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Illusion Magician, Diabound, Thief King Bakura, and Atem in PHARAOH'S THRONE~!

It’s been nearly six months in the making, but yesterday afternoon, Little Kuriboh finally released his third Lady Gaga song parody: “PHARAOH’S THRONE~!” (on YouTube, Blip.tv). Not only is this take-off of “Telephone” well crafted by LK and impressively edited by ShadyVox, it also sports an outstanding music video. It’s such a treat to see LK using so much great footage from season 5 in one video!

An MP3 of the song and its full lyrics are in the description box on YouTube. An MP3 of the “clean” version is also available. My YGOTAS streams and downloads pages have been updated with links to the video as well.

For all of the sound designers and mixers out there, ShadyVox has released a video showcasing some of the cool effects he used when mastering the audio for LK using Acoustica Mixcraft.

“PHARAOH’S THRONE~!” is a product of Little Kuriboh’s December 2011 charity event for voice actor Dan Green and his newborn twins. LK set up an auction where the winner could request that he create a YGOTAS-flavored parody of any song. The winning bid was $1,925.

If he’s still sticking to his plan, LK’s next video project will be YGOTAS episode 56, the final episode of the virtual world story arc.

Little Kuriboh’s Convention Updates

Add three more stops to Little Kuriboh’s ever-growing convention itinerary! LK has been invited as a guest to the following:

  • Cos & Effect, a “costume, cosplay, and alternative fashion convention” in Vancouver, British Columbia to be held on August 24 to 26. LK also applied to host a “How not to be internet famous” panel at the event where he’ll look back at some of his worst ideas.
  • Meta Con, an anime and sci-fi con in Minneapolis, Minnesota to be held this Labor Day weekend, August 31 to September 2.
  • Kitsune Kon, an anime con in Appleton, Wisconsin to be held on March 22 to 24, 2013.

LK’s next stop is Anime Expo at the end of this month.

Kirbopher Fans Unite

Listeners of the Wha-Chow! podcast will remember Psyguy playing a very memorable opening song performed by Little Kuriboh during last week’s episode. If you missed it, check it out on Tumblr: “The Best of Both Kirbs“!

Fans of Kirbopher’s TOME might also be interested to know that Little Kuriboh has set up an official Twitter account for “NNNYLOCKE! Dragon of internet addiction!”

“SQUIRE! I appear to have happened upon a strange and hereto undiscovered section of TOME known as… ;Twitter!” exclaims Nylocke in his very first tweet. “YEGADS!”

[YGO: TAS] Catching Up & Looking Ahead: Videos, Music, Anime Vegas, Tumblr… In America

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Yugi, moments after the Millennium Necklace shows him the future in episode 128

So what else has Little Kuriboh been up to? It’s hard to believe that, prior to writing the previous post about the Yu-Gi-Oh! BBT Abridged Movie, I hadn’t talked about Little Kuriboh’s videos and projects since mid-September. Let’s play catch-up and see what he’s been busy with since that update, as well as what he has in store for us in the near future.

Catching Up: Cameos, MP3s, and More

Little Kuriboh made a cameo appearance in The Spoony One’s review of DOA: Dead or Alive as a certain exceedingly patriotic American in late September. (Sound familiar? LK first appeared in an episode of the Spoony Experiment in February 2010 as the same character. I guess Spoony just loves Bandit Keith!) Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the review to hear LK perform a brief musical number!

Then, on the September 28 episode of Wha-Chow!, Little Kuriboh and ShadyVox unleashed a very special remix of the fan-favorite “Leather Pants.” It’s “Shady Could’ve Done It Better” and by now, the meme has probably thrust ShadyVox into the upper tiers of this fandom! The song and its lyrics are also on YouTube and yes, there is an MP3! Later in the same episode, LK also revealed that he just had his visa approved and would be hopping on a plane and moving across the pond. Wha? More on that below.

And in a stroke of good luck, ShadyVox recently found and posted the original files from LK’s “Training Ninjas” recording. Talk about finding a buried treasure! Remix No Jutsu time? The popular piece is from episode 4 of the Naruto Spoof and has been requested and performed live by LK at numerous conventions.

Looking Ahead…

So what’s coming up soon from Little Kuriboh? Next up is the Evangelion one-shot from the Card Games For Charity event earlier this year. (That’s right! He hasn’t forgotten about it!) As a former Evangelion freak, I am both excited and terrified of what may come of this.

LK will also appear in Kirbopher’s newest animated series: TOME (The Terrain of Magical Expertise). The video game-themed webseries is a revamp of Kirbopher’s TvTome Adventures, which was his first major project on Newgrounds. Kirb made the announcement on the November 2 episode of Wha-Chow! and on Newgrounds. The first episode premiered at Youmacon and will be make its way to Newgrounds on November 11.

With Youmacon 2011 just wrapping up yesterday, it’s hard to believe that LK’s next guest appearance at an anime convention is right around the corner. Anime Vegas kicks off this weekend, running from November 11 to 13! Since I last wrote about this con, the organizers have hammered out the dates and times for the weekend event, with LK scheduled to hold panels on Saturday, September 12 at 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm and signing autographs at 5:00 pm.

…In America

Seeing LK turn out new projects is always fun, but what’s going on in the life of the man himself?

The biggest and perhaps the most significant change for Little Kuriboh is that he has left England and now lives in the United States near Los Angeles! LK is already enjoying the finest of what America has to offer, partying it up, and — oh yeah — he’s now married! His next mission will be to score the coveted U.S. green card so that he doesn’t get deported! ;)

Farewell LiveJournal, Hello Tumblr

With his move to America, Little Kuriboh also let another piece of his past go: his LiveJournal account. The realm that began as “LittleKuriboh’s Hidey-Hole” was home to so many personal memories and events that LK graciously and unselfishly shared with the world. Although the blog also happened to chronicle the development and growth of YGOTAS, I don’t think LK ever intended for it to turn out that way, and in some ways, it’s a shame that it did. Before YGOTAS surged in popularity, the LJ was a peek into the very personal and human aspects of LK’s life that we would never have known, let alone appreciated, if we only followed his video projects. It’s saddening to see it go, though it’s a completely understandable move for someone who’s starting a new chapter in his life.

It’s not all goodbyes though, as Little Kuriboh has moved to Tumblr, with his first post appearing on September 25. (I don’t think his “gotcha” tweet fooled anyone, lol.) In a formal introduction posted on September 29, LK describes his reasons for joining the website and what he hopes to get out of it.

With an environment that’s more akin to Twitter than LiveJournal, Tumblr is certainly going to be a different experience for LK and the longtime followers of his LiveJournal. Hopefully, he’ll once again invite fans into his world with perspective pieces and friendly write-ups as he did on LJ so many moons ago. Like LJ, Tumblr also has its own lively Yu-Gi-Oh! community, though LK points out in his introductory post that he’s not there to mix up their world. His Tumblr is for Martin, not for YGOTAS. Sounds like it could be a throwback to his early days on LJ. Sounds good to me.

Update (November 14): Looks like I was off when I thought Little Kuriboh totally dumped his LiveJournal. He apparently deleted it because he thought he had to pay to continue using it. Now that he’s trying to recover the account, LJ won’t let him and is charging him to change the name of his other LJ account to “LittleKuriboh.” If you are LJ-savvy and can help him out, send LK a tweet!

[YGO: TAS] Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged logo

Youmacon has really established itself as the convention to be for creators and fans of abridged series. This year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint — not with yesterday’s premiere of Little Kuriboh’s long-awaited abridged movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged in 3D! See it only on YouTube (for now) divided into three separate videos: part 1, 2, 3. Lots of laughs? Check. Plenty of new music? Check. Killer original animation? Check. No homo? We’ll see about that.

The film stars TheAzureCrow (Semisoma) as Yusei, ShadyVox as Jaden, and Little Kuriboh as Yugi and Paradox. The original animated sequences were created by CrikeyDave, MasakoX, and The Amazing Rinbo.

Thought TheAzureCrow was also going to voice Paradox like in the original trailer? Nah, that wasn’t meant to be a permanent thing, says LK. And whatever happened to “Jaden and Yusei’s Excellent Adventure“? LK simply changed his mind about that. It happens. (The fact that he hadn’t seen the movie back then probably had a hand in it, haha).

The Unoriginal 3D Spoof Movie Soundtrack

Enjoy the songs? ShadyVox has the MP3s and master tracks for “Stronger,” “Freestyle Time,” and “Beelzeboss” on YouTube. Just check the description for each video. Download away and get cracking on those remixes!

Where are the Other Goodies…?

Late Friday evening, the members of Team Four Star hosted The Roast of Little Kuriboh, with Kirbopher, Psyguy, and other special guests also in attendance. Fans agree that the hilarity — the uproariousness — of the 18+ panel was brought to a whole different level with LK showing up to the event completely plastered. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any footage of the panel made available, with some attendees indicating that any unofficial filming was not allowed. This won’t stop LK’s fans from camping out on YouTube though!

And sadly, despite his original plans, Little Kuriboh did not hold a Naruto Spoof panel at this year’s event. Maybe another time!

[YGO: TAS] A Brief History of Tristan, EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL), & More

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Tristan killed the dinosaurs. Dr. Who is not pleased. From LK's video A Brief History of Tristan

Feeling down because CardGamesFTW got axed from YouTube? Don’t be! Little Kuriboh has released a lot of fun stuff since Saturday’s unfortunate incident.

First up is A Brief History of Tristan. Amidst a soothing backdrop of “Ave Maria,” Tristan tells his life story, but ends it on a rather abrupt and heavy note. Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans, you don’t want to miss this. LK has uploaded the video to his Ninjabridge channel on YouTube, as well as to Blip.tv.

Next is EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL), also available on YouTube and Blip.tv. Is it weird that I think this “EXTREME~!” angle is a completely viable way of marketing the series to the American audience? With all of the technological development and crazy hair in the foreground of the show, I think it’s possible that kids could really respond to this kind of approach. It’s fresh, it’s loud, it’s funny, and most importantly, it pulls you in. LK, I think you’re on to something here. I’m not even joking. C’mon, 4Kids, get this realized and into some focus groups!

Both A Brief History of Tristan and EXTREME~! (YGO ZEXAL) feature art by indecisivepancake and can also be downloaded via Blip.tv in AVI and M4V formats.

Last night, Little Kuriboh’s project with the new iRiff group The Infinite Losers went live! Their riff of Death Note (the live-action film) captured the #1 iRiff spot a whole day before it was even released! Whoa! Check it out, as Kyle Hebert is in it! On Twitter, LK notes that although there are currently no plans for a second iRiff, they may put out another one in the future if this one receives a good response.

LK also uploaded an MP3 of “Gimme That Chin” last night, a song that’s undoubtedly been burned into the brains of his live stream viewers.

And last but not least, Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show now has its own official Facebook page! The biggest announcement that’s come forth since the page was set up on Saturday is that episode 6 of NTACFSSS has been scripted. In a bulletin post on Ninjabridge, LK also notes that the episode could even be finished before YGOTAS episode 51! Excitement! A preview of a new NTACFSSS song (from the episode?) will be streamed later tonight on blogTV.

[YGO: TAS] Neko Porno – for shadowwolf, The Infinite Losers, & More Copyright Problems

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Catboy Marik and Bakura in Neko Porno by Little Kuriboh

Lots of goodies from Little Kuriboh! First is the product of one of LK’s famous charity auctions: Neko Porno. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This video was made especially for the auction winner, shadowwolf. Stream it on YouTube or Blip.tv, or download it as an AVI or M4V. Oh, and the video also happens to contain Bakura’s email address. Don’t do anything reckless now.

Like the What Would Yugi Do? charity auction video from last year, Neko Porno puts the poor Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged characters in some compromising situations, though this new video is quite a bit more explicit! Of all the possible topics people could ask LK to make a video of, in the end, it simply must be about yoai doesn’t it? If LK holds another charity auction this year for a chance at a custom video, you know we’re going to get another one of these. My prediction? A puppyshipping fanfic. Just watch!

Little Kuriboh has also announced that he’s part of the new iRiff group The Infinite Losers! Their first riff will be Death Note, the live-action film. LK often works on a lot of non-YGOTAS stuff that I never mention, but this project I just had to bring up because Kyle Hebert is in on it. No kidding! More collabs with voice actors please! The full audio track will be available on March 1. If you like MST3K, this might be worth checking out!

LK has also uploaded an MP3 of a very special version of the Evangelion theme song. I don’t quite remember, but I think this is one of the many songs that he’s played during his live streams. The song is also covered by blackrose1m (Marianne Miller).

Finally, in less delightful news, LK informed everyone this morning that more of his YGOTAS videos have been pulled from CardGamesFTW. “A large number of my episodes just got taken down by a copyright claim bot,” he wrote in a bulletin post on his channel, “but all the episodes are available to watch at http://www.yugiohabridged.com.”

Even before this new blitz against his channel, there had still been some yanked videos that hadn’t even been restored yet after CardGamesFTW was deleted over Christmas. LK must be exasperated from all this.

Well, you know the drill by now. In addition to watching the episodes embedded on the official YGOTAS fansite, you can also find them directly on the official YGOTAS Blip.tv account. All of the links are on my page for streaming YGOTAS episodes.


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Jaden Yuki packing heat in JADEN'S RAP by Little Kuriboh and ShadyVox

The Lonely Island soothes the soul. ShadyVox returns as the ever-popular Jaden Yuki in “JADEN’S RAP~!” (on YouTube, Blip.tv), a collaboration with Little Kuriboh released yesterday. The piece is written by ShadyVox and directed by LK.

In something of a unique move, Little Kuriboh has uploaded three different MP3s of the song to Sendspace in a ZIP file: a clean version (with bleeps, as seen in the video), an uncensored version (without the bleeps), and a “super-clean” version (a radio edit, basically). The lyrics are also included in the archive. The AMV is available for download via Blip.tv.

“JADEN’S RAP~!” is a take off of The Lonely Island’s “Natalie’s Rap.” Three other titles from the comedy troupe have also gotten special attention from Little Kuriboh: “Lazy Sunday,” “I’m On A Boat (ft. T-Pain),” and “Who Said We’re Wack?” Which of their songs might be next in line to receive LK’s royal treatment? Incredibad, perhaps?


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Marik and Bakura in Little Kuriboh and Kirbopher's Leather Pants video

It’s here! “Leather Pants” is finally here! Lucky attendees of Anime Milwaukee and Kami-Con got to preview unfinished versions of Little Kuriboh and Kirbopher’s musical creation. Now, the rest of the world can bask in the hilarity of the full video! See the original on Kirbopher’s Newgrounds account or a converted version on YouTube. The song, of course, is a spoof of Lady Gaga’s chart-topping hit “Bad Romance.”

Congrats to LK and Kirbopher for having the video featured on the front page of Newgrounds today! The song will soon be downloadable and the video viewable on the YGO: TAS site as well, says Kirbopher.

Update (May 11, 2010): An MP3 of “Leather Pants” is now available for download! Looks like LK is using Sendspace for now to avoid another bandwidth issue for the YGO: TAS site. The video has also been added to Blip.tv, which means AVI and M4V versions are ready for you to download!

[YGO: TAS] Marik – Out There

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Marik seeing the sun for the first time in episode 95/LK's video Out There

Little Kuriboh flexes his musical muscles once again! In his newest video, little Marik sings his own version of “Out There,” a parody of the song of the same name from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just like Quasimodo, little Marik tunefully expresses his desire to leave his dwelling and go out into the vibrant world and buy spray-on tan (no way, he fake bakes?!) and kill people and punt babies. Full lyrics to the song are in the video’s description.

Update (May 13, 2010): This video has been added to Blip.tv, making downloadable AVI and M4V versions available!

Update (June 26, 2010): An MP3 of the song was recently added to the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fansite. Huzzah!


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Yugi and his backup vocalists in a rap battle against Jaden

It’s a Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged-flavored rap battle! ShadyVox and Semisoma01 are back as Jaden and Yusei in Little Kuriboh’s latest video, YUGI VS JADEN – BATTLE! Download it or stream it from YouTube or Blip.tv and get your game on! :D

This might very well be as close as we’ll ever get to seeing Yu-Gi-Oh! DMX. It’s hard to believe that a crazy joke from episode 10 a few years ago has evolved into this. Oh, and thumbs up to LK for the Flight of the Conchords tie-in!

Update (May 7, 2010): LK has added an MP3 link to the YouTube video’s description. Download away!

Update #2 (May 7, 2010): On the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Facebook page, helixD has informed everyone that the above-linked MP3 had to be taken down because excessive downloading was eating up the host’s bandwidth. That direct link will return “in a couple of days.” In the meantime, they’re working on getting the file out via BitTorrent. For those who don’t want to wait for them, here’s a temporary alternative, which I’ll remove once the official link starts working again: [removed]

Update #3 (June 26, 2010): The official MP3 link recently made it back onto the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged website! Hooray!

Update #4 (March 9, 2011): ShadyVox has just released the master tracks for this song on MegaUpload! They include the all of the music, lead vocals, and background vocals in separate tracks. Start pumping out those remixes!


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Sensei David Bowie in LK's Naruto Abridged episode 4
That may be, but your song was full of win!

Episode 4 of Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show is here! This new episode premiered at Anime Milwaukee and features Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura’s new teacher David Bowie(?) whipping the trio into shape. Meanwhile, Joe Hokage tries to enjoy a movie but ends up being pestered by that annoying sensei guy. Download or stream the episode today!

The best part of this episode comes at the halfway point with Bowie’s inspiring new song! The characters sing “Training Ninjas,” a spoof of “Under Pressure,” the chart-topping 80s hit by Queen and — who else? — David Bowie! LK must have remembered the cries of his fans, for he has provided an MP3 of the song for download this time. All right!

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