[YGO: TAS] Episode 74 – Right In The Feels

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Yami Yugi cradling Yugi in his arms in YGOTAS episode 74

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, Yami Yugi, Téa, and Weevil’s soulless body go flying off a cliff. But they’re okay now! Actually, they’re better than okay because they’ve woken up and are now in Téa’s fanfic. The pharaoh must visit a mysterious valley of lost spirits just outside San Francisco to make amends with Yugi. But more importantly — do they make out?! Find out in LittleKuriboh’s YGOTAS episode 74, “Right In The Feels,” out today on YouTube and TFS. Hello, Danny Phantom and Shaman King!

LK premiered this episode at MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) this past weekend. This episode was edited by Stephan Krosecz, who also plays the sad rendition of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme at the end of the episode. Tracey “Lady Nanaki” Herbert guest stars as Kriss.

Convention Update: AkaiCon

LittleKuriboh will be making his first-ever appearance at AkaiCon later this year! Now in its fifth year, AkaiCon is an anime and fandom convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and will be held from August 4 to 6.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 73 – Throw Haga From The Train

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Yami Yugi grabbing Weevil Underwood in YGOTAS episode 73

“A new episode of YGOTAS comes out today?” asked LittleKuriboh. “You don’t HANA-SAY!” Ho ho, Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! memes? In my Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series? He picked the best one to highlight, of course. Check it out in YGOTAS episode 73, “Throw Haga From The Train,” available now on YouTube and TFS.

Something is a little…different about Rex and Weevil in this episode. It seems the power of the Orichalcos does more than just take souls; it also changes people’s voices and personalities. During his January Patreon live stream, LittleKuriboh offered some insight into why he decided to approach Rex and Weevil the way he did in this episode.

“It’s basically their final big moment in the series and I wanted to give them like a really interesting send-off and do something special with them, and I think that I did,” he explained. “It’s not especially funny but I think I did a better job paying an homage to those characters than I have done for a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever really done those characters justice and I tried to do something special with them for their final duel essentially. […] I wanted them to have like a little moment in this episode where they actually seemed genuinely like actual characters.”

Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town Visual Novel

Speaking of LittleKuriboh’s Patreon, for Valentine’s Day, LK gifted all of his patrons a kinetic visual novel of his adult Thiefshipping fanfic, Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town. The idea for this voiced and animated project came directly from his fans and patrons, whom he hired to illustrate the novel. Check out LK’s promo of the novel and, if you like what you see, consider supporting his Patreon to get this and other neat exclusives.

Censored Town is a story that LK originally wrote in 2011 for charity.

Four More Convention Appearances

LittleKuriboh has added another four anime convention guest appearances to his 2017 line-up.

First up is MTAC — Middle Tennessee Anime Convention — held in Nashville, Tennessee, from April 14 to 16. LK has been guesting at this con each year since 2014.

Next is Anime North in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from May 26 to 28. This event is a particularly special one for LK’s wife and fellow voice actor guest Marianne Miller because this will be her first ever trip to the Great White North.

Then, the pair head to Anime Blues Con in Memphis, Tennessee, from July 1 to 3.

Last but not least, LK will return to Leicester, England, for Alcon from August 31 to September 3.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 72 – Rex & Weevil Do Atlantica

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Yami Yugi and his friends definitely aren't celebrating in YGOTAS episode 72

Just in time for Christmas, LittleKuriboh has released Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 72 — “Rex & Weevil Do Atlantica” (on YouTube, TFS)! Let’s celebrate with a party! Oh…the party’s canceled I see. It seems that Yami Yugi is no longer the King of Games. Now he’s just an average, super-talented, devastatingly handsome loser with magical powers. If only he hadn’t gone out in the middle of the night to duel Rafael. Now, the gang will need to travel to Florida to fix this mess. Somehow, Kingdom Hearts fanfics and Disney World are involved.

Meanwhile, Rex and Weevil end up joining Dartz’s Oral Costco cult thanks to a misunderstanding. And Kaiba tries building an elevator into space. When he finds out that Yugi lost a children’s card game…well, you’ll just have to see the meltdown for yourself. Wait, why would anyone ever need an elevator into space…?

Convention Update: Kami-Con

LittleKuriboh didn’t attend too many anime conventions this past year; he no longer needs to thanks to his Patreon supporters and now has more time to create new content. Will 2017 be much of the same?

Kami-Con in Birmingham, Alabama, has announced that LittleKuriboh will be guesting at its event, which takes place from January 27 to 29, 2017. LK will share the stage with other guests like Steven Universe’s Zach Callison and Deedee Magno, Vic Mignogna, and Doug Walker. This will be LK’s seventh appearance at Kami-Con. Who knows how many (or how few) anime cons he’ll attend in 2017, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss out!

[YGO: TAS] Episode 71 – The Break-Up

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Yami Yugi promising Yugi he won't play The Seal of Orichalcos in YGOTAS episode 71
“Don’t worry, Yugi. There’s absolutely no reason to even use it.”

Ah, so LittleKuriboh has finally reached this episode — the one where Yami Yugi plays The Seal of Orichalcos. The one where he loses for real. Check out YGOTAS episode 71, “The Break-Up,” now on YouTube and TFS. But watch out, it’s a heartrending one. That Kuriboh metaphor? Hnnnggghh…

This humor in this episode is really old-school. While there are several visual gags present, the core of the story pokes fun at how preposterous some of the elements of the original episode are — Rafael’s justification for his hatred of humanity, his belief that the pharaoh could have been evil, and Yami’s decision to activate the Seal of Orichalcos.

Interestingly, LittleKuriboh leaves out an important element of Rafael’s story that is present in 4Kids’ English version, one that actually does help explain the character’s motivations — namely, that Rafael’s family doesn’t die. Rather, they choose to continue their lives without him even after he returns to civilization, which adds a layer of tragedy that further heightens Rafael’s loss and his disgust for the evils in people’s hearts. But, hey, having that wouldn’t be as funny!

Clocking in at over 14 minutes, this episode is one of the longest YGOTAS episodes to date. LittleKuriboh previewed the first four minutes of this episode during his Patreon live stream earlier this month and explained that he was worried about the episode’s length.

“I often look at an abridged video and say if I can cut something out, I will. If the video doesn’t suffer for it, I will cut it out,” he said. “This one I was a lot more lenient on because this is a pivotal moment in the series. […] A lot of things that happen in this episode are important so I didn’t want to just brush over a lot of it. So, I tried my best to really give it space to breathe and let it do its thing. I feel like as a part of the story, it’s good. I just don’t know if as an abridged episode if it’s good, you know?”

Oh, LK, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 69 – Age/Sex/Life Points

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Joey ain't a great duelist -- YGOTAS episode 69
Aw, Joey ain’t that bad.

“Here we are!” It’s the newest episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged from LittleKuriboh — episode 69, “Age/Sex/Life Points” (on YouTube, TFS). Mai, now more powerful than ever, seeks to destroy all ties from her former, destitute life that consisted of only money, fame, and friends, and Joey is her first victim. Can he make it out of this duel with his soul intact? Meanwhile, Yami and Yugi debate about the existence of souls and Duke gushes about the success of his dice game. Obligatory “69, dudes!”

Haven’t watched YGOTAS in a long while? Don’t worry, there are tons of callbacks in this episode. Yami’s slaves? Mai’s breasts? Dungeon Dice Monsters? The Dork Side? Ancient laser beamz? It’s like you never missed anything! Check your pulse!

By the way, the Egyptian god that’s half crocodile, half hippopotamus, and half lion? It isn’t 150 percent of craziness — it’s real. Of course. Of course it is.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 68 – Mad Mai

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Mai Valentine under the control of the Orichalcos in YGOTAS episode 68

“What a lovely day” for a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged! LittleKuriboh today uploaded episode 68, “Mad Mai,” (on YouTube, TFS), bringing Yugi and the gang face-to-face with Mai Valentine, who is now under the control of the Orichalcos. Look out for some shiny and chrome Mad Max references.

Mai’s new voice, which made a very brief appearance in YGOTAS episode 66, is performed by LK’s talented friend and roommate Caitlyn Muncy (@Boobsmcbalrog).

LK Anime Convention Update: Anime Southwest, FANdom Con

Bad news for Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans who were looking forward to seeing LittleKuriboh in Colorado at the end of this month. LK announced that he has had to cancel his appearance at the first-year convention Anime Southwest — and he’s not the only one. There was apparently some kind of drama or misunderstanding among the con’s organizers that led to staffers either getting fired or quitting, and that caused numerous guests to pull out. What a shame.

On the plus side, LK has added one new stop to his calendar: FANdom Con in Fort Walton Beach, Florida! This event will take place from November 11 through 13. LK last guested at FANdom Con in 2014.

I’ve updated my page dedicated to LittleKuriboh’s convention schedule with these two new developments.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 67 – Toon Pangs

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Pegasus holding up the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Man card in YGOTAS episode 67
“You may like to pretend to be Kaibaman, Kaiba, but you’ll always just be Kaiba boy.”

Seto Kaiba. Maximillion Pegasus. Fox only. No items. Final destination. It’s time for the rematch of the century in LittleKuriboh’s newest episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged: episode 67, “Toon Pangs“! This episode is only available on TeamFourStar.com for now, said LK when he uploaded the episode yesterday. It won’t be available on YouTube for another two weeks to a month because of “issues with YouTube’s copyright system.”

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Kaiba in this latest episode. If he wins, he will rescue his company’s stock. But if Pegasus wins, he will turn the company into one that specializes in children’s trading cards… for actual children. Oh no! But things aren’t quite as they seem, for Pegasus is actually Alister, who is seeking revenge for his brother’s untimely death at the hands of a random country’s militia. That must have been Gozaburo Kaiba’s fault! Will Kaiba be able to become one with the mighty Critias and use its power to defeat Alister and his Seal of Orichalcos?

Hey, how does Pegasus know what kind of bed sheets Kaiba uses? O.o

Update (February 23): YGOTAS episode 67 is now available on LK’s YouTube channel.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 66 – United Sucks, Kaiba Plays FNAF2 Resumes

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Yugi, Tea, Joey, and Tristan in YGOTAS episode 66
“Warning. Contains filler plot details.”

“Oh god, not another filler arc! The last one took like three years to get through!” Let’s hope not, Joey. LittleKuriboh seems to be making good time and staying on top of his Patreon promises. He just uploaded his newest video — Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 66, “United Sucks” (on YouTube, TFS) — earlier today! Check it out!

As the planet gets overrun by real monsters, Yugi and the gang decide that it is perfectly safe to hop on a plane and make their way to Pegasus’ mysterious personal compound somewhere in California to get some answers. But all is not well with Pegasus when someone with an unfamiliar voice shows up unannounced at his office. Then, Kaiba receives word that Pegasus has been buying up all of Kaiba Corp.’s shares, and the only way for him to get them back is to duel Pegasus in a perfectly innocent, not-at-all creepy card game challenge. Yeesh!

Kaiba Plays FNAF2 Resumes

Earlier this year, LittleKuriboh launched a new Let’s Play series featuring Kaiba and the survival horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s 2. But after only one installment, the series seemed to have stalled… until now! Last week, LK started KAIBA PLAYS – Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 back up with episode 2. Does Kaiba fare any better this round, or do the cartoon bunnies get the best of him once again? Maybe he can get some words of wisdom from a certain fan of cartoon bunnies…

Will poor Kaiba ever make it through the night successfully? Subscribe to LK’s YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, to find out how far LK will take it!

Patreon Changes

It was less than two weeks ago that LittleKuriboh reached his glorious $3,000 milestone on Patreon, sending him to “full-timer” status and allowing him to cut back on convention visits in favor of making more videos. But now, his monthly income seems to have dipped by nearly $500. What happened?

No, a bunch of patrons did not suddenly disappear. As it turns out, Patreon simply changed the way it displays pledges to show the exact income creators receive: the total amounts pledged less various processing fees. But have no fear. Even though he is no longer at the full-time tier, LK has been fulfilling his schedule for that tier anyway and will continue to do so for as long as he can.

[YGO: TAS] Episode 64 – A New Evil Awises

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YGOTAS season 4 Orichalcos title card

“All over the world, children’s trading cards are coming to life and causing untold devastation!” bemoans a TV news anchor. You know what that means: the Orichalcamalos is here! LittleKuriboh today released Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 64, “A New Evil Awises,” bringing the series into its long-awaited fourth season. The episode guest stars Takahata101, who reprises his role as Dartz, along with Tomamoto, Nowacking, and… Kyle Hebert?! Yes, Kyle Hebert (Dragon Ball Z’s narrator and adult Gohan, Gurren Lagann’s Kamina, Fate/Zero’s Berserker) provides the opening narration in this episode. Check it out and let LK know what you think!

As with YGOTAS episode 63, this latest episode was also edited by 1KidsEntertainment, whom LK praised for doing such a standout job.

“I won’t lie, @onekids editing YGOTAS has likely saved both my sanity and the show,” LK tweeted. “So I owe him a great deal.”

Anime Convention Update: San Japan, Alcon

LittleKuriboh has added another two anime con appearances to an already very busy 2015.

From July 31 through August 2, LK will be a guest at San Japan for the fourth time! The event will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antoinio, Texas. Also attending are Kaiserneko, Lanipator, MasakoX, and Takahata101 of Team Four Star, and voice actor Lisa Ortiz (the voice of Serenity Wheeler).

LittleKuriboh will also be returning to Leicester, England for his sixth guest appearance at Alcon! This year’s Alcon takes place on September 3 to 6 and will once again be an 18+ event.

Update (March 7): LK uploaded YGOTAS episode 64 to YouTube today.

[YGO: TAS] LK Resumes ‘Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival’

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Marik Plays Slender The Arrival artwork by Rivan145th
“There ain’t no party like a Slender Man party!”
Warning: Heart pills not provided. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ah, yes, the Slender Man. Back in 2012, Marik and Bakura were horrifyingly ravaged by the tall, featureless, well-dressed being in “Slender: The Eight Pages” (then simply titled “Slender”), a first-person survival horror game. Undaunted by the experience, the daring duo returned in 2013 to play “Slender: The Arrival” (on TFS, YouTube) the equally creepy sequel to the first title. But after that one 12-minute segment, we never learned whether Marik would ever be able to find out what became of Kate. Well, looks like there will be a conclusion after all, for LittleKuriboh has continued the series with “Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival – Part 2,” released today!

“Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival” is the first Let’s Play of a game that LittleKuriboh has ever completed, he said. This series will have five parts, so be sure to tune into TFS every Friday to see the new episode.

LK, a long-time fan of the Slender Man mythos, has also previously recorded himself playing Slender: The Eight Pages while his wife provided some hilarious drunk, profanity-laden commentary, as well as providing his own chapter to the Slender Man legend in the animated short Concrete Giraffes. He wrote a professional review of Slender: The Arrival in April 2013.

We’re Still Here

Serious non-Yu-Gi-Oh! time now. Followers of LittleKuriboh on social media know that the man has been struggling a lot over the past several months. LK has talked regularly about his battle against depression and suicide and how he decided to turn to group and individual therapy and medication for help. But this past Monday, LittleKuriboh began sharing his experiences and ongoing struggles with an even greater audience in “We’re Still Here,” a new vlog series. The series is part of his recovery process from depression, and although he will be talking about coping with the disorder, his series will also contain positive messages, experiences, memories, and passions.

“I’m hoping that simply by telling my story, it will help others who may recognize their own depression and seek help,” said LK. “The video was made haphazardly and obviously there’s going to be a lot of refinement down the line, but I intend to keep at it.”

In this first episode, LittleKuriboh highlights how his relationships, creativity, and well-being have taken a hit in the past six months. He then describes how he first met Team Four Star at Youmacon 2009, a very emotional and powerful story that he often shares at his convention appearances. Finally, he discusses how he decided to find help for his depression and the importance of doing so.

The decision to create this series didn’t come easy to LK.

Considering doing a video about my depression or just coping with depression in general, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he wrote back in November. “I don’t just mean from a creative standpoint, I just don’t know if it’s a good idea to open that can of worms. I’ve talked about my depression on social media and got both positive and negative feedback. Some of the negative stuff very hostile. It feels like something I should maybe do when I feel ready to face a large, unfeeling crowd of people heh.”

If you suffer from depression, do give this series a shot. And if you find support in his words, by all means let him know. And even if you don’t suffer from depression or don’t know much about it, give this video a watch anyway. At the very least, maybe you will come away learning a little bit about the illness and a little more about the man who has brought so much entertainment to so many people.

LK plans to upload new episodes of “We’re Still Here” every Monday and hopes to continue the series even after he feels he has recovered.

What’s Coming Up Next from LittleKuriboh?

Aside from terrorizing Marik with scary video games, what else has LittleKuriboh been working on recently? Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, that’s what! Along with the conclusion to the story of a certain council of evil villains… Oooh!

LK has been hard at work on YGOTAS episode 64 and has already begun recording. He “guarantees” that Takahata101 will appear as Dartz.

Furthermore, LK has begun filming a new live-action comedic project and hopes to release it this weekend.

And finally, LK announced yesterday that he finally figured out how to make custom YouTube URLs. The “LittleKuriboh” YouTube channel is back! Fans can now find his channel at: http://www.youtube.com/c/LittleKuribohChannel

The old CardGamesFTW name and URL still work, too.

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