[YGO: TAS] Episode 82 – Bullseye

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Yami and Yugi facing each other as the sun sets in YGOTAS episode 82

Congratulations to LittleKuriboh, who completed Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Season 4 today with the release of episode 82, “Bullseye“! After unlocking Dartz’s second health bar, Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba take on the Atlantean king one last time in the coolest beam battle anime has ever seen. All they have to do is think positively and they will defeat the Great Leviathan…

YGOTAS episode 82 is the first episode that LK has edited himself since last season. He was happy to “get my fingerprints all over the ep,” he said.

There’s a notable amount of Puzzleshipping in this episode, what with Yugi’s extended hands-on-Yami moment and the pair’s heartfelt dialogue. What does LK think about Puzzleshipping?

I don’t ship it generally, but oddly enough when it came to writing the dialogue the characters seemed to want to go in this direction and it seemed an appropriate choice given the content of the season,” LK explained. He also chose Marillion’s Lavender as the ending theme for this episode because it’s his Puzzleshipping anthem.

Next up — YGOTAS Season 5 begins in 2019! But first, LittleKuriboh will be launching a new Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack opening series tomorrow, similar to his Desert Island Decks series from last year.


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  1. Thanks a lot for this update post! Really appreciate how you’ve added the extra details and updates from LittleKuriboh as well! I would have missed them otherwise.

  2. Thanks for reading. I really like all of the bits of trivia about the episodes and production that LK talks about.

  3. Negative Legend is making a video on Yugioh series. Have you watched it yet?

  4. Yeah, I’ve seen it. I don’t like it because it contains too much misinformation and unsourced claims. Plus, I don’t like how he uses that photo of Takahashi from SDCC that Takahashi specifically requested that SDCC remove (which it did eventually — it’s the same photo that I had linked to) and how he shows images of manga scanlations instead of the licensed version.

    In general, I’m not interested in these “anime/manga facts”-types of videos. I find that they are often full of hearsay and false information and lack citations for their “facts.” LittleKuriboh recently provided the narration for someone else’s video that unfortunately also has these flaws.

  5. So I’m guessing you don’t like it. LOL

    But is the creator not allowing money prize thing true or also false? You could make a huge video on it just in case. I mean yonkouproductions has done pretty well research stuff and I hear he gets sources from the inside. So he’s not just some one-time guy.

    I think you and him could make a collab video together. Just some advise.

  6. YonkouProductions does not get “sources from the inside.” He is a manga pirate who leaks magazine contents ahead of their street date. He used post on Tumblr but was shut down, presumably by publishers’ complaints. I love manga and can’t work with him in good conscience because I would be advocating what he does.

    As for Takahashi not allowing money as a prize, that’s something that I have heard people say for years, but I have never seen anyone provide an actual source for where he said that. It might be true. It might not. Who knows. I’d love to get a real answer either way.

  7. I wish you could interview him someday. But with how he does his life behind the scenes and you posted a link of him not liking people taking a pic of him online. How long will it take you to get someone like him on this blog? It’s like me meeting Oda. I mean the creator of SpongeBob just died recently and I fear many famous people keep dropping like a hat lately. You have been around for 18 years. Longer than any Yugioh fan has ever done doing Yugioh related things. I pray none of the people I like just die like wildfires. But it’s like karma can go one way and out comes another. It sucks. But what can we do?

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