[YGO: TAS] Ask Marik Ishtar Anything on Formspring

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Marik Ishtar in Bakura's mind in episode 79

Have you ever wondered what Marik Ishtar will do once he takes over the world? Or what tattoos he has on his body, other than that large, crazy one on his back? Or whether there is anything more than friendship between him and Bakura? Find out the answers to these questions and more on Marik’s Formspring account, then ask your own! The account was created yesterday morning by Little Kuriboh.

So why did Marik suddenly join Formspring? “I wish to spread myself all over the Internet,” he said. Hmm, who or what else would he like to spread himself all over?

One More British Anime Con…

At Nom-Con in Dublin, Ireland earlier this month, Little Kuriboh said that he might not be attending another anime convention in the British Isles unless “some crazy miracle happens.” Well guess what? In a “secret last-minute guest announcement,” the British anime convention Alcon has announced LK as one of its guests this year! LK will be returning to Leicester, England for a third year in a row to attend the event between September 8 and 11. MasakoX will be there, too! And unlike last year’s event, which had an adults-only age restriction, Alcon 2011 will be open to anyone 16 years old and over.

…And Some U.S. Anime Cons, Too

Thought Little Kuriboh wouldn’t be heading to any U.S. anime conventions for the rest of this year? Guess again! In the past few days, LK has announced some great stops that he will be making in America. First up is Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan on November 3 through 6. TeamFourStar will be present as well, and they’ll be roasting poor LK at an 18+ panel! Oh man, I hope fans get some video footage of this! Listeners of Wha-Chow! can also rejoice, for Psyguy and many of the other podcast regulars will also be attending, too (though not as guests). Next, LK will head to Anime Vegas, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11 through 13.

He’s not done there. LK has also already announced plans for cons in early 2012. Between February 3 and 5, he’ll be dropping by the Dartz-favorite Kami-Con in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the third year in a row! Then, it’s off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Anime Milwaukee between February 17 through 19.

Whew! Once he gets some free time (lol), I hope he makes some promos for all these events!

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[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 135-137, English dubbed

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Joey drawing the perfect card in episode 137
“Only one card can save me… Nyeh! Jackpot!”

The final duel of the Battle City tournament has been decided! But first, Joey challenges an arrogant Kaiba for third place in episodes 135, 136, and 137, released on Tuesday to the 4Kids YouTube channel. Kaiba, crushed by his loss to Yugi, continues to ignore the signs pointing to his ancient past and is steadfast in moving forward alone. Will Joey defeat Kaiba and convince him of the importance of confiding in others, or will Kaiba wipe the floor with him?

You can find these dubbed episodes and more listed on YouTube’s Shows portal and my index for dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! streams.

Little Kuriboh at his panel at Alcon 2009
Professor Kuriboh at Alcon last year.
(From video by Karto1989, via LK)

Over in the world of Little Kuriboh, the man himself is back in England after his escapades at Anime Vegas last weekend, where he played a children’s card game with Kroze. While a video of the duel hasn’t seem to have surfaced yet, word has it that LK suffered a vicious loss, only to be reprieved after someone discovered Kroze’s deck had one too many of a certain card. Busted! (In actuality, there was nothing wrong with his deck. Rather than studying the rules, it seems like people just want LK to win, tee-hee.) Anyway, this weekend, LK is attending Alcon 2010 in Leicester! Let’s hope he won’t damage any life points while there. Fellow abridgers MasakoX, xthedarkone, and ShadyVox are guests at the event as well! The gang gathered for a live chat last night, of which the first few minutes were recorded.

Alcon kicked off yesterday afternoon and runs through Sunday. LK released a promo video for the event last month.

[YGO: TAS] Kroze vs LittleKuriboh – Live @ Anime Vegas

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Live at Anime Vegas 2010: Little Kuriboh duels Kroze

As previously mentioned, Little Kuriboh will be at Anime Vegas this weekend! Yesterday, LK further revealed that he’ll be playing his first public Yu-Gi-Oh! game by challenging Kroze at the con, with the loser to suffer some dreadful consequences!

Anime Vegas’ program was just released earlier this week and LK is scheduled to hold two panels and an autograph session on Sunday! There’s no word on when LK will be dueling Kroze, but it’ll most certainly attract a sizable crowd. Let’s hope for a YGOTAS-styled duel with plenty of Catapult Turtles launching Dragon Champions toward floating castles and shattering flotation rings, which cause collapses on top of some monsters!

Yugi and Joey in Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre: Vampire Stalker Part II

Elsewhere on the interwebs, Bennett the Sage and Little Kuriboh continued their dramatic reading of YamiKaykaMotou’s Vampire Stalker in the most recent episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, also released just yesterday!

When we left the story in part 1, Joey had just learned that he is pregnant and vampire Kaiba’s the father! Now, the duo must search out a vampire doctor for help. All is not well, however, as a mysterious character from Seto’s past isn’t too happy with what he sees and is out for blood! Don’t miss “Vampire Stalker Part II” on Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre with Bennett the Sage, featuring Little Kuriboh!

[4Kids-YouTube] Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes 123-125, English dubbed

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Joey and Marik on the way to their duel in episode 125

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! This Sunday (erm, today…), head to KaibaCorp Island in episodes 123 and 124 and see the dramatic conclusion of the battle royal between Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, and Marik as they duel to determine their opponent for the semifinals! Then, watch as Joey squares off against Marik in episode 125 with the hope of saving Mai from the Shadow Realm! These dubbed episodes and more, now on 4Kids’ YouTube channel! Direct links are on my streaming Yu-Gi-Oh! dubs index and YouTube’s Shows portal.

Anime Vegas 2010 logo

Well, today was the last day of Manifest in Australia. And though he hasn’t made a video about it, the ever-popular Little Kuriboh will next be heading to Anime Vegas, where he’s invited as a guest and will be hosting a panel! Vic Mignogna will be there, as will Johnny Yong Bosch! There are more guests, of course, but they haven’t yet been made fun of by LK. The convention will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 4 through 6.

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