Kazuki Takahashi at MAGIC 2019, Part 5: More Photos

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At MAGIC 2019, Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi was more than happy to pose for photos and take part in videos, giving fans an opportunity to share highlights of his rare public appearance. In this final look at MAGIC 2019, here are some more photos of Takahashi and Yu-Gi-Oh! from me and from MAGIC’s organizer, Shibuya Productions.

Advertisements for MAGIC 2019 could be found all over Monaco, from banners hanging on light posts to posters in the shopping malls. Here are two digital screens in the Monaco-Monte-Carlo train station, where a video advertisement showcased the event’s guests.

MAGIC 2019 video ad showing artwork of Yugi and Kaiba by Kazuki Takahashi at the Monaco-Monte-Carlo train station

MAGIC’s Facebook page shared a photo of Cédric Biscay, the president and CEO of Shibuya Productions, posing with Takahashi the day before the convention.

Cédric Biscay and Kazuki Takahashi
Photo by Shibuya Productions

Later that evening, all of MAGIC’s guests and VIPs attended a gala dinner at the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel. Here’s a photo from cosplayer Elisa Kotori of one of the tables. That’s Takahashi seated at 3 o’clock, decked out in a dark grey suit and a maroon necktie.

Kazuki Takahashi's table at the MAGIC 2019 gala dinner
Photo by Shibuya Productions for Elisa Kotori

Also at this table is Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Captain Harlock (seated at 1 o’clock); Yu Suzuki, writer and producer of the Shenmue games (at 5 o’clock); and Christopher Lambert from the Highlander movies (at 9 o’clock).

Some of the guests signed and doodled on a copy of the menu. There’s Yugi in the upper-right corner. What a cool keepsake!

Menu from the MAGIC 2019 gala dinner with signatures and sketches from some of the guests
Photo by Shibuya Productions

March 9 — MAGIC’s big day! Here’s a shot of Takahashi speaking at the opening ceremony with Shueisha editors Yoshihisa Heishi and Naoki Kawashima behind him.

Kazuki Takahashi, Yoshihisa Heishi, and Naoki Kawashima at the MAGIC 2019 opening ceremony

“Hello, I’m Takahashi. Thank you for inviting me to gorgeous Monaco and this marvelous event. I’m so happy to meet you all,” he said to the audience.

Here’s Takahashi next to parapsychology researcher Alexis Champion and sci-fi manga legend Leiji Matsumoto at the opening ceremony.

Kazuki Takahashi, Alexis Champion, and Leiji Matsumoto at the MAGIC 2019 opening ceremony

And here’s Takahashi with action movie star Wesley Snipes of Blade and Demolition Man fame.

Kazuki Takahashi and Wesley Snipes at the MAGIC 2019 opening ceremony

On Facebook, MAGIC posted a few photos of Takahashi’s Q&A and live drawing sessions. Here’s a wide shot of the stage and Yugi on the big screen.

Kazuki Takakashi on stage at his panel at MAGIC 2019
Photo by Fabbio Galatioto for Shibuya Productions

In addition to the menu doodle and his live drawing session, Takahashi drew at least one more time while he was in Monaco. Biscay tweeted this small picture of Yugi signed by Takahashi. The text says “To Cédric-san!”

Kazuki Takahashi's drawing of Yugi for Cédric Biscay at MAGIC 2019
Photo by @CedricBiscay

Based on the date on the drawing and the presence of booze in the background, I’m guessing this photo was taken at the MAGIC after-party. And the fact that Biscay tweeted this at 1 a.m. the day after MAGIC, haha.

Last Thursday, Shibuya Productions uploaded a video highlighting the awesomeness that was MAGIC 2019. How many times can you spot Takahashi in the video? (He’s in more than ten shots!)

Here he is speaking with MAGIC’s TV presenter, Shellee Nicols.

Kazuki Takahashi talking with MAGIC 2019 TV presenter Shellee Nicols
From video by Shibuya Productions

And here’s Takahashi posing with some DC Comics statues at the MAGIC after-party held at the La Rascasse bar and nightclub.

Kazuki Takahashi posing with some DC Comics statues at the MAGIC 2019 after-party
From video by Shibuya Productions

I hope you had fun in Monaco, Mr. Takahashi!

* * *

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If you enjoyed reading about Kazuki Takahashi’s appearance at MAGIC 2019, please check out my coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2015, which includes a narrative of Takahashi’s hour-long panel about his career and the unveiling of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.


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  1. Check out the Facebook album of Tanatach Chokcharoensup — the winner of MAGIC 2019’s manga contest — for more cool photos, including ones of Takahashi posing with some Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers!

  2. Thank you for the roundup of photos! So cool that you were able to attend this event.

  3. Thanks for reading and for the comments!

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