[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 194-198, English dubbed

November 13, 2010 at 7:43 pm | Posted in 4Kids, Duel Monsters, English dubbed, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 1 Comment

Kaiba and Zigfried talking trash in episode 197
The rivalry is just an act…

Although they’ve marked their Yu-Gi-Oh! videos to expire at the end of this month, 4Kids is still making more new episodes available on their YouTube channel. English-dubbed versions of episodes 194 through 197 were added on Tuesday, and 198 was added this morning. Thanks, 4Kids, for continuing to give international fans a way to watch the series legally, even if it’s only for a short while longer.

First off, it’s Leon Wilson vs. Zigfried Lloyd in episodes 194 and 195! The final round of the KC Grand Championship is on! But before a single card is even drawn, Kaiba intervenes and, in front of an audience of thousands, totally outs Zigfried… for entering the tournament with a fake name and unleashing chaos in his theme park! Kaiba agrees not to press charges if Zigfried disappears, but after Zigfried riles him up with some rough words, the gloves come off and the action heats up… in a game of Duel Monsters! Zigfried, however, seems to have another reason for wanting to duel Kaiba.

With the final match deemed invalid, Leon is automatically declared the winner and he and Yugi then square off for the championship crown in episodes 196, 197, and 198. Zigfried, however, is still hiding some sinister secrets. Could they have something to do with the card that he handed Leon before the duel began?

With only a few more days before the series expires, will there be some crazy marathoning of these and any forthcoming episodes? Grab the video links from YouTube’s Shows section or my index for dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! streams if you’re going to take the plunge!

Oddly, episode 198 and the other episodes uploaded today (to be detailed in my next post) are not labeled for expiration. This is probably just an oversight.

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  1. i love is show and zigfried

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