LittleKuriboh Relocates to, Prepares New Videos

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LittleKuriboh counting the millions of dollars that he's made from YGOTAS in the LITTLEKURIBOH SELLS OUT video
I knew it! He spends his weekends counting the millions that he’s made from YGOTAS!

Tomorrow is the end of an era for LittleKuriboh, the world’s most superior abrigadier. In his new video, “LITTLEKURIBOH SELLS OUT,” released earlier this evening, LittleKuriboh announced that he is leaving and relocating his content to Team Four Star’s website. From now on, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, the Naruto Spoof Series, and LK’s other video projects can be found at:

“Very, very soon, you’ll see all of my content on there, and you’ll be seeing new videos,” LK assured his fans. “You’ll be seeing a lot more new videos, I guarantee it. You guys have had the patience of saints. I’ve said it so many times: my fans are the most patient people in the world and I feel really bad for basically resting on my laurels as long as I have. Your patience will be rewarded. I promise.”

LittleKuriboh further revealed that his main YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, will no longer be repeatedly terminated. H-How can this be?! What magic did LK pull out of a hat to make this possible?

“I’ve signed on with a network, and so […] CardGamesFTW will actually be staying up from now on,” LK explained. “There won’t be any more major gaps of time where my channel has just disappeared with no explanation. It’s going to stay up, it’s going to be a stable channel.”

LittleKuriboh isn’t leaving of his own accord. Rather, the video hosting and distribution website is kicking him out. Even Marianne, LK’s wife, who once had her own Blip account, saw her channel removed in 2013.

Although LK didn’t describe the details that he received from Blip regarding his account’s removal, Blip’s actions are well documented on the Internet and account deletions have been ongoing since late 2012. In short, Blip has been growing tremendously since its inception and is now dedicating all of its resources to only the most successful and marketable content. Well, at least Blip actually gave LK a warning before shutting him down. Some content creators have alleged that they were never notified and that their videos just up and vanished one day.

LittleKuriboh first set up on in December 2009.

My YGOTAS streams and downloads pages still contain numerous links to I’ll change those indexes once the dust settles over at

LittleKuriboh on Kate & Mim-Mim

LittleKuriboh continues making exciting headway in the world of professional voice acting. Yesterday, LK revealed that he is the voice of Mim-Mim, a giant purple bunny in Kate & Mim-Mim, an animated children’s show that has been airing on the BBC’s CBeebies channel in the UK. The show is about a five-year-old girl and her adventures with her toy bunny in their make-believe world.

LK’s fans based in the UK can catch full episodes online on the BBC iPlayer. Everyone else can watch some clips on the show’s YouTube channel.

Back in March 2014 at Animarathon, LittleKuriboh teased his fans about this role without actually providing the name of the show. LK recalled his experience auditioning for the part at his Q&A panel.

“I just got booked on a show and I auditioned basically with the Tristan voice with a British accent and I got the part,” LK told the crowd, who responded with plenty of laughs.

So he’s basically like this the whole time,” LK continued while doing the voice. “It’s sort of like a really, really bizarro John Lennon kind of thing going on. But he’s a lot of fun to voice. I love doing that character. He’s pretty cool and hopefully you’ll see him somewhere on TVs.”

British Tristan and bizarro John Lennon? Heehee, sounds pretty accurate.

For some odd reason, LK’s name doesn’t appear during the show’s credit sequence, but he’s already let the production staff know about the oversight.


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Zorc & Pals credit, from Zorc VS St Louis - ANIME ST LOUIS PROMO

Whoa, a new anime con promo video from LittleKuriboh?! And it’s a new episode of Zorc & Pals?! Ha, here I was thinking that YGOTAS episode 61 would be it from LittleKuriboh while he stays super busy doing professional voiceover work. Check out the newest short that LK uploaded today, “Zorc VS St Louis – ANIME ST LOUIS PROMO” (on YouTube,, a promo for Anime St. Louis in Collinsville, Illinois. Spoiler: Zorc destroys everything.

Now in its ninth year, Anime St. Louis will take place between April 11 and 13 at the Gateway Center about 20 minutes northeast of St. Louis. In addition to inviting LittleKuriboh as a guest, Anime St. Louis will also welcome Los Angeles-based voice actor and entertainer Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray. Pre-registration closes tomorrow, so if you’ll be in the area and are thinking about attending, now’s the time to act!.

More Interviews with LK

In addition to staying active with his work and video projects, LittleKuriboh continues to engage with his fans in friendly sit-down interviews.

On January 31, LK returned to 91.8 The Fan for the sixth time, joining Kanashimi in her “Kana’s Corner” segment. The owner of the otaku-centric Internet radio station talked with LK about some of his upcoming plans, including an episode of Season Zero Abridged hopefully coming up next.

“I have a few ideas for which Season Zero Abridged episode I’m doing,” LK said. “I have a really specific idea for what I want to do and hopefully it won’t take me too long to write because those episodes tend to be much shorter, like five or six minutes.”

At AlmaCon in February, LK chatted with Mike Rienas from The Ohio Guys as part of his “Voice of the Voices” series. The pair talked about LK’s writing process for his YGOTAS episodes and how this process has changed from his early episodes. They also touched upon his experiences working on Death Note Abridged and DBZ Abridged and how those have affected his own work.

Both of these interviews join my list of interviews and Q&As with LK.

Finally, for a completely random bit of fun, check out LK and his wife, blackrose1m, dubbing a scene from Disney’s Aladdin at Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland. The video was uploaded by sarcasticKatt.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 61 – Muerte Pinata

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Cards flying everywhere as Yami Yugi shuffles his deck in YGOTAS episode 61

Once he was the King of Games. Now he eats humble pie…? The card games reach their climax in the final duel of Battle City as Yami faces off against Melvin in episode 61 of LittleKuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (on YouTube,! Agh, it’s really here!

Will Yami defeat the evil Melvin and save Marik, Mai, and the world? Or will his adversary’s Winged Dragon of Ra (wait, who?!) get the better of the pharaoh in their Shadow Purple Game? Hmm, needs more Spanish National Orchestra.

YGOTAS episode 61 is one of LittleKuriboh’s longest episodes, clocking in at over 13 minutes.

“It’s a long ass episode. Might be able to cut it down a little,” LK tweeted when he began editing back in January. “Then again, it is the final duel of the season, so I’m tempted to just let it play out. Most of you seem to want me to leave the episode long. Hmmm. Weeell okaaaaay.”

Eventually, LK did rethink some of the episode’s jokes and left around three minutes on the cutting room floor. No complaints here! It seems to flow as well as his other recent episodes. Fans who saw LK at some of his recent convention visits may have seen him present a preview with a few of the now-deleted jokes, but LK doesn’t seem all that interested in releasing them now.

Regardless, LK deserves big props for the new episode! What a tremendous relief it must be for him to finally reach the end of season 3.

As usual, you can find this and his other episodes on my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages.

Super Anime Convention Update

LittleKuriboh’s next few months were already pretty full, but now they’re even busier! What new anime convention stops has he added since my last update? First up are the cons who have invited LK as a guest. There are a bunch, so let’s just get straight to them with some bullet points:

  • Animarathon, March 22 in Bowling Green, Ohio
  • EvilleCon, March 28 to 30 in Evansville, Indiana
  • Anime Blues Con, June 20 to 22 in Memphis, Tennessee (Yu-Gi-Oh! personalities Eric Stuart and Tom Wayland are also guests!)
  • ConnectiCon, July 10 to 13 in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Geek.Kon, August 22 to 24 in Middleton, Wisconsin
  • Alcon, September 4 to 7 in Leicester, England
  • Yama-Con, December 5 to 7 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Whew! Looks like a fun mix of new cons and return appearances. Alcon in particular is a nice surprise, since LK thought he wouldn’t be able to attend again this year.

LK has also announced that he will be returning to two enormous fan favorite cons, though not as a guest. First, he confirmed that he will be at Anime Expo in his backyard of Los Angeles, California from July 3 through 6.

Then, he’ll be making the trek to Baltimore, Maryland for Otakon from August 8 through 10, where he will once again be a panelist on the abridgers fan panel.

Check out the rest of his previously announced stops on my page for LK’s Anime Convention Schedule.


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Marik's Frickstarter - Help Us Defeat The Pharaoh
Marik’s Kickstarter Frickstarter

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to give thanks and enjoy some quality time with friends and family than to contribute to Marik’s Frickstarter? With your pledges, Marik and Bakura will be able to achieve some exciting goals on their way to defeating the pharaoh, like invading Saskatchewan, constructing an obscene statue in front of Yugi’s house, and downloading hundreds of movies and songs without paying for them! With such high quality goals, there’s no way they can fail… right?

Oh well. At least you can still grab a bunch of Marik’s Evil Council and Naruto Spoof Series T-shirts that they meant to give out to donators. Check out all of the details in LittleKuriboh’s shameless new video, “MARIK’S FRICKSTARTER – BLACK FRIDAY SHIRT SALE” (on YouTube, and see more of LK’s shirts for sale at the Shark Robot store.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Update (December 2): It’s Cyber Monday! For today only, LittleKuriboh is offering a special incentive for anyone who purchases his Foxy Boxes T-shirt: a personalized 15-second audio message from Abridged Marik Ishtar! Check LK’s post on Tumblr for instructions on how to get it.

[YGO: TAS] Cr@psule Monsters 3

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cr@psule Monsters logo from episode 3
Fun fact: each of the three Cr@psule Monsters intros are ever so slightly different.

Previously on Crap: Yugi and the gang wind up in a mysterious land with no food or water. While Tristan and Tea try their hand at raising their Pokemon children, Joey is captured by Peter Jackson and Yami rides an invisible bicycle. Sounds pretty par for the course as far as crappy spin-off series go. Certainly they’ve all died from exposure by now, right?

No so! Today, LittleKuriboh uploaded the thrilling continuation to Cr@psule Monsters, with episode 3! Yugi and his friends reunite at last and are joined by Grandpa. Together, they run away from some stupid-looking flower monsters, battle Robin Williams (who’s even more powerful than Jeff Goldblum!), and discover an ancient Egyptian Tumblr post. Yup, still sounds pretty crappy to me. The best part? The “blood not funny” boy from the previous episode has apparently grown up and become 1KidsEntertainment.

Since LittleKuriboh’s YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, is still down, this episode is currently only available on

Shortly after LK announced the new video on Twitter, droves of fans headed to, causing the website to slow to a crawl. As a reminder, that website merely embeds videos that were uploaded to LK’s official account, so if it ever goes down (as it’s been prone to do whenever LK uploads something new), simply head to Blip instead.

Where Has Cr@psule Monsters Been?

The previous episode of Cr@psule Monsters was released in August 2008. Between then and now, LittleKuriboh has only made passing comments about whether or not he would like to continue the series (of course he would!) and in what direction he would like to take it. At some anime conventions, LK has explained his plans more thoroughly, though many of those ideas never panned out.

At Youmacon 2010 (October 2010), LK said Cr@psule Monsters would be finished within the next six months and that he had “very specific plans” for the show. At Kami-Con Season 3 (February 2011), he hinted that he wanted to do something with the show as an April Fools’ joke. He expanded on this comment at AVCon 2011 (July 2011), where he explained that he had intended to announce that there would be no new videos on April Fools’ Day, then suddenly release three new Cr@psule Monsters episodes, but that didn’t end up happening. LK noted that he does want to continue the show when he has the time for it and when he feels like it’s “right.”

Then, in August 2012, LK put up a Facebook poll asking his fans what he should release at Youmacon 2012, with Cr@psule Monsters 3 being among the five choices. Needless to say, the show didn’t make an appearance that year.

Cr@psule Monsters 3 finally premiered at Youmacon 2013 about two weeks ago, but even this almost didn’t happen.

“I’m just gonna put this out there – there’s a chance I won’t have my current projects done for Youmacon,” LittleKuriboh tweeted on October 16. “I say this because I’ve been too busy working on actual paid work and that’s kept me extremely busy. I consider this a good thing. I’ve been getting up super early to try and fit in bits of time here and there for my own stuff, but I can’t place it over paid work. So in advance, my apologies. Suffice to say, you WILL see stuff from me, but it might not be finished.”

Just when it seemed like the load was too much for him to bare, things got even worse for LK one week out from Youmacon when he was injured after exercising.

“So I hurt my knee yesterday,” he tweeted on October 23. “Not sure how I did it. It felt better earlier but now it has decided to cause me constant, intense pain. […] I’m done editing. I’m in intense pain. Marianne gave me her crutches. […] At this rate I’ll have nothing to show at Youmacon and I guess I’ll have to deal with that too.”

On the October 24 episode of the Wha-chow! podcast, LK finally revealed that his mystery project was Cr@psule Monsters 3.

“I really wanted to do that for Youmacon and […] everything happened,” he said despondently. “I don’t know if it’s going to be finished so I’m just all disappointed in myself.”

And yet he powered through the pain and his busy schedule and still managed to finish anyway. Aww, LK, don’t be disappointed in yourself. Your fans will love you no matter what!

Anime Con Update: San Japan 7

Yesterday, San Japan announced that LittleKuriboh will be returning as a guest for its event on July 18 through 20, 2014! The con, now in its seventh year, will be once again be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Pre-register at

At least one overseas convention has also invited LK, though it’s not clear whether or not he will be able to attend.

“Got invited to a con in Newcastle. Here’s hoping they realize I live in the USA,” he tweeted.

He doesn’t specifically say which country the con is located (there are major cities named Newcastle in England and Australia), though there are at least two cons running in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Unless the con is able to offer LK a place to stay and pay for his airfare, he can’t afford to go.

Update (November 27): CardGamesFTW returned today, making a glorious comeback after being banned on October 26. Wow, it took an entire month for the channel to return this time. Looks like LK has one more thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

Update (November 28): Happy Thanksgiving! LK has now uploaded Cr@psule Monsters 3 to CardGamesFTW. Gee whiz, I sure hope this video doesn’t cause the channel to get shut down again. ;)

[NTACFSSS/YGO: TAS] San Japan – 100% Emo Cure

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Yami highlighting some San Japan guests in LittleKuriboh's San Japan - 100% Emo Cure video

When’s the last time LittleKuriboh made an anime con promo video? It must have been like a year ago or something! Agh! (Actually it was in February with Marik Plays Mass Effect.) Well, calm your anxious fidgeting and check out “San Japan – 100% Emo Cure” (on YouTube,! With a title like that, you know exactly who this video is going to focus on: the Naruto Spoof Series’ Sasuke! Great to see you again, my man! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice. How’s life treating you?

LittleKuriboh reminds us in the promo that he will be a guest at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas from August 16 through 18. Also attending will be voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Scott Freeman, and Carrie Savage, famous Internet celebrity SuperPsyguy, and a slew of other guests!

As usual, the promo video has been added to my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages. And check out my page for LittleKuriboh’s Anime Convention Schedule to see what other cons LK is headed to later this year.

LittleKuriboh Visits the Assassin’s Creed Charity Live Stream

On July 23, LittleKuriboh paid a visit via Skype to the Assassin’s Creed Charity live stream. The event, organized by Tom Hope and the folks at Pixels Edge, involved a rotating cast playing through Assassin’s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3 without stopping, all in the name of raising money for Child’s Play.

LittleKuriboh called in about 24 hours into the stream, just as the gang began Assassin’s Creed 2 (jump to 14:26:00). LK discussed his thoughts about various AC elements and his recent projects, took viewers’ questions about his favorite YGOTAS voices and episodes, and even rapped “The Phresh Pharaoh Of Bel Air Theme”!

The ACCharity live stream began on July 22 and culminated at ConBravo! in Hamilton, Ontario on July 27.

Like what you hear? Check out LK’s other interviews and Q&As that I’ve followed in the past.

LittleKuriboh’s Upcoming Projects

LittleKuriboh deserves a huge congratulations. He revealed on July 24 that he has landed his first professional lead role as the character Dougal in the upcoming interactive video game/visual novel hybrid Icebound! The developers will be launching a Kickstarter for the game in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

LK has also been working hard on YGOTAS episode 60, which will cover Joey’s duel with Kaiba. Can you believe that we’re almost at the end of season 3? Whew!

CardGamesFTW: Banned Yet Again

Well, we’ve reached the end of the month again. You know what that means. CardGamesFTW got nailed by the copyright-infringement sniffing “bots” yet again on July 22. This is termination number 14, and as usual, the automated claims came from Yu-Gi-Oh! licensor Nihon Ad Systems, Inc. (NAS).

How many videos did LK even upload since the account was last suspended on June 25? I think there had only been one! (YGOTAS episode 59.) Sheesh. CardGamesFTW eventually returned last time on July 1. I hope there’s an equally quick turnaround this time.

Update (August 6): CardGamesFTW returned this evening. Thank goodness. The turnaround wasn’t as fast as last time, but I’m not complaining!

[YGO: TAS] Episode 59 – Crowd Atlas / Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Website Redesigned

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Kaiba reacting to Pegasus' confession at the end of YGOTAS episode 59
Artwork by CrikeyDave

Rejoice, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans, for LittleKuriboh has completed episode 59! “Crowd Atlas” was released late last night and is available exclusively on the official YGOTAS channel for one week (more on that below).

As an abridgment of Yami and Kaiba’s six-part Battle City semifinal duel, this episode sure does cover a lot of ground: death, Enemy Controller, DK Mode, adoption jokes, God cards, ancient Egyptian flashbacks, cartoon dragon wallpaper, off-screen resurrections… Wait, I think some of those weren’t in the original.

But the best part of the episode (super spoiler alert!) is easily the awesome new song: a parody of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”! We haven’t gotten killer music from LK in quite a while, and there’s no better way to summarize the events of this episode than with the lyrics, so here we go:

Yugi, you’re a fool
Winning big duels, trying to play it cool
Buddy, I’m gonna screw the rules
You got mud on your face, big disgrace
Seto Kaiba’s gonna put you back into your place

We’ll play, we’ll play card games

Kaiba, you’re a man
You’ve got no fans, beat me if you can
Try to summon your Blue Dragon
It’s gonna end just the same, King of Games
Then somebody’s gonna put me in the hall of fame

We’ll play, we’ll play card games

Is there a longer version of the song? We can only hope!

Episode 59 certainly has been a long time coming. LittleKuriboh has been working on the script since January, juggling his YGOTAS production with his other projects and real life obligations. By May 26, LK had finally finished enough of the episode to show a three-minute preview to some very lucky attendees at his Fanime panel. Then, at the beginning of this month, he presented a nine-minute preview at A-Kon.

Hmm, after watching the episode, I suddenly have a strange urge to follow the official Team Four Star Tumblr account.

Bonus: Espa Roba’s baby makes an appearance in the episode, looking very much alive. Can you find him? …Uh oh, a plot hole! Gets a Facelift

Coinciding with LittleKuriboh’s release of YGOTAS episode 59 is a revamp of The most notable change is the website’s new layout, which now features a much improved organization of the video embeds. And with YouTube’s copyright infringement-sniffing “bots” frequently taking down CardGamesFTW, Lord knows fans have been needing an easier way to watch the episodes.

As a way to raise awareness of the website, LittleKuriboh is keeping episode 59 a exclusive for one week, after which he’ll upload it to YouTube. It’s a fantastic idea, though I wish he’d place more emphasis on the official YGOTAS channel rather than just drawing attention to the website. His videos are uploaded to and embedded on; they aren’t stored on’s servers. Making the distinction is important.

Minutes after LK announced that episode 59 was available on — and how the website would remain a “stable and permanent place” for watching his videos even when his YouTube channel was suspended — the website actually went down due to a massive influx of visitors. Ungrateful individuals promptly criticized LK on Facebook and Twitter, knocking the reliability of his claims (and of the website). Savvier fans knew to head over to instead.

Personally, I find that my YGOTAS streams and downloads indexes, which are already filled with links, are easier to use. I might be a little biased though. ;)

Anyway, check out LK’s announcement video on YouTube to hear him discuss more about the updates.

A Rough Cut From Bonds Beyond Time Abridged

While browsing through one of his hard drives last month, LittleKuriboh found a gem from a very rough cut of his Bonds Beyond Time Abridged movie. The video shows his super early edits on the Paraboss scene and features him voicing all three of the protagonists: Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei. How’s that for a neat little extra?

What’s Next For LittleKuriboh?

What’s LittleKuriboh’s next anime convention stop? At this very moment, he’s on his way to Anime Blues Con in Memphis, Tennessee where he’ll hold a panel this Sunday at 1:00 pm and signings on Friday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Next week, from June 28 to 30, LK will be guesting at AniMinneapolis in Bloomington, Minnesota. And the week afterward, from July 4 to 7, it’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California where he’ll be holding a fan panel with friends. After that, he’ll have a well-deserved break until Otakon in August. Whew!

Update (June 25): Looks like LittleKuriboh’s announcement didn’t come a moment too soon. In the wee hours of this morning, CardGamesFTW was banned yet again from YouTube, continuing the ongoing trend of end-of-the-month terminations that have been plaguing his channel for far too long. As usual, the takedown is a result of automated copyright infringement claims from Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! producer Nihon Ad Systems (NAS).

Today’s takedown is lucky number 13 for CardGamesFTW. Prior to today’s incident, the previous termination took place on April 28, with the account being restored on May 10.

It’s a shame that this keeps happening to LK. He hadn’t even uploaded episode 59 to YouTube yet, so it must have been some of his previous video projects that were sniffed out. Since he addressed his fans of this problem again just last week, hopefully there will be less uncertainty from everyone about what’s going on and where to find his videos. (Though with the Internet being the Internet, I predict that there will still be a lot of “ZOMGBANNEDAGAIN” hysteria coming from uninformed individuals.)

Update (July 1): CardGamesFTW was reinstated this evening. That was, dare I say, resolved quite quickly!

Update (July 2): Aaaand YGOTAS episode 59 is now up on YouTube! LK, gracious as always, apologized for the delay, even though none of this was his fault.

[YGO: TAS] Yu-Gi-Oh – The Ebonics’d Series

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Three Blue Peeps Whitey Dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh The Ebonics'd Series

Little Kuriboh didn’t get a chance to upload a video on April Fools’ Day this year, but his new video released earlier today will more than make up for it: Yu-Gi-Oh – The Ebonics’d Series!

The video features a recording from Kitsune Kon this past March where LK plugs the script for YGOTAS episode 1 into the Ebonics Translator and performs a live reading of the “translation.” Riley Freeman, Jaden, Skeletor, and a bunch of “black” cards also make special appearances.

Somewhere along the line, LK’s “ebonics” seems to morph into some other kind of Southern American English. I was waiting for a “howdy” or “y’all” to be slipped in there. :)

Next up: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Ebonics’d Vagina Monologues episode 1?

Kitsune Kon 2013 Rules Video

Speaking of Kitsune Kon, check out its Opening Ceremonies Rules Video that Little Kuriboh made for the event, where YGOTAS characters highlight the super strict policies that prevented any attendees from having fun. (Just kidding!) If you’ve ever wanted to see what Marik would do when he’s completely plastered, you’re looking in the right place!

The video was definitely made for Kitsune Kon in Wisconsin and was not a generic video thrown together at the last minute. Definitely.

Update: Uploads of the Ebonics video are now also on the Ninjabridged YouTube channel and, thanks to its sudden return earlier this evening, the CardGamesFTW channel.

Update (April 5): LK has now uploaded the Kitsune Kon video to his own CardGamesFTW channel, as well as to, which means that downloadable versions are also available!

[YGO: TAS] Season Zero Abridged #3

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Yugi, Tristan, and Detective Grey with a photo of Tatsu The Hedgehog in YGOTAS Season 0 episode 3

“Here we are at new episode release.” At MomoCon this past weekend, Little Kuriboh premiered the third episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Abridged, a tale of horrific violence, torture, death, and YouTube copyright violations! Yesterday evening, he uploaded the video for the rest of the world to enjoy! It’s only on (for now), so go check it out!

Episode 3 is also available for download in MP4 and M4V formats. (There’s no AVI file available this time.)

Another Anime Convention Update: Another Anime Convention

Little Kuriboh has added yet another stop to his ever-growing schedule of 2013 anime convention visits: Another Anime Convention (yes, that’s the name of the con!). As a guest at the Manchester, New Hampshire event, LK will share the stage with several other personalities from the anime industry, including J. Michael Tatum, Michele Knotz, Troy Baker, and Stephanie Young. AAC will take place from October 18 through 20.

Additionally, LK has confirmed that he will be attending Fanime from May 24 through 27 in San Jose, California. Though he is not invited as a guest, he may still take part in a panel.

Adding to his previous con announcements, LK has also revealed that he will participate in panels at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington (March 29 through 31) and Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California (July 4 through 7).

CardGamesFTW: Banned Again

As you’ve probably already noticed, Little Kuriboh’s primary YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, has been suspended yet again. Sigh. This stopped being newsworthy after the third or so incident, but someone has to keep track of this nonsense! The channel was slapped with multiple copyright infringement claims on February 24 and was then terminated on February 25.

“The bad news is that YouTube just took down my YouTube account for the 45th time,” LK joked on Facebook. “I managed to counter claim some of the videos that got hit, so with any luck it’ll go back up in a week or two.” Curiously, LK did not receive any notices from YouTube when his videos were yanked, or after his account had been taken down.

This marks the tenth time CardGamesFTW has been suspended. The account was last terminated on December 16, 2012, and then restored on December 31.

Update (March 18): CardGamesFTW was unsuspended earlier today. Yay!

Update (April 4): Season Zero Abridged #3 is now on YouTube!

[YGO: TAS] Marik Plays Mass Effect – MOMOCON 2013

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Title screen from LK's Marik Plays Mass Effect video
“If you have a space problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them in space, maybe you can hire… The Space Team.”

I’m loving these Let’s Play convention promos. We’re getting the fun of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged and Let’s Play videos, an anime con announcement, and the variety and humor that comes with Little Kuriboh’s projects, all in one video! Yesterday, LK uploaded “Marik Plays Mass Effect,” a promo for his upcoming guest appearance at MomoCon. Why Mass Effect? As it turns out, both Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer, the female and male voices of Mass Effect’s Command Shepard, were invited to the con!

As a fun bonus, LK has also posted an extended 17-minute version of Marik’s Let’s Play video (minus the con promo) on Nice!

MomoCon will take place from March 8 through 10 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hilton Atlanta.

LK Confirmed for Alcon 2013

Great news for YGOTAS fans across the pond! Alcon has announced that Little Kuriboh will be returning to Leicester, England later this year for another exciting convention! This will be LK’s fifth appearance at the Anime League event.

Since September 2012, Alcon staff and attendees have made a big push to try to raise enough money to pay for LK’s and other famed abridgers and special guests’ invitations to this year’s event. You can support their cause on GoFundMe, where they are still quite a ways away from their goal of £6,000 (that’s over 9,000 U.S. dollars!). Give them a hand if you’d like to see some crazy abridged stuff at this year’s event!

Alcon 2013 will take place between September 5 and 8. Registration just kicked off two days ago!

Update (February 12): “We have had to make a new donations page,” tweets the head of the fundraising initiative. The new GoFundMe page is at The £800 raised by the old account was added to the new page.

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