New Contact Page and Other Tiny Updates

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Bakura, the King of Thieves, with a big smile on his face in episode 208
Happy Bakura is happy.

Hey, everyone. I’ve just made a few small updates around here. First, I’ve retired the Talk Page, removing it from the tabs at the top of the screen. In its stead, I’ve added the new Contact page, which makes communicating with me much easier and faster! I don’t know why I never thought to put up such a page in the first place!

Second, I’ve made a few cosmetic changes to various things. I’ve reorganized my Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series download page a little bit, changing the arrangement of the special/bonus videos to an alphabetical listing. The sidebar on the right side of every page has changed a little as well.

And finally, I’ve also begun updating the FAQs by adding some new questions and answers. The FAQs page is an ongoing project that’s always being tweaked. If you have any questions for me, or want to report any mistakes or broken links, you can always send word my way.

If something doesn’t look right on this site, please also let me know. It is entirely possible that I broke something while making these small changes. :P

Categories and tags redone, plus other updates

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Jounouchi gushing in episode 55

I know that everyone visits In the Name of The Pharaoh to download Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes, not to read a blog, and so I write my updates with this in mind. Still, I enjoy a well-organized and easily accessible website as much as the next person, and the one thing that was really bugging me about this place was the poorly arranged categories and tags. When I first added them, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and the way I had set them up made them pretty much useless. So, I went back and changed all of them for every post.

Now, you’ll see that there are much fewer categories and tags, and that they are laid out nicely in the menu on the right side of every page. If you wanted, for some strange reason, to read all of my posts about fansubs for example, you can now actually find them with ease! 8)

I’ve also updated the FAQs a little bit, rewriting a few of the questions and answers and adding a few new ones as well. I’ve made a few small additions to all of the episode download pages as well.

To all of my visitors who live in the United States, Happy Memorial Day! Go out and enjoy the festivities!

MegaUpload gets a facelift

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Screenshot of the new MegaUpload

MegaUpload recently got themselves a cleaner, more streamlined look. For those of you who are new to using MegaUpload or who are looking for help, you may have discovered that the images from the how-to-download guide on the FAQs page are now outdated. I’ll be putting up new images as soon as I can. In the mean time, the written instructions are still correct and usable.

Update (February 19): The images have been updated. I think the old ones looked a little better. :P

FAQs Updated

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I was reading the FAQs the other day when I realized how horribly outdated they were. I had written, for example, that I wasn’t interested in adding any Yu-Gi-Oh! media other than Duel Monsters to this site. Since then however, I’ve added the first series and its accompanying movie, along with Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, while also expanding the Duel Monsters collection to include raws. Clearly, an update to the FAQs was in order, so I spent some time cleaning it up and adding a few new items. Glad I got that over with! I don’t want to confuse any new visitors!

Screenshot from episode 53
Clean-up duty.

I also want to address something about Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 1/Season 0 that I had talked about in an older post, but that everyone probably forgot about. (Not me! >_>) I had previously said that a few raws for Series 1 can be found on Janime, but that “the quality isn’t too good, and they might be difficult to work with for anyone who’s interested in fansubbing this series themselves.” At the time, I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to set aside a new page here for those raws and I noted that I would come back to this. Well, I’m coming back to it now. :P

The quality of those raws are bleh. The worst part about it is that the resolution is tiny (352×262 — that’s smaller than what you find on YouTube!). Since they also use old audio/video codecs, these raws must be ancient by digital fansubbing standards. Given all this, and the fact that there isn’t even a complete set of the raw episodes — only half of the episodes have raws — I’ve decided not to put them up. Sorry if you’ve actually been writhing in anticipation during the past two months for these. TV-Nihon’s releases are vastly superior.

Okay, that’s all. What a boring update, huh? I hope I’ll have more stuff for you next time. Have a fun and happy Halloween!

Update (November 1): #yugioh! fansubs’ redirection URL isn’t working anymore, so I’ve edited their links in the blogroll and some other places to point directly to their website. Thanks to Sam for pointing this out.

Remaining HK subbed episodes added

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Over two months ago, I set some goals for myself and for this blog, and I’m happy to say that today, I’ve achieved each of those goals. *jumps for joy*

Links for the remaining episodes from the Memory Arc that haven’t yet been fansubbed (210-212, 220-224) are now up. Episode 211 has Bakura’s legendary cheese comment:

Screenshot from HK DVD episode 211

So that’s all for HK DVD episodes! Thanks, everyone, for all of your patience and gratitude!

In other news, earlier today, I tried replacing all of the unnecessarily bloated screenshots that I previously posted (they were almost all ~100 KB each) with smaller ones (30-40 KB each). Yes, dial-up users, I’m looking out for you! But for some reason, only three of the new images are showing up, even though I’ve already deleted all of the old images. Weird. I’ll continue to try and figure out what’s wrong.

Additionally, those of you who have previously read the FAQs might remember a section at the end called “The Fansubber’s Basic Dictionary.” Originally, this was going to be a place where I’d briefly introduce the world of fansubbing to newbies. Believe it not, some people, especially younger individuals, aren’t even aware that there exists an entire fansubbing culture on the Internet. Instead, they might simply happen upon subbed anime on a fansite or a torrent with no idea of how it came to be. However, I’ve decided that writing such an article would be tedious and beyond the mission of this blog anyway, so I’m not going to do it. Besides, for anyone who wants to learn what a “sub” or a “raw” is, there are other places where they can learn about that.

New and Revised Pages, Plus a Schedule for Upcoming Updates

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Hi, everyone. I’ve changed the look and content of both the FAQs page and the Episodes page. While updating and expanding the FAQs was one of the goals I had set for myself, deciding to change the layout of the Episodes page was something I only recently thought of doing. Basically, I wasn’t happy with the previous layout and I wanted to use the space on that page more productively.

The Episodes page now contains two new pieces of information for each link: the title of the episode and CRC value of the file. The episode title doesn’t need any explanation. A CRC value is a string of eight letters and/or numbers (e.g. 7C2BC331) serves as a “fingerprint” for a file. After you download a file, you can use a CRC checker (I like RapidCRC) to examine the file’s CRC value. If it matches the CRC value listed on the Episodes page, you downloaded a perfect file! If the CRC values don’t match, that’s not a good thing — it could mean that the download didn’t finish, or that your download got corrupted, or that there’s something wrong with the uploaded file. If this ever happens to you, let me know so that I can examine whether or not the problem is with the uploaded file. The majority of the uploaded episodes are listed on AniDB and I’ve checked their CRC values against those listed there to make sure they are correct.

Overall, I’m really happy with the new layout of the Episodes page. I originally wanted to use a table to display all of that information, but unfortunately, doesn’t really like tables, and it wasn’t showing up correctly. Hopefully, the page isn’t too cluttered or confusing as it is.

You’ll also notice that the Episodes page no longer contains a comment section at the bottom. I decided that the comments, together with the list of episodes, made the page too long. Up until recently, I was purging the comments every time I updated the Episodes page to prevent this from happening. To make up for the lack of comments on that page, I made a new page exclusively for comments — the Talk Page! Yay!

The FAQs page now contains more questions and answers, and organizes everything into convenient sections. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, you can still always ask me! Maybe I’ll add it to the FAQs!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “All of this is great, but where are the rest of the episodes?” Don’t worry, I hear you. Ever since I made the decision to post links to the HK DVD episodes, I’ve gotten many emails from people thanking me, but also a few asking me why I update so infrequently, especially since many HK episodes can be found on YouTube and other places. Well, worry no more, because I’ve decided to step it up and speed things up. Here’s what I’ve decided on:

  • By Tuesday night (June 17): The rest of the Battle City Finals (eps. 135-144)
  • By Thursday (June 19): The Doma/Oreikhalkos Arc (eps. 145-184)
  • By Saturday (June 21): The KC Grand Prix Arc (eps. 185-198)
  • Next week: Episodes from the Egyptian Memory Arc that haven’t been fansubbed (eps. 210-212, 220-224)

How’s that sound? Now that I’ve publicly declared deadlines for myself, I hope I’ll feel more compelled to update.

Now, I’ll leave you with this, a screenshot from episode 140.

Screenshot from HK DVD episode 140

Apparently, Malik’s alter ego doesn’t like main characters. Heh. Too bad for Yuugi, or Kaiba, or Bakura. (Yes, this is a YGO: The Abridged Series reference.)

Coming Soon to In the Name of The Pharaoh

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I’ve decided that I’ll be making a couple of nice changes and additions to this blog. Why? No particular reason — I just feel like livening this place up!

First, I’ve decided to upload the missing episodes between episode 14 by #yugioh! and episode 33 by Ouji- & Co. I will be filling that gap with encodes made by dirtydude16. If I remember correctly, dd16 began releasing these episodes in late 2005, but they never saw widespread release other than being posted on Janime’s forum, dd16’s own IRC fserve, and maybe some smaller fansites and forums. And yes, dd16’s releases are in Japanese with English subs! Expect the first upload of these episodes sometime in the next few days!

Afterwards, I will slowly fill in the huge void between the Duelist Kingdom Arc and the Memory Arc. However, none of these episodes have been fansubbed by any group, so I will be adding encodes that were ripped from bootleg Hong Kong DVDs. I’ll provide more details about these episodes once I begin uploading them.

Along the way, I will also be reorganizing and adding new questions to the FAQs page. I’ve had a small number of people contact me with questions or problems they ran into when using MegaUpload, so I’ll be making a short “How-To” guide that will answer questions about downloading and error messages on MegaUpload. I’ll include user-friendly visuals too!

Finally, I’ll be turning comment moderation off. There isn’t really that much spam, so it’s not a big problem. WordPress’ Akismet spam filtering service is very effective anyway. Besides, even though I know that people come here predominantly to download episodes and not to read a blog, I still want to give visitors an opportunity to comment if or when they want to. So comment moderation gets turned off!

And needless to say, I’ll continue adding new fansubbed Duelist Kingdom and Memory Arc episodes as they are released!

So that’s basically what I have in mind. I know that these are exciting times for Yu-Gi-Oh! and its fans everywhere — Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX recently wrapped up in Japan and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s began airing. It’s nice to still get so many visitors to this blog who enjoy and haven’t forgotten about the original Duel Monsters Series! Thank you all, and look forward to updates to In the Name of The Pharaoh!

ravegrl is alive!! Episodes 033, 034, 208, 219 added!

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Huh?! It’s been more than one year since my last post, yet this website is still here?! And it still gets visitors every day?! Wooooow! In that case, here are some updates! ^_____^

  • Episodes 033, 034, 208, and 219 (version 2) have been added to the Episodes page. Many thanks to Ouji-, Hina, dirtydude16, and some other nice folks who worked on these episodes! (Note: Version 1 of episode 219 never got posted, so don’t get confused as to why there is a v2 but not a v1!)
  • Episodes 011 and 012 by #yugioh! have been re-uploaded and added to the Episodes page.
  • The FAQ page has been updated with some new questions, and the layout of the Episodes page has slightly changed.
  • There’s still no word from dirtydude16 about a version 2 of episode 207. Sorry!

Okay, that’s all for now. Tell your friends that I’m still alive and breathing and that my blog is still here! I just hope that my next post comes earlier than 2009! ;)

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