Mirror Universe LK’s Birthday!

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Rare Bearded Kuriboh in Mirror Universe LK's Birthday!
Wild BEARDED KURIBOH appeared!
Fight / Bag / Duel Monster / Run

Tomorrow is Little Kuriboh’s birthday! Happy 27th birthday, LK! I think the beard is a different look for him and makes him ruggedly handsome, don’t you? :3

LK has posted a short new video about some of the exciting stuff he’s involved in, including his being cast in a production of Blackadder II and his guest appearance this Saturday at the Anime League Club London (ALCL), a small anime convention being held at a pub in central London. Ooh. LK also announces the inspiring results of his Yu-Gi-Oh! card charity auctions and thanks everyone for participating.

Card Games For Charity! Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Auctions

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Yugi and friends frolicking through huge stacks of cards in episode 148

Some very special Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have hit the auction block! Little Kuriboh is offering five cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG on eBay, with proceeds going to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The CBHF works to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts for those affected by the catastrophic Haitian earthquake. LK will sign the cards if the winners request it (of course they will!), and, if the closing price exceeds $200, he’ll even call them up to personally thank them (in the voice of a YGO: TAS character, perhaps?). More information can be found in LK’s latest video. The following cards are up for auction:

Little Kuriboh’s previous charity video auction was won by redconvoy, who donated $455 for a custom-made video from LK! How much will these cards go for? We’ll find out when the auctions end in about one week! Spread the word and be a part of this worthwhile event!

Help Haiti! Little Kuriboh’s Video Auction

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Duel Monsters-themed claw vending machine in episode 53

Little Kuriboh has put himself up for auction! To help the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, LK is offering to make one custom video for the winner of his auction, with the proceeds benefiting a charity providing relief to the earthquake victims.

LK’s auction is part of a large effort by LiveJournal’s “Help Haiti” community — a place where folks of various fandoms can help raise money for the rescue and recovery efforts in Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12. Fans of all different interests, hobbies, and genres have come together, auctioning off fanfics, fanart, audio recordings, books, videos, food, and more. A full list of the auctions is available. The auctions end on Wednesday, January 20 at 12 noon EST.

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