First 4 Figures April Roundup: Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician Completely Redesigned

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Kaiba and Blue-Eyes White Dragon facing off against Yugi and Dark Magician in episode 132

It might be a little while longer before First 4 Figures unveils its Yu-Gi-Oh! products, but not without good reason. This month, the high-end statue maker revealed that its top-polling Yu-Gi-Oh! monster, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, has been redesigned from the ground up. This follows the company’s announcement in March that Dark Magician, too, would be redesigned. These decisions were made despite having already received approval for both monsters’ original sculpts.

Very little was known in the first place about Blue-Eyes’s original design. F4F’s CEO, Alex Davis, offered a tease back in January, but he has since stated that he was unhappy with that design.

In F4F’s April 5 Q&A live stream, Davis, responding to a fan question about the status of the Yu-Gi-Oh! sculpts, proclaimed that he “Cracked it!”

“Was absolutely kicking my arse. Absolutely kicking my arse,” continued Davis. “Went back to the drawing board. Actually submitted it and had approval to go to print. […] And I said, ‘Hold it back, bring it back. Let’s revisit this. I’m still not feeling it.’ Today, I cracked Blue-Eyes. Cracked it.”

Then, while looking at before and after images of Blue-Eyes’s design (which were not shown to the stream’s viewers), Davis proceeded to explain the changes to the stream’s co-host, F4F marketing head Tsoek “Chockles” Cheung. Unfortunately for viewers, Davis was intentionally vague with his descriptions, making statements like “This silhouette was a better silhouette than that one there,” and “We’ve got to avoid this, so why don’t we make this, instead of straight, make it more angled down.”

“The wing is growing out of the head so it doesn’t look good as a silhouette,” said Davis about the previous design. “I was like, I really hate this angle ’cause this bend in the wing really looks naff as hell from this angle. You can’t tell from the front but this angle looks terrible.”

Davis’s nebulous descriptions continued for four minutes. At one point, he even muted the microphone as he continued to explain the updated sculpt to Chockles.

Surprisingly, the biggest clue about Blue-Eyes’s redesign came at this point. While speaking, Davis made a hand gesture in front of his mouth, then extended his arm in a straight line away from his face.

Alex Davis making a hand gesture while describing Blue-Eyes White Dragon's design

What could that be? Could he be incorporating a White Lightning (Burst Stream of Destruction) attack effect with the Blue-Eyes statue? Is this a component that you would like to see with the statue?

After a minute, Davis turned the mic back on. “Cracked it. The Dark Magician, also cracked that,” he said. “What was approved, I feel was, now looking back at it, was super weak. Now that I think about it, lame. Changed it.”

F4F’s live streams during the rest of the month reiterated the same information. On April 12 and April 19, Davis again spoke about how pleased he was with the new Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician designs. And on April 26, Davis stated that they “have not been approved but the designs are just night and day from what they used to look like.”

With Davis’s standards as high as they are, F4F’s Yu-Gi-Oh! products can’t come soon enough.

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