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Sasuke's memories of Naruto and more in episode 9 of the Naruto Abridged Spoof

The Naruto manga might be ending in fewer than five weeks, but LittleKuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show has just gotten a new breath of life with episode 9, “FENG SHUI NO JUTSU“!

When we last saw our vulgar orange-clad hero (over two years ago!), Naruto and Sasuke were busy climbing trees to hone their ninja superpowers. Meanwhile, Zabuza and Haku readied their devious plan to kill that old guy. Which side will come out on top in the epic ninja showdown? Will Naruto be able to summon the powers of a decade-old viral video to stop Haku’s water abilities? Or will Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirror technique prove to be too much for Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun? All this and more in today’s episode of Extreme Ninja Home Makeover!

LK first previewed episode 9 at Otakon in August before premiering the final product at Mythicon last month. Catch up on all of his old Naruto Spoof episodes, now on TeamFourStar.com.

Update (November 17): This episode is now also available on LK’s Ninjabridge YouTube channel.


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Marik's Frickstarter - Help Us Defeat The Pharaoh
Marik’s Kickstarter Frickstarter

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to give thanks and enjoy some quality time with friends and family than to contribute to Marik’s Frickstarter? With your pledges, Marik and Bakura will be able to achieve some exciting goals on their way to defeating the pharaoh, like invading Saskatchewan, constructing an obscene statue in front of Yugi’s house, and downloading hundreds of movies and songs without paying for them! With such high quality goals, there’s no way they can fail… right?

Oh well. At least you can still grab a bunch of Marik’s Evil Council and Naruto Spoof Series T-shirts that they meant to give out to donators. Check out all of the details in LittleKuriboh’s shameless new video, “MARIK’S FRICKSTARTER – BLACK FRIDAY SHIRT SALE” (on YouTube, Blip.tv) and see more of LK’s shirts for sale at the Shark Robot store.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Update (December 2): It’s Cyber Monday! For today only, LittleKuriboh is offering a special incentive for anyone who purchases his Foxy Boxes T-shirt: a personalized 15-second audio message from Abridged Marik Ishtar! Check LK’s post on Tumblr for instructions on how to get it.

[NTACFSSS/YGO: TAS] San Japan – 100% Emo Cure

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Yami highlighting some San Japan guests in LittleKuriboh's San Japan - 100% Emo Cure video

When’s the last time LittleKuriboh made an anime con promo video? It must have been like a year ago or something! Agh! (Actually it was in February with Marik Plays Mass Effect.) Well, calm your anxious fidgeting and check out “San Japan – 100% Emo Cure” (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! With a title like that, you know exactly who this video is going to focus on: the Naruto Spoof Series’ Sasuke! Great to see you again, my man! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice. How’s life treating you?

LittleKuriboh reminds us in the promo that he will be a guest at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas from August 16 through 18. Also attending will be voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Scott Freeman, and Carrie Savage, famous Internet celebrity SuperPsyguy, and a slew of other guests!

As usual, the promo video has been added to my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages. And check out my page for LittleKuriboh’s Anime Convention Schedule to see what other cons LK is headed to later this year.

LittleKuriboh Visits the Assassin’s Creed Charity Live Stream

On July 23, LittleKuriboh paid a visit via Skype to the Assassin’s Creed Charity live stream. The event, organized by Tom Hope and the folks at Pixels Edge, involved a rotating cast playing through Assassin’s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3 without stopping, all in the name of raising money for Child’s Play.

LittleKuriboh called in about 24 hours into the stream, just as the gang began Assassin’s Creed 2 (jump to 14:26:00). LK discussed his thoughts about various AC elements and his recent projects, took viewers’ questions about his favorite YGOTAS voices and episodes, and even rapped “The Phresh Pharaoh Of Bel Air Theme”!

The ACCharity live stream began on July 22 and culminated at ConBravo! in Hamilton, Ontario on July 27.

Like what you hear? Check out LK’s other interviews and Q&As that I’ve followed in the past.

LittleKuriboh’s Upcoming Projects

LittleKuriboh deserves a huge congratulations. He revealed on July 24 that he has landed his first professional lead role as the character Dougal in the upcoming interactive video game/visual novel hybrid Icebound! The developers will be launching a Kickstarter for the game in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

LK has also been working hard on YGOTAS episode 60, which will cover Joey’s duel with Kaiba. Can you believe that we’re almost at the end of season 3? Whew!

CardGamesFTW: Banned Yet Again

Well, we’ve reached the end of the month again. You know what that means. CardGamesFTW got nailed by the copyright-infringement sniffing “bots” yet again on July 22. This is termination number 14, and as usual, the automated claims came from Yu-Gi-Oh! licensor Nihon Ad Systems, Inc. (NAS).

How many videos did LK even upload since the account was last suspended on June 25? I think there had only been one! (YGOTAS episode 59.) Sheesh. CardGamesFTW eventually returned last time on July 1. I hope there’s an equally quick turnaround this time.

Update (August 6): CardGamesFTW returned this evening. Thank goodness. The turnaround wasn’t as fast as last time, but I’m not complaining!


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Subtitle jokes are hilarious, says Naruto in episode 8 of LK's Naruto Spoof Series Show
There’s a lot of this.

OMG, it’s really here! Episode 8 of Little Kuriboh’s Naruto Spoof Series Show is really here! I don’t even remember what’s going on in this series any more, but I’m just so psyched to see a new episode. Otakon attendees who were fortunate enough to get into LK’s panel this past Saturday got the first look at this video, being treated to a censored version of the episode.

If you can believe it, the previous Naruto Spoof episode was released over a year ago, in June 2011. And, during a live stream back in September 2011, Little Kuriboh said that he had actually finished writing this new eighth episode and that he hoped to debut it at Youmacon 2011 in November. Has he really been sitting on the script for the past ten months?! That’s crazy

Update: NTACFSSS episode 8 is now also on Blip.tv. You know what that means: AVI, M4V, and MP4 files are available for download as well!

[NTACFSSS] Naruto Spoof Youmacon 2011 Promo

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Logo for Youmacon 2011

Some of Little Kuriboh’s best creations include a catchy song, and LK certainly doesn’t disappoint with his newest video uploaded yesterday evening to YouTube: a promo for the upcoming Youmacon 2011 event! David Bowie-sensei-kun tells you all about the convention in the form of one of his signature psychedelic musical numbers.

Guests at this year’s Youmacon, held between November 3 and 6 in Detroit, Michigan, will include TeamFourStar, Vic Mignogna Migderpaderp, Fred Gallagher, and of course Little Kuriboh. This will be LK’s third year in a row attending the Detroit anime convention. Also present will be Kroze, Kirbopher, and much of the cast of the Wha-Chow! podcast.

Update (September 4): LK uploaded one more Youmacon promo this morning. Guess who’s in it? It’s Kroooooze!


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Sakura and a strange photograph in episode 7 of Little Kuriboh's Naruto Abridged Spoof
MasakoX’s photo would have been more appropriate, I think.

Look what popped up earlier today ahead of schedule: episode 7 of Little Kuriboh’s Naruto Abridged Spoof (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! In this episode, Naruto and the gang practice climbing trees and learn that Gilligan’s stepfather is Luffy. Oh, and David Bowie is apparently actually Geddy Lee. I swear, with each new episode, this abridged series is getting crazier and crazier! At least there isn’t just a T-shirt booth at the end. Big props to LK for using music from the soundtracks of Kung Fu Panda and The Descent!

Little Kuriboh originally planned to release this episode this coming Monday. He then bumped forward the release to what was supposed to be tomorrow. What a nice surprise, huh? Stream or download the episode today!

The next episode of NTACFSSS, as well as of YGOTAS, will likely appear at one of the upcoming Australian anime conventions that Little Kuriboh will be attending. LK previously mentioned that he would like to unveil new episodes of both series in Australia. In addition to attending the SMASH! and AVCon events in July, LK has also hinted that he may make more appearances elsewhere in the country. Will he be returning to Yamifest Manifest in August, too?


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Title card of the Naruto the Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show Motion Picture Movie Film

What ever happened to that Naruto Abridged movie MasakoX and Vegeta8693 were going to make in 2009? At the end of last year, everyone got a little jolt when it looked like the movie was actually going to be released. It never happened.

No worries. Little Kuriboh has made everything better by creating a fan-based parody movie of a fan-based parody movie that doesn’t exist! Last night, Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show Motion Picture Movie Film (or NTACFSSSMPMF for short) went live on YouTube (part 1, 2)!

As someone who knows nothing about Naruto or this movie, I was nevertheless blown away by all of the priceless moments. I’m absolutely loving the movie directors and the battle against the Forgettable Movie Villains! I’m almost tempted to check out the real Naruto movie to see what the deal is with the apparent anachronisms and giant narwhals. (“Almost,” I said.) One thing’s for sure: MasakoX and Vegeta8693 are going to have to kick it up a notch if they want their movie to outdo LK’s, or The Elf or Godfather starring Will Ferrell for that matter since it might never come out. Get it done, guys! We believe in you!

As of this writing, NTACFSSSMPMF hasn’t been added to Blip.tv, so it’s not available for download. LK mentioned that he will be uploading it there, so keep an eye out for that.

And for another quick laugh, check out LK’s short CARD GAMES IN SPACE~!, which is about… well, you can probably guess.

Update: NTACFSSSMPMF is now on Blip.tv and is thus available for download! Direct links to the AVI and M4V files have been added.

Update #2 (April 24): Hey, here’s something LK hasn’t done in a while: commentary videos! LK has uploaded a twopart audio commentary for the movie where he describes his favorite moments and the some of his ideas that got left on the cutting room floor. LK expands on many of the topics that he talked about during this past Wednesday’s episode of Wha-Chow!

[YGO: TAS] Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako

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Screenshot from YGOTAS episode 6, Everybody Loves Mako
Change? That’s what’s happening now!

At a certain time every year, it seems like Little Kuriboh always gets frustrated enough with Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series that he decides to abandon it for something new. Today, let’s take a quick look back at these events.

In 2008, Little Kuriboh raised a colossal ruckus after releasing “The Final Abridged Video Ever” and leaving the world of YGOTAS behind to work on Zorc & Pals instead. The sitcom, however, would ultimately be canceled, with Zorc moving on to more ambitious projects.

Then, in 2009, LK again quit working on YGOTAS for the now greatly extolled Naruto Abridged Spoof, a project that would actually grow and spawn some entertaining and troll-errific stuff.

And who can forget the “Brand New Abridged Series” from last year? If LK had not again ditched YGOTAS for One Piece: The Abridged Series, Bleach Kage Abridged, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: The Abridged Series, we would have never gotten that now infamous catchphrase. You know the one. The one that even crossed over into the official Yu-Gi-Oh! world. By the end of that video however, Naruto was all up in arms: “Oh, come on! That’s just ridiculous! I mean, this happened three years in a row now!”

Naruto’s right. Why does this keep happening? And it’s always around this time of year, too! I would honestly not be at all surprised if Little Kuriboh canceled his show again any day now. Look, here’s the announcement right now! Here… Here it is… Uhh… Oh?

Well now, looks like it’s the fans who have grown tired of Little Kuriboh! LK has been banned from his favorite LiveJournal community! The revered Yu-Gi-Oh! community, Play The Damn Card, Already!, has had enough of his antics and has given him the boot! Ha. I knew his egotistical attitude would be his downfall! LK won’t have any of it though. He’s written a script that parodies the community (fund it!). You know, to insult them and stuff.

Oh yeah, there are new videos, too! First up is a new YGOTAS episode: Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! It’s got Mako Tsunami, British Yugi, return of the Hair Guy, and lots of Gorgonzola cheese and the world’s finest wiiiiine.

Speaking of wine, to see something that is definitely not a joke (it was uploaded yesterday!), check out Turkey Legs’ interview with James Bruxton, the creator of the celebrated “Pokemon abriged episode a.” I don’t know the back story behind this, but wow, that’s crazy! How did LK stay in character the whole time? For more laughs, have a look at the conversations that James Bruxton had with Chicknwings, LK, and takahata101. They’re more hilarious than Pokemon abriged itself.

And finally, there’s the new “Naruto Spoof Audio Commentary Special,” where the Dangerous Box talks about 4Kids, Vulcans, poking, and socks, among other things. At one point, I think the Dangerous Box also starts speaking in Dutch.

(By the way, the YGOTAS episode is also available for download. I’ve listed it under the “Select Special/Bonus Videos” section as “Episode 6 – Everybody Loves Mako (April Fools’ Day 2011)” so no one gets confused.)


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Sasuke playing the keytar in episode 6 of Little Kuriboh's Naruto Abridged Spoof

Looks like March 23 arrived early, because the long-awaited episode 6 of Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show is here! The highly renowned fan-based parody of a fan-based parody returns with new songs, new jokes, and new jutsus, and also guest stars blackrose1m, KaiserNeko, Lanipator, MasakoX, SuperPsyguy, and takahata101. Check it out!

As of this writing, the new episode is only available on YouTube, not Blip.tv, so it’s not yet available for download.

This past Friday, LK had announced that episode 6 would be returning on March 23. Of course, that announcement also featured a bunch of stuff that isn’t likely to come about (Canadian Rock Lee? No way. Swedish Naruto? Hmm… Possibly.) — but who knew the release date would be one of them! The episode was uploaded earlier this morning despite hitting a few road bumps along the way.

Little Kuriboh’s next big video is set to be released on March 31. What a suspicious date to be uploading a new video…

Update: Episode 6 of NTACFSSS is now on Blip.tv! Grab the AVI and M4V versions via direct download and take the laughs with you on your iJutsu!

[NTACFSSS] The Twelve Days of Ninjas

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The Hokage in The Twelve Days of Ninjas

Little Kuriboh has uploaded a new Naruto: TACFSSS video, and no, he’s not trolling in this one (though someone else might be)! Instead, the video features a new song — a Christmas song! Yay! Check out “The Twelve Days Of Ninjas” on YouTube. It’s not up on Blip.tv as of this writing, so it’s not available for download. Bummer. A festive song by LK is certainly worthy of downloading!

By the way, that “Naruto The Abridged Movie” in the video… Yes, the one that LK made fun of back in October last year when it was first announced and again a month later when its guest stars were revealed… It’s actually supposed to be released today. Seriously! Keep your eyes on Vegeta8639’s channel.

If you’re looking for something different, check out some “Let’s Play” videos by Little Kuriboh. They’re uploaded on ObeyMyRod, the YouTube account of Marik Sebastian Ishtar III (yes, that Marik Sebastian Ishtar III). Two are available so far: Marik playing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines for the PC, and LK playing Red Hawk for the Commodore 64.

These Let’s Plays aren’t available for download from Blip.tv, as their service doesn’t accept gameplay videos.

Why did he not upload these onto Marik’s original account, FearMyRod? “I forgot the password to FMR,” wrote LK in ObeyMyRod’s channel comments. Doh. I wonder if that’s the case for all of those other YGOTAS character accounts.

Update (December 16): Naruto The Abridged Movie didn’t go up yesterday and it looks like it won’t be appearing today either. I’m sure this is a complete and utter surprise to everyone! It also looks like LK rediscovered the password for FearMyRod…

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