyVox’s charity auction for the Sacred Beasts cards. Both auctions end in about seven days.

LK talks all about this event and also gives a special, promised performance in his latest video on YouTube.

Card Games For Charity #4 – Unite to Support the Japanese Tsunami Relief Effort, Part 2

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A Dark Magician card autographed by Dan Green and a Stardust Dragon card autographed by Greg Abbey

He’s not done yet! Little Kuriboh’s Card Games For Charity auctions are set to end in about three days, but several new great items have just hit the block!

The best of this bunch are easily the Dark Magician card (PCY-004) signed by Yugi Muto’s voice actor Dan Green, along with the Stardust Dragon card (GLD3-EN037) signed by Greg Abbey, the voice of Yusei Fudo. Wow! How much will these sell for?

The remaining eBay auctions are as follows:

All of these new auctions close in about three days as well.

According to Little Kuriboh, the eBay auctions have together raised over $4,000. The auction for the Unity card and guest appearance on YGOTAS has had over 12,000 views and is edging towards $2,000! Meanwhile, the one-shot parody has gathered over $1,000 in donations, with InuYasha and Tenchi Muyo in the lead. Check out LK’s newest video on YouTube for all the details, and don’t forget to support the cause! Proceeds from LK’s event will go to the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief fund. You can also donate to any number of other great organizations directly.

Card Games For Charity #4, Part 1

Card Games For Charity #4 – Unite to Support the Japanese Tsunami Relief Effort

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Kuriboh plushies up for auction

Little Kuriboh’s widely acclaimed Card Games For Charity event has returned for a great new cause: raising money for the Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief fund. What goodies has LK listed on eBay this time?

The most prominent item up for auction in this event is the befittingly named Unity card (JUMP-EN006). But not only will the highest bidder receive LK’s favorite card (signed by the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged if he or she wishes), the winner will also get to appear in an upcoming episode of YGOTAS! If you’ve ever wanted to voice a character in the most reputable Abridged series around, here’s your chance! Win the auction and donate to a noteworthy cause, all in one step!

The other eBay auctions are as follows:

In addition to these auctions, Little Kuriboh is also adding a very special contribution to the donation drive: a new one-shot parody of another anime series! The twist is that we, his fans, will get to decide what anime he’ll parody! The choices are:

  • Animal Crossing: The Movie
  • InuYasha
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Riding Bean
  • Tenchi Muyo

To vote for the anime you would like LK to parody, send a PayPal donation to:
\textsf{cardgamesforcharity\ [at]\ gmail\ [dot]\ com}
Then, send a message to the same email address with the name of the anime you are selecting. The option that raises the most money will be revealed at the end of May 2011 and will receive LK’s special treatment.

But wait, there’s even more! If the total amount of money raised exceeds $3,000, Little Kuriboh will also make a one-shot parody of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s! (“Card Games on Motorcycles!” not included.)

All I can say is “Wow!” Is this LK’s best donation drive yet or what? Hear him talk all about it in his solemn new video on YouTube or Or, download the AVI and M4V versions directly from

As LK’s CardGamesFTW channel still hasn’t returned, helixD is reminding everyone to spread the word about this event and reach out to others who might otherwise miss this big announcement. He’s also urging everyone to vote for the video on reddit.

If you would like to support the recovery and relief efforts but don’t want to take part in the above events, there are many great organizations to whom you can donate directly. Yahoo! News’ The Newsroom Blog has compiled a list of organizations doing work in the affected areas in Japan.

If you have friends or family in Japan, give them a call and offer up some words of comfort and encouragement! Several U.S. telecom companies have been offering their customers free long distance calls and texts to Japan.

And for further resources and information related to the disaster, head over to Google Crisis Response where you’ll find all of the latest details neatly indexed on one page.

LK and the 24-Hour “Anime Fans Give Back To Japan” Podcast

Despite only beginning his Card Games For Charity event today, Little Kuriboh has been drawing attention to the relief efforts in Japan since the day the tragedy struck. One of the most well-known charity events in the anime community that supported those efforts took place last month, and LK was right there with them.

Anime Fans Give Back To Japan” was a 24-hour long podcast completely organized by anime fans that sought to raise $25,000 to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Spearheaded by the members of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast, the event took off on March 19 and welcomed a whole slew of guests during its run, including big-name anime voice actors like Crispin Freeman, Michelle Ruff, and Steve Blum, and many Internet anime personalities, too.

Little Kuriboh was invited to the show on March 20, where he talked about YGOTAS, answered Inside the Actors Studio questions, and revealed a few of his upcoming plans. For anyone who missed hearing the podcast, a recording of LK’s segment, as well as KaiserNeko’s immediately following it, is available for download via MegaUpload thanks to the generosity of Fox:

By the end of the podcast, the organizers had raised over $25,000. To date, their total has exceeded $30,000.

Card Games For Charity #3! Bid on LK’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards & Manga

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Little Kuriboh holding up Winged Kuriboh LV9 in his video Card Games For Charity #3

Little Kuriboh is back with another one of his famous charity auctions! This time, several awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards and three Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga are up for grabs! Here’s what LK has listed on eBay:

The winning bidders may request that Little Kuriboh autograph the items! Additionally, if a final sale price exceeds $200, LK will personally call and thank the winner and do whatever character impersonations that he or she wants! The auctions will close in about a week.

The proceeds from these auctions will go to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the oldest rescue center for dogs and cats in the UK. This charity event is of special significance to LK, since one of his dogs sadly just passed away. :*(

Prior to this, LK’s most recent charity auction was held in May and benefited Oxfam America and their efforts to aid the communities affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Card Games For Charity #2! LK’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Auctions Return

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Little Kuriboh holding up Jinzo in his video Card Games For Charity #2
Alas, the Rare Bearded Kuriboh card is not available.

Little Kuriboh has returned with a new charity auction event! Up for bidding on eBay are four special cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG:

These cards are ultra rares from the Anniversary Pack released in late 2008 and have Kazuki Takahashi’s signature printed onto them! Additionally, LK will also autograph each card and, if an auction closes at more than $200, he’ll call the winning bidder as well! Check them out and spread the good word! The auctions end in about a week.

LK set up these auctions to highlight and assist the ongoing efforts to clean up the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. All proceeds from this event will go directly to Oxfam America, who has set up a response fund to maintain the clean-up efforts and aid the communities in the region.

Back in January, LK set up several auctions to help the people affected by the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.

[YGO: TAS] “What Would Yugi Do?”

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Yami, along with Yugi on a leash, in LK's adaptation of What Would Yugi Do
I never could relate to The Golden Girls…

Remember the Help Haiti community’s auctions back in January? Little Kuriboh offered to make one custom video for the winner of his charity auction. The winning bid of $455 came from redconvoy, who had her fanfic, “What Would Yugi Do?” adapted into a YGO: TAS-flavored video. The result, naturally, is hilarious! I love you, Yugi! I mean it!

The video is available for downloading in AVI and M4V formats or streaming from YouTube and

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