Yu-Gi-Oh! Plushies Coming to Europe from Sakami Merchandise

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Sample artwork of Yami Yugi and Yuya Sakaki plushies from Sakami Merchandise

It’s been ages since official Yu-Gi-Oh! plushies have been seen outside Japan and Asia, but that will change early next year thanks to a new deal between 4K Media (Konami) and Sakami Merchandise. 4K Media announced today that it has tapped the Germany-based video game and comic goods specialist to produce plush toys of Yami Yugi and Yuya Sakaki, concept art of which is shown above. The plushies will be available in the first quarter of 2017 in various European countries.

“Sakami Merchandise is a new company specializing in the manufacturing of plush toys based on popular Japanese anime and manga, so of course Yu-Gi-Oh! was at the top of our must-have list,” said Sakami representative Ronny Wolf in a release.

Sakami Merchandise’s other products currently include plushies of L and Ryuk from Death Note and Conan Edogawa from Case Closed. The company also has plushies of Saitama from One-Punch Man and Teepo from Tales of Xillia lined up for sale later this year.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 71 – The Break-Up

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Yami Yugi promising Yugi he won't play The Seal of Orichalcos in YGOTAS episode 71
“Don’t worry, Yugi. There’s absolutely no reason to even use it.”

Ah, so LittleKuriboh has finally reached this episode — the one where Yami Yugi plays The Seal of Orichalcos. The one where he loses for real. Check out YGOTAS episode 71, “The Break-Up,” now on YouTube and TFS. But watch out, it’s a heartrending one. That Kuriboh metaphor? Hnnnggghh…

This humor in this episode is really old-school. While there are several visual gags present, the core of the story pokes fun at how preposterous some of the elements of the original episode are — Rafael’s justification for his hatred of humanity, his belief that the pharaoh could have been evil, and Yami’s decision to activate the Seal of Orichalcos.

Interestingly, LittleKuriboh leaves out an important element of Rafael’s story that is present in 4Kids’ English version, one that actually does help explain the character’s motivations — namely, that Rafael’s family doesn’t die. Rather, they choose to continue their lives without him even after he returns to civilization, which adds a layer of tragedy that further heightens Rafael’s loss and his disgust for the evils in people’s hearts. But, hey, having that wouldn’t be as funny!

Clocking in at over 14 minutes, this episode is one of the longest YGOTAS episodes to date. LittleKuriboh previewed the first four minutes of this episode during his Patreon live stream earlier this month and explained that he was worried about the episode’s length.

“I often look at an abridged video and say if I can cut something out, I will. If the video doesn’t suffer for it, I will cut it out,” he said. “This one I was a lot more lenient on because this is a pivotal moment in the series. […] A lot of things that happen in this episode are important so I didn’t want to just brush over a lot of it. So, I tried my best to really give it space to breathe and let it do its thing. I feel like as a part of the story, it’s good. I just don’t know if as an abridged episode if it’s good, you know?”

Oh, LK, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 15: ‘It’s Zero!’

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Yusho Sakaki wearing a top hat in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 15

Yuya Sakaki versus Reiji Akaba. The duel of the Originals is on. Yuya begins uncharacteristically by bolstering his defenses. He knows who he is up against.

“We come from the future and we’re the only ones here now,” says Akaba, “So I can openly duel with my true deck — my true power! And no matter who falls here… there’s no fear of discovery.”

“That’s right,” Yuya responds. “Nobody would believe we come from the future.”

Akaba grits his teeth. That was all Yusho Sakaki’s fault, Akaba barks angrily. Yusho’s actions killed his father. He begins to recall the events of the past that led them to their present-day quandary.

Years ago, Yusho Sakaki and Leo Akaba were researchers developing the Solid Vision with Mass technology. After the pair reached a milestone in their work, Yusho decided that he would leave the world of science to become a duelist. But not just any old duelist — one who combines dueling with worlds of entertainment and stage magic.

Yusho’s goals were noble. He knew that Solid Vision with Mass was powerful technology that could revolutionize the way the world works. He also knew that it would one day fall into the hands of military, who would use it in unjust ways. So before that happens, he wanted to use it for something that brought joy to the world so that people could know of and experience the positive potential of the technology. After making that decision, Yusho and Leo would further their research in the realms of Solid Vision and Duel Monsters, developing the Pendulum summoning method as the hallmark of entertainment duels.

But, explains Reiji Akaba, something unexpected happened to their fathers. Solid Vision with Mass involves creating an artificial virtual dimension, then drawing out and materializing the mass from that dimension into the Solid Vision technology of the real world. One day, while trying connecting to the virtual dimension, they instead connected to a new dimension and encountered Genesis Omega Dragon — G.O.D. Before G.O.D. destroyed their world, Reiji and Yuya were thrown into this current world and, “by a strange coincidence,” would inherit the power of the Pendulum summoning technique.

Reiji Akaba fans the cards in his hands and holds them straight out in front of Yuya.

Now, says Akaba, he will use that power to stop Yuya from taking control of G.O.D.!


Yes, some answers! The origin and explanation behind Solid Vision with Mass finally appears — and the pseudo-scientific explanation behind it makes sense. But as usual, with the revelation comes more questions than answers. What is G.O.D. and why did it destroy Reiji and Yuya’s future world? How were the duo saved and transported into the past? And why is Reiji so scary in this chapter? “Thanks for bringing us to this cave, where I can kill you and no one will hear you scream.”

But, umm, this story sure is becoming more and more similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s anime. First it was the introduction of the time travel element. Now all of the mentions of “zero” in this chapter are evoking comparisons of the World Illusion to Zero Reverse.

By the way, the kanji (Chinese character used in the Japanese writing system) for “Rei” (零) in “Reiji” means zero. It also appears in the name of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime character Rei Shingetsu (Ray Shadows in the English-dubbed anime).

Where are Yuya and Reiji dueling? Was it ever explicitly stated? I thought they were deep underground beneath Yuya’s hideout after they dropped through a trap door in the previous chapter. Yet the recap appearing at the beginning of this chapter states that they are at the bottom of the Leo Corporation’s excavation site outside the city. This is more or less confirmed by Sawatari and Kurosaki, who are wandering the tunnels of that very site and who receive a message that Reiji’s duel signal had been detected. Perhaps they are close enough to the location of the duel and will rush there in the next chapter.

The location of Yuya’s hideout was never explicitly stated, however. Maybe Yuya has been living above the excavation site this entire time. Or maybe Yuya used his Solid Vision manipulation abilities to transport himself and Reiji to the site.

Hey, what’s up with the name of Reiji’s father? First it was Reo, then last chapter it was Leo, now it’s back to Reo again. After seeing Leo last chapter, the connection to the name of his company — Leo Corporation — became obvious, so that is probably the intended spelling. Style guides — put them to good use!

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 15: “It’s Zero!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 47 (October 24, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

Previous chapter:
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 14: “Where It Began!”

Next chapter:
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Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe New Menu Items

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New food and drinks at the Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe inspired by Pegasus, Jack, Shark, Reiji, and Crow

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe at the AnimePlaza store in Akihabara has posted its new menu items for its extended run. There are four new main courses and two new drinks to relish.


  • Pegasus – “Millennium Eye Soup” – Cream of corn soup, croissant, butter, lettuce, tomato, adzuki bean wafer.
  • Jack – “Spicy Red Daemon’s Noodle” – Soy sauce ramen, bamboo shoots, naruto, green onions, spinach, roasted pork, sausage, kimchi stew base.
  • Ryoga – “Revive! Therapeutic Meal Before the Revival Duel” – Potato salad, bread roll, stew, melon sorbet, green tea.
  • Reiji – “Reiji’s Trap Sweets ‘Contract with the Berries’ Act 2” – Strawberry cake, strawberry gelatin, strawberryade, strawberries, mint, fresh cream, sugar.


  • Crow – “Crow the Bullet Blasts Again!!” – Orange juice, Blue Hawaii pineapple gelatin, fresh cream, milk, cocoa powder, mango sauce.
  • Ryoga – “That Really Ticks Me Off! Raging Shark!” – Kyoho grapeade, Blue Hawaii syrup, Sprite, blueberries, fresh cream, grape gelatin.

These items will debut on November 1.

(News from the official Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! anime Twitter @yugioh_anime)

Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Extends Run to November 30

Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Extends Run to November 30

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Ryuji Otogi cooking pasta in episode 155
The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe — action in the back of the house

ADORE’s official Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe at the Akihabara AnimePlaza store is so popular that its run is being extended one extra month! The cafe will now be open through November 30 instead of October 30. With the extension also comes new menu items, so be on the lookout for those.

(News from the official Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! anime Twitter @yugioh_anime)

Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Menu Unveiled

Loot Anime Exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! Socks Now on Sale

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle crew socks by Bioworld -- a Loot Anime exclusive

Earlier this year, Loot Anime — the monthly manga and anime goods subscription box from the folks behind Loot Crate — offered an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! item as part of its duel-themed mystery crate. The item turned out to be a pair of Yu-Gi-Oh! crew socks with a Millennium Puzzle design. Aww, comfy!

Did you miss that month’s crate? Don’t worry, because this past Tuesday, Loot Crate opened up its storehouse of old limited edition items with the launch of Loot Vault, where you can buy those Yu-Gi-Oh! crew socks for just $6. To celebrate the launch, customers can use the code “OPENTHEVAULT” at checkout to get 15 percent off.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! crew socks are produced by Bioworld and are a size 10-13 (for shoe size 8-12).

Product tag on Bioworld's Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle crew socks

The next time you win a duel and your opponent asks how you got so good, tell them your power comes from your Yu-Gi-Oh! socks!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Japanese DVD, Blu-ray Coming March 8, 2017

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Japanese Blu-ray cover mock-up

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions is slated to get a DVD and Blu-ray release in Japan on March 8, 2017. Pre-orders for the movie opened today, with three different versions up for sale:

  • Standard edition DVD, ¥5,800 (about $56)
  • Standard edition BD, ¥6,800 (about $66)
  • Limited edition BD, ¥18,000 (about $174)

The standard edition products include:

  • A Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Palladium Oracle Mahad card, KC Ultra Rare version (included with the first production run only)
  • A leaflet
  • Kazuki Takahashi’s “Transcend Game Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app, accessible from March 8, 2017 to March 7, 2018. (This two-part story, originally published in Shueisha’s WSJ in April, connects the end of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga to the events of the movie.)
  • Video and audio bonus material

The limited edition BD includes all of the standard edition extras, plus:

  • A print version of Kazuki Takahashi’s “Transcend Game Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga
  • “Duelists’ Courageous Stance” key animation (genga)
  • Audio commentary by the cast
  • A Kaiba construction acrylic keychain
  • A Kudaragi Corps T-shirt

Pre-orders for the limited edition Blu-ray will be accepted until December 11. However, certain retailers, like Animate, Amazon Japan, HMV, and Tower Records, are participating in an early reservation campaign. Customers who pre-order from them early will receive a rolled B2-size poster (about 20″ x 28″), while supplies last.

And what about an English-language release on this side of the planet? On Facebook, 4K Media previously commented that a home video release “[s]hould follow a normal release schedule after the theatrical run.” While schedules obviously vary among different movies and studios, the window between the theatrical run and home video release has been dropping significantly in recent years… Stay tuned.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Subbed – Episodes 156-180 Complete

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One last Gotcha from Judai Yuki in the final scene of GX episode 180

Three cheers for 4K Media (Konami) and Crunchyroll, who today released the final episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX subbed. Episodes 156 through 180 — the almost mythical Darkness story arc that would have made up season 4 had it received an English dub from 4Kids — are now officially available for the first time ever to all viewers outside Asia.

My Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX – SUBBED Episodes page has been updated with links to the new videos. Congratulations and thanks go out to 4K Media, Crunchyroll, and the translator and editors for completing and publishing another Yu-Gi-Oh! series uncut in Japanese with English subtitles!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Subbed – Episodes 105-155 Complete

Kotobukiya Lists Atem Figure

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Kotobukiya's completed ArtFX J Atem figure

Today, Kotobukiya revealed its Atem figure in its fully colored, finished glory! Standing at roughly 9.5 inches tall, the 1/7th scale ArtFX J Atem figure is scheduled for a March 2017 release. Customers who pre-order directly from Kotobukiya for 9,000 yen (about $87) will also receive a 1/1 scale cartouche with the pharaoh’s name written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Look at those shapely arms and legs! His cape is removable too.

Kotobukiya’s plan for an Atem figure was unveiled to the U.S. market at Anime Expo in July earlier this year. The prototype sculpt then debuted at WonFes in Japan later that month.

Update: Kotobukiya’s English-language pre-order page is now up. The price is $89.99.

(News from the official Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! anime Twitter @yugioh_anime)

[YGO: TAS] Counseling Evil – 1

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Marik and Bakura artwork for LittleKuriboh's Counseling Evil series by Kamy2425
Artwork by Kamy2425

Ah, Marik’s Evil Council of Doom. When we last saw the gang back in 2012, Marik’s group was starting to crumble. Bakura had decided to leave Marik and join up with Dartz, much to the horror of fangirls worldwide. Meanwhile, Marik’s fellow evil colleagues began doubting his abilities as a leader. How will this mess resolve itself? After more than four years, LittleKuriboh will be providing an answer in “Counseling Evil,” a five-part series highlighting Marik’s quest to become more evil in an effort to win back Bakura. Part 1 is available now.

Followers of LittleKuriboh may remember that he originally intended for this new series to be titled #ProjectButtTouch. However, during his Patreon live stream earlier today where he played an unfinished version of this video, LK explained why he decided to change it. This series contains “a lot of not-subtle references” to the current U.S. election and specifically to Donald Trump’s campaign, LK said, and it was written back when LK knew Trump only as someone who spoke about making America great again. He continued:

“A lot of the events that transpired in the past two or three weeks — they’re upsetting for a lot of people. I don’t want to evoke those and I feel like a title like ‘Project Butt Touch’ — which does have a reason for being the title and it will become part of the story as it gets toward the end — honestly it is appropriate for the story but I don’t think it’s appropriate for the series as a title because I feel like it will provoke a lot of people. It’ll provoke discussion about that and that’s the last thing I want to do. I don’t want people to discuss it and I don’t want people thinking about it when they’re watching one of my videos. I make videos to make people laugh.


“I don’t want people to start using that kind of language and I don’t want people to make it a joke at the end of the day. And I don’t want people to think that I think it’s a joke, because it’s not; it’s a serious issue. And that was not what my intention was when I conceived of this. And unfortunately, it just happens to have coincided with that. So, the new title for the Evil Council finale is going to be ‘Counseling Evil.’


“You will see Project Butt Touch feature in the series, but it won’t have anything to do with the title or [this video].”

LK also explained that the series is ultimately about the reunion of Marik and Bakura. Part 2 will feature Bakura “very heavily,” part 3 will feature Marik, part 4 will feature Bakura, and part 5 will have both characters reuniting and finishing the story of the Evil Council.

Don’t miss this special Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged project years in the making! Be sure to follow LittleKuriboh’s YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, to stay on top of new videos. You can also find a list of LK’s old Evil Council videos and more on my YGOTAS streams and downloads page.

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