Card Games For Charity #6 Fanfic: Our Love Is Violence

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A close-up of Marik Ishtar in episode 69

During the Card Games For Charity #6 live stream event back in December, Little Kuriboh dedicated one hour to providing a very special incentive for donators: for every $50 donated during that hour to the Red Cross, LK would write 1,000 words in a brand-new fanfic! Fans who know LK’s work know of his strengths as a writer, not only in the realm of YGOTAS and other screenwriting projects, but also in creative writing.

Yesterday, LK made good on his promise, releasing Our Love Is Violence, a 7,500-word M-rated Thiefshipping fic about Marik and Bakura’s exploits in the tomb of a certain pharaoh. Unlike his previous story written for charity, Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town, this new one is a tad more serious, and Marik and Bakura don’t do as much diddle-daddling before getting busy.

Can’t get enough of the action? “There’s still three more chapters to go,” says LK. Yup, that was only chapter 1!

LK on AbridgedForums Live

Earlier this month, Little Kuriboh and Dutch abridger HarrysFiddlesticks were invited to AbridgedForums Live, a monthly podcast hosted by Airrest, codeblackhayate, Ezekieru, and 1Kids about the world of abridging, with plenty of tangents of course.

In their January 5 recording, the gang chatted about why abridged series are able to transcend boundaries and appeal to people all across the world, how they balance ongoing jokes so as to appeal to both longtime fans and new viewers, and their thoughts about the presence of an “abridged community.” LK also talks about his favorite episode, whether or not he’s worried about running out of jokes, how he warms up when preparing for an episode, and a whole lot more.

If you’ve got two hours to spare, give this a listen as this is one of LK’s better recent interviews, and check out some of LK’s older interviews that I’ve followed if you want to hear more from the creator of YGOTAS!

Card Games For Charity #6 – Hurricane Sandy Relief Livestream (12/08/12)

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Yugi gets some words of encouragement from Yami in episode 122

Save the date! On Saturday, December 8, Little Kuriboh will be back with another exciting installment of his famous Card Games For Charity event! But unlike previous events, which consisted of eBay auctions, this charity drive will be streamed live on his account from 12:00 pm EST/9:00 am PST until 1:00 am EST/10:00 pm PST! All donations will go to the Red Cross to help the people whose lives were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in late October.

Several guests from the voice acting and video game industries will be joining Little Kuriboh on the live stream, including cast members from Dragon Ball Z, Persona 4, League of Legends, Skull Girls, and more.

And what would a charity event be without some sweet incentives? Throughout the day, LK will be auctioning Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged merchandise, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and goods from Tasty Peach Studios, Level Up Studios, and more.

For more information about the event, including a tentative schedule of the live stream guests, check out LK’s post in the forums. A video summarizing the event is also on YouTube and

Can’t make the livestream but still want to help? Donate directly at A small number of eBay auctions will be available on that day as well, Marianne noted in the YouTube comments.

Why a Live Stream?

Although Little Kuriboh has participated in live stream charity events in the past, like Anime Fans Give Back To Japan and Ganbare For Japan, this will be the first time he’s running his own event of this kind. Why is he moving away from the familiar eBay auction format used in past charity events?

After his last event for Dan Green, Little Kuriboh was slammed with $500 in eBay fees for the $6,300 he raised. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but he finally had enough of it.

“Due to all the cumulative problems I’ve had over the years, I will no longer be using eBay for charity drives,” he explained in January 2012 after that event concluded. “Usually, for an official charitable organization, eBay has stuff in place to avoid this s***. Obviously, this isn’t ‘official,’ so it charged us as if we were just selling the items for our own profit. From now on, probably going to host live in-house auctions via a video stream service and have the bids be tallied via chat.”

And that is exactly how the auctions for Card Games For Charity #6 will be handled. Bidding will be conducted only in the YGOTAS chat (accessible on and via IRC at #ygotas @ LK decided against using Skype because of its limitations on the number of people that can participate in a group call. As for the video streaming platform, LK is opting to use a new account on after a poor test run on

Since his last charity event, LK has considered various organizations that he wanted to support, including RAINN, St. Jude’s Hospital, and Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign. He finally decided on a Hurricane Sandy relief effort earlier last month.

Update (December 2): Heads up! A few goodies have already hit the auction block on eBay. Check them out:

  • Catherine t-shirts and coasters by Sanshee
  • Marble Hornets Season 1 and 2 DVD set signed by the creators and stars of the series
  • Persona 4 t-shirts and buttons by Sanshee
  • Skull Girls t-shirt, pins, sticker, and necklace by Sanshee

Update (December 4): Heck yeah! Four more items have gone up on eBay:

Update (December 6): LK has put up one more batch of auctions!

Furthermore, LK has received some positive feedback about an idea to further incentivize donations. LK has decided to write a brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic, the length of which will be dictated by the total dollar amount donated between 6 pm EST/9 pm PST and 7 pm EST/10 pm PST. For every $50 donated, LK will write 1,000 words! What will the fanfic be about? Shipping, of course — and he’s letting his fans vote on the pair!

If you’ve ever read one of LK’s fanfics, you know what a tremendously articulate and talented writer he is. This is definitely one incentive to get worked up about. So donate, vote, then donate some more!

And lastly, head over to once again to the forums to get an updated schedule of the live stream, which now includes details about the live auctions!

Update (December 8): There’s less than 12 hours to go before the charity live stream kicks off! LK has uploaded one more promo video for the event on YouTube. Included is a new incentive: if fans raise $5,000 during the stream, LK will show a preview of the new episode! Yay!

[YGO: TAS] Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town

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Marik and Bakura chatting about their plans while inside Bakura's mind in episode 79

Little Kuriboh’s real talent lies in his ability to put the pen to the paper and turn out witty and engaging writings. This was true even before he was making wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged videos. The writing that has built up the YGOTAS world, and not the funny voices or crazy references, is arguably why the series has seen so much success for nearly five years and counting. Not surprisingly, LK has an account on, but his writings have taken a backseat to his other works in recent times.

A month ago, however, I was delighted to see that Little Kuriboh had begun a new writing project: a fanfic for charity! This, however, would not be an ordinary fic. It would be a Thiefshipping fic titled Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town, delighting the legions of Marik Ishtar x Yami Bakura fangirls. Listeners of Wha-Chow! will recognize “Censored Town” as a haunt for Wailords and other monstrosities.

While it was originally only supposed to have 11,500 words, the fic swelled up into a solid but shameful 24,000-word, M-rated masterpiece when the final chapter was released yesterday afternoon. With reviews calling LK “the king of smut” and cheers of “BEST. FANFICTION. EVER,” “ALL OF THIS IS CANON,” and “absolutely delicious,” how can you do anything but check it out?

Anime Conventions

In other recent news, SMASH!, an anime and manga convention in Sydney, Australia, has announced that Little Kuriboh will be a guest at its July 16 event! Yay! We haven’t heard about LK’s invitations to an anime con in quite a while now! LK says that he hopes to have both a new YGOTAS and Naruto Spoof video ready in time for the con. Episode 7 of NTACFSSS, in the meantime, will be ready sometime this month, he adds.

LK also mentioned that he will not be attending AnimeNEXT in New Jersey later next week, though he teases that he “may be there in some shape or form.” It would be pretty exciting if he could do a call-in as he did in 2009!

More YouTube Woes: CardGamesFTW and Ninjabridge Terminated

And lastly, both Little Kuriboh’s CardGamesFTW and Ninjabridge YouTube accounts have fallen. Sigh. CardGamesFTW took a hit last Thursday and was terminated two days ago. Ninjabridge was knocked out yesterday. CardGamesFTW received copyright infringement claims from Nihon Ad Systems, Inc. (NAS), while Ninjabridge received them from both NAS and TV Tokyo. Both channels had also been hit with strikes late in April when several Yu-Gi-Oh!-related videos were yanked. LK says that he will remove those offending videos from Ninjabridge when the account returns.

This is now the fourth time CardGamesFTW has been given the boot from YouTube and the sixth time in total that LK’s primary account has been banned. Ninjabridge, on the other hand, was terminated for the first time.

There’s really nothing more to say about these sad incidents that I haven’t already explained in the past, so check one of those many posts about the subject matter if you’re interested in why this happens, how LK resolves the issue, and what you could do in the meantime if you need your YGOTAS or NTACFSSS fix.

Update: Oh, Little Kuriboh will be at AVCon in Adelaide, Australia, too! The organizers are still raising money to try to recoup some of LK’s travel and accommodation costs, so give them a hand if you’ll be attending and want to meet the man himself! The con will run from July 22 to 24.

[YGO: TAS] “Fun In Yugi’s Mind” by indecisivepancake

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A panel from Fun in Yugi's Mind by indecisivepancake

The latest entry to the “Little-Kuriboh-reads-stuff-that-you’ve-written-using-his-funny-Abridged-Series-voices” project surfaced today and it… is… a… riot! Check out LK reading “Fun In Yugi’s Mind,” a short comic by indecisivepancake!

This video was also uploaded to the YGOTAS account, so it’s available for download. C’mon, you know you want to! The ending alone is worth saving! Hmm, if Gansley had taken over Yugi’s body in episode 48, I wonder if we would’ve seen an outcome like this!

Click the fanfic tag in the sidebar to see more of LK’s projects like this one!

Screenshot from Hey Hokage by Little Kuriboh

In moderately related news, Little Kuriboh posted a new Naruto Abridged video on Saturday! “Hey Hokage!” is about a Dangerous BOAARX… and Zorak. Yep…

By the way, to all of LK’s fans who’ve been wondering why there haven’t been any new episodes of Naruto: TACFSSS, LK said when he released episode 5 in April that production of further episodes would be put on the back burner. At the time, his focus was on new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.

Still, if this most recent video isn’t enough to lift your Naruto-deprived spirits, check out some photos from LK’s recent convention visits where he cosplays as Naruto! This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch.

[YGO: TAS] Kroze vs LittleKuriboh – Live @ Anime Vegas

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Live at Anime Vegas 2010: Little Kuriboh duels Kroze

As previously mentioned, Little Kuriboh will be at Anime Vegas this weekend! Yesterday, LK further revealed that he’ll be playing his first public Yu-Gi-Oh! game by challenging Kroze at the con, with the loser to suffer some dreadful consequences!

Anime Vegas’ program was just released earlier this week and LK is scheduled to hold two panels and an autograph session on Sunday! There’s no word on when LK will be dueling Kroze, but it’ll most certainly attract a sizable crowd. Let’s hope for a YGOTAS-styled duel with plenty of Catapult Turtles launching Dragon Champions toward floating castles and shattering flotation rings, which cause collapses on top of some monsters!

Yugi and Joey in Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre: Vampire Stalker Part II

Elsewhere on the interwebs, Bennett the Sage and Little Kuriboh continued their dramatic reading of YamiKaykaMotou’s Vampire Stalker in the most recent episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, also released just yesterday!

When we left the story in part 1, Joey had just learned that he is pregnant and vampire Kaiba’s the father! Now, the duo must search out a vampire doctor for help. All is not well, however, as a mysterious character from Seto’s past isn’t too happy with what he sees and is out for blood! Don’t miss “Vampire Stalker Part II” on Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre with Bennett the Sage, featuring Little Kuriboh!

[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 102-104, English dubbed

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Crump as the Nightmare Penguin Deck Master in episode 103
“Death by penguins!”

Three more dubbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! made it to YouTube yesterday! In episodes 102 and 103, Tea squares off against Crump, the former chief accountant of Kaiba Corp. (hey, I wonder if he knows Chad or Bill over at Industrial Illusions!) and admirer of penguins. Then, in episode 104, it Joey’s turn to duel as he faces legal expert Johnson in court and is threatened with a life sentence in the virtual world! All the while, Noah continues to torment Kaiba and Mokuba with images from their childhood as the pair wanders through his virtual rooms.

As usual, you can find the links for these episodes on 4Kids’ YouTube channel, YouTube’s Shows portal, and my index for streaming English-dubbed episodes.

In unrelated news, Little Kuriboh recently played a large part in an episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, a video series by That Guy with the Glasses team member Bennett the Sage. The monthly series features Sage highlighting “the very best in the very worst” of fanfics. Sage collaborated with LK in the most recent episode: a reading of YamiKaykaMotou’s Vampire Stalker. Sage narrates the Yu-Gi-Oh! Puppyshipping fic (with a vampiric twist, no less) while LK provides the characters’ voices. This episode, similar in style to LK’s own previous reading of a fanfic and the recent readings of lemons on the Wha-Chow! podcast, is not to be missed!

[YGO: TAS] “What Would Yugi Do?”

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Yami, along with Yugi on a leash, in LK's adaptation of What Would Yugi Do
I never could relate to The Golden Girls…

Remember the Help Haiti community’s auctions back in January? Little Kuriboh offered to make one custom video for the winner of his charity auction. The winning bid of $455 came from redconvoy, who had her fanfic, “What Would Yugi Do?” adapted into a YGO: TAS-flavored video. The result, naturally, is hilarious! I love you, Yugi! I mean it!

The video is available for downloading in AVI and M4V formats or streaming from YouTube and

LK Reads Your Fanfics – “Yami x Leax” by angelself

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Yami, as depicted by Little Kuriboh, from LK Reads Your Fanfics - "Yami x Leax" by angelself

From the theater of Little Kuriboh comes a dramatic reading of Yami x Leax, an epic tale of vulgarly elegant heroes, confounded lovers, and fated meetings written by the esteemed angelself!

All I can say is… wow. I would not have predicted that LK would work on such a project. And yet it seems so completely appropriate, with LK doing the reading and channeling the essence of the YGO: TAS characters into the fanfic! Adding ridiculous artwork and YouTube annotations with the original story’s text was a great choice and made it even more hilarious.

At the end of the video, LK says that he’d be willing to read any fanfic (as long as it belongs to the submitter, of course). Could this be the beginning of an ongoing series of dramatic renditions? I just hope fans don’t inundate him with intentionally bad fanfics!

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