[YGO: TAS] GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 Revisited: The Lost Video

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Screenshot 1 from HSEMAGOORHUG

Today: A special history lesson.

Who can forget GUHROOGAMESH!!!1, Little Kuriboh’s spoof of the infamous commercial for the Sakura-Con 2009 anime convention? Released exactly six months ago, the video would become an instant hit on the Internets and quickly gain notoriety in its own right. So much so, in fact, that a mere six days after its debut, the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA) — the organizers of Sakura-Con — would request that the video be removed from YouTube.

For many fans of LK’s works, the story ended there. In fact, however, the removal of the video was only the beginning. One day after that, LK would resurrect the parody video with a special, alternate ending. Christened “1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG,” the special video was quietly uploaded to YouTube with only a short message in its description box: “AND GAMING!”

The video, however, sat in the YouTube account IronKuriboh — an account that belonged to LK, but that was largely unknown by most of his fans. With no keywords driving traffic to the video and no fan-knowledge about the existence of IronKuriboh, 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG went largely unnoticed and suddenly disappeared about one day later. The reason for its removal? LK gave his fans an answer via a post on the Toon Zone Forum:

I decided to remove it myself, due to receiving a number of messages from the Sakura-Con people explaining why it was taken down in the first place.

It was causing people to spam their site with pornographic images (due to the whole “tentacle rape, etc” thing) so they decided to take it down. They say they’ll let me leave it up if I remove the objectionable content, which I think is perfectly reasonable. So I’m going to remake the video – after I finish my new episode.

On his regular YouTube account, CardGamesFTW, Little Kuriboh confirmed, with a message in his profile, that the GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 video would be reuploaded “in a slightly modified form.”

And so we waited. And waited. But neither GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 nor 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG ever made it onto any of LK’s YouTube accounts. GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 has been unofficially reuploaded by many of LK’s fans and continues to live on in the hearts of YGO: TAS lovers.

1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG, on the other hand, remains unseen by all but a handful of LK’s fans… until now.

What I neglected to mention when I originally reported on the appearance and disappearance of 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG was that I had actually saved a copy of that video myself.

I always hoped that LK would eventually reupload the video on his own. That would have been ideal, and his fans would have probably wanted that as well. So much time has passed, however, that it seems unlikely ever to happen. So, I figured that today — six-months to the day since the original GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 was unleashed onto the world — would be an appropriate time to reintroduce the videos. Since the hype from the original video has pretty much ended, hopefully ANCEA has all but forgotten about the video and won’t be interested in trying to kill it off any more.

So have at it, and check out the 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video — so rare that it hasn’t even made it onto the YGO: TAS entry at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia!

SendSpace links:

Please be aware that both of these videos are MP4s ripped from YouTube. At a resolution of 480×270 and a bitrate of about 350 Kbps, the video quality may not be what you’re used to. I don’t provide YouTube rips on my YGO: TAS downloads page, but consider these uploads here a one-time exception. I’m aware of nowhere else to get these files at a higher quality since Little Kuriboh has never released them for download himself.

I hope you enjoy this small piece of YGO: TAS history. Maybe the glorious catchphrases of these videos will one day flourish once more!

[YGO: TAS] Kara Thrace’s Special Destiny & 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG

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Screenshot from Kara Thrace's Special Destiny

Two new videos have been uploaded to YouTube by Little Kuriboh! The first is Kara Thrace’s Special Destiny, where the YGO: TAS gang watches the final episode of Battlestar Galactica (yes, this means there are spoilers to that episode!).

The second video was 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG, a remake of the popular GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 video that got removed from YouTube by ANCEA, the organizers of Sakura-Con. The video was hosted on Little Kuriboh’s “secret” YouTube account, IronKuriboh. The remake was slightly modified to remove the allegedly copyright-infringing material from the end of the video.

You’ll notice that I used the past tense in the above paragraph. That’s because while I was typing this entry, the 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video suddenly became unavailable. That’s right, it’s gone. Clicking on that link now gives you the message “This video has been removed by the user.” Why, Little Kuriboh, why?!

The video had 32 comments and 1262 views when I watched it. Luckily, I was able to capture some screenshots from the video while it was still available:

Screenshot 1 from HSEMAGOORHUG
The name “Sakura” was bleeped out when Kemo (Saruwatari) said his line.

Screenshot 2 from HSEMAGOORHUG
Instead of Vic Mignogna’s line, we hear “That’s Mama Luigi to you, Mario!” This line is from an episode of Captain N and the New Super Mario World, and is often found in “YouTube Poop” videos.

Screenshot 3 from HSEMAGOORHUG

Update: Although the 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video has disappeared from the IronKuriboh account, LK notes in his CardGamesFTW profile that the GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 video will be reuploaded, “in a slightly modified form.” No doubt he’s talking about the 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video, so if you missed it, it looks like you’re in luck!

Update (September 18, 2009): The lost 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video is brought back into the limelight by yours truly.

Misc. News: Little Kuriboh’s video removed; More 4Kids uploads

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Screenshot from episode 60

Little Kuriboh reported yesterday that the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA) had his GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 video removed from YouTube. There’s no word from LK what sparked this sudden removal, but some people speculate that it was due to LK’s use of an audio clip from the original Sakura-Con commercial. ANCEA is a non-profit organization whose only purpose, as far as I can find, is to host the convention Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. Someone should tell ANCEA that Sakura-Con’s programming includes the screening of AMVs, which all contain copyrighted video and audio that they don’t have permission to use. Their hypocrisy is stunning, isn’t it?

Screenshot from the first YGO DM ending

On Monday afternoon, 4Kids added a video of the first Japanese closing of YGO DM to their Japanese episodes playlist on YouTube. The song is “Genki no Shawaa” (“An Energizing Shower”), sung by Aki Maeda. There’s been no word from 4Kids’ Nameless Cubicle Office Guy when more full episodes, either English or Japanese, will be added.


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Screenshot from GUHROOGAMESH
Tristan’s face… Everyone else’s reactions… It’s all so fitting…

Little Kuriboh voices his loathing of the Sakura-Con 2009 anime convention commercial in the latest entry on his LiveJournal. However, rather than remaining perturbed about it, LK let his creative juices flow and created a parody of the commercial starring none other than the cast of YGO: TAS! Go watch it on YouTube!

I’m with LK on this one… There was no reason to portray the fans as unlikable hysterics in the commercial. What would people with no knowledge of anime and manga subculture think if they saw that commercial on TV? And for goodness sake, SMiLE.dk isn’t Japanese! Do your research, writers!

Update: This post has been getting a lot of views, even though the original video is no longer available. If you are still looking for further information about the video, the following posts may be of interest to you:

  • March 25, 2009 – News about the removal of the GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 video.
  • March 26, 2009 – Information and screenshots about 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG — an edited version of GUHROOGAMESH!!!1 that disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
  • September 18, 2009 – The lost 1!!!HSEMAGOORHUG video is brought back into the limelight by yours truly.

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