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Yugi and his friends relaxing at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe

ADORE’s AnimePlaza Yu-Gi-Oh! cafe might have ended its run in November, but there is another Yu-Gi-Oh! cafe coming very soon. From January 7 to 31, 2017, the Tower Records stores in Shibuya and Osaka will launch a Yu-Gi-Oh! collaboration cafe to celebrate the Dark Side of Dimensions movie. These events will be slightly smaller and less extravagant than ADORE’s productions, but they will nevertheless have their fill of limited edition goods and tasty themed treats.

Tower Records today posted pictures of its Yu-Gi-Oh! DSoD-inspired menu. The cafe’s run is divided in two, with each half offering a different menu. Here’s what’s cooking!

Foods available in the cafe’s first half (January 7 to 18):

Food items from the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu

Main course:

  • Cubic Karma Pasta
  • Millennium Puzzle Sandwich

Sweets from the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu


  • Kaiba Parfait
  • Dark Magician Girl Pancakes

Drinks from the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu


  • Deep-Eyes White Soda
  • Don☆ Latte (“Don” is a dramatic sound effect, often localized as “Doom” or “Bang” in English-language manga)
  • Millennium Puzzle Latte
  • KC Latte
  • Mokuba’s Favorite Orange Juice

And in the second half (January 19 to 31):

Food items from the second Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu

Main course:

  • One Day I’ll Get a New Model… Jonouchi’s Catered Taco-Style Curry
  • Obelisk the Tormentor Beef Stew

Sweets from the second Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu


  • Millennium Cube Grass Cake
  • Rainy Intersection Cake

Drinks from the second Yu-Gi-Oh! Tower Records Cafe menu


  • Orbit Elevator Drink
  • It’s My Turn! Draw!! Latte
  • That’s Not a Monster!! That’s a God!! Latte
  • Dark Burning Magic Cola
  • Anzu’s Slightly Adult Raspberry Drink

Tower Records also posted a line-up of its Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise today, which are available for sale to all visitors. There are special Tower Records-branded shirts, tote bags, key chains, and more. Be on the look for the addition of even more goods in the near future.

Reservations open for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe tomorrow, December 10, at 10 am JST. If you’re in the area and want to attend, be sure to read up on all the details (in Japanese) for how to get a ticket.

(News from @yugioh_anime, @TOWER_Shibuya 1, 2)


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  1. How I wish with all of my heart, to go to this Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe. Out of all the events in Japan, this has to be my favorite because it focuses a lot on the character from The Dark Side of Dimensions. All of the food and drinks look really delicious and I can tell, that the chefs and baristas paid a lot of attention to the details. Alas, I can’t go to this event because, booking flights, finding hotel, and paying for transportation in Japan isn’t cheap. Hopefully, I’ll be able to at least buy some merchandise from the cafe.

  2. Aww. Well, the good news is that all visitors to these Tower Records stores can buy the merchandise, not just those who have tickets to the cafe. So if you know someone who lives nearby, maybe they can help you out. Or maybe some merch will end up on eBay or other websites that can ship overseas.

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