Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V in VIZ’s Fall 2019 SJ Jump Pack

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga panel in the Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack and Destiny Draw promo card

It’s the beginning of a new era for the print edition of VIZ Media’s biannual Jump Pack Shonen Jump magazine. Gone are the old Weekly Shonen Jump name and logo that it had shared with the discontinued digital magazine of the same name. Starting with this Fall 2019 issue, the print magazine uses the same bright yellow Shonen Jump logo adopted by VIZ’s revamped Shonen Jump service, which launched in December 2018. The design of the magazine elements have also changed to match the bold, retro look of the logo, which this issue says was inspired by the original Japanese Shonen Jump logo.

One thing that has remained constant, though, is the presence of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V as a cornerstone of this magazine. The manga included in this issue are:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, chapter 7
  • My Hero Academia, chapter 8
  • Dragon Ball Super, chapter 5
  • World Trigger, chapter 1

The appearance of the magazine isn’t the only thing that has changed; its Yu-Gi-Oh! promotional contents are also different. Readers can bid farewell to Master Duels. The Fall 2019 issue is all about Speed Duels — the real-life incarnation of the dueling seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS that launched at the beginning of 2019 — and features a write-up that introduces the game and its products. It even includes a special promo card that was awarded as a prize at a Speed Dueling Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event back in April.

The full list of extras included with this issue are as follows:

  • An Ultra Rare Destiny Draw Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel card (YDPR-ENS01).
  • A coupon for one free Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck, redeemable at your nearest Official Tournament Store (OTS). You can use this to get any Starter Deck — for Master Duels and Speed Duels.
  • A Speed Duel fold-out game guide. Measuring approximately 9 by 23.5 inches, it contains a Speed Duel field adorned with Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon on one side and the rules of the game on the other.
  • An 11-card Speed Duel demo deck that accompanies the guide.
  • A promo code for a free two-month membership for VIZ Media’s digital Shonen Jump, home to 10,000+ chapters — including every Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series.

The Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack is on sale right now for $10.99 at Scholastic book fairs throughout the United States. Thousands of schools across the country host the book fair, which serve as fundraising endeavors for the schools. Everyone is welcome to shop there, so why not search for your nearest book fair, pick up some great manga and Yu-Gi-Oh! promos, and support a local school?

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V in VIZ’s Spring 2019 WSJ Jump Pack

Cover of VIZ Media's Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack

Table of contents of the Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack

Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel cards and extras included with the Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack

Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel article in the Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack

Close-up of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel Destiny Draw Skill card promo included with the Shonen Jump Fall 2019 Jump Pack

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