Little Kuriboh at Alcon 2009 & Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009

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Yami Malik sticking out his tongue in episode 120

Little Kuriboh has returned from what looks (to an outside observer) like an insane month of fun. It started with his first-ever appearance at an anime convention, as well as his debut as a convention panelist, at Alcon 2009 in Leicester, England. The good times continued across the pond when LK took his adventures to AWA 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

LK has collected over two-hundred minutes of video footage created by his fans documenting the LK-anime-con experience! Q&A sessions, impromptu performances of YGO: TAS episode 1, a long-awaited meeting with Vic Mignogna, questions about the color of his nipples, screaming fans, Bakura cosplay — it’s all there! Check it out!

LK has also provided his own short recaps of his adventures at Alcon and AWA. Somehow, though, I don’t think these written narratives and video clips will do complete justice to his experiences. It looked like an amazing time, LK! I’m sure so many of us wish we could have been there!

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