Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 37: ‘The Cause of Everything!!’

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Eve destroying Mystic Hell Gate and Mystic Heaven Gate in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 37

With no monsters left on her field, Eve faces a head-on attack from Yuya’s powered-up Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon with enough strength to wipe out her life points. She looks at her hand, where one of her two remaining cards seemingly calls out to her.

Use me…”

She knows that if she taps into its power, she will suffer irreparable physical harm to her body, just has she has all of these years she has traversed time and space. Eve recalls Isaac’s words after he lost to Reiji Akaba — that she must find Adam and find love. With renewed vigor, Eve picks up the card.

“In my hand at this very moment, G.O.D. is on the verge of awakening!” she proclaims to Yuya.

Eve uses the Pendulum effect of Mystic Hell Gate to destroy her two Pendulum zone cards. Yuya and Yuzu wince as a colossal whirlwind engulfs the field and crumbles her Gates, making room for the behemoth that is Genesis Omega Dragon. Yuya grabs his chest and cringes as he comes face to face with the beast that took everything from his life.

Yuya looks up to see that Eve has merged with G.O.D., her small head and torso jutting out of the top of its head. The discolored scar that previously tarnished only half her face has now spread over her entire body.

“You four souls have crossed time and space,” G.O.D. bellows, addressing Yuya and his brothers. “Now serve as my strength! I am the being that grants happiness to all in this universe! And I lead all to despair!”

G.O.D. further reveals its objective — to grant everyone the time that they wish for. And in this time, these people will all destroy themselves and their worlds.

Yuya looks G.O.D. in the eye as it speaks and again clutches his chest, apparently in pain. But this time, he sees a vision: G.O.D. in a black universe surrounded by lifeless planets and stars. Ren, lying on the ground after his Duel Runner accident, slowly coming to. And Sora Shiunin embracing his dying, unconscious sister. It is the power of the Adam Factor that shows him these images.

Yuya and his brothers attempt to find meaning in G.O.D.’s actions. Why would people who are given what they desire end up destroying themselves? Perhaps because they each find satisfaction in their own bubble, giving them no reason to progress in society. And without progress, civilization ends.

Yugo questions why Ren and Sora were victimized by G.O.D., while Yuya wonders if their lives would have turned out differently without G.O.D. interfering. Maybe they wouldn’t have abandoned hope after all. Maybe they would have persisted and lived great lives. But G.O.D. feared that hope, says Yuya.

Yuya’s words anger G.O.D. It promises to defeat Yuya and take back the power that Adam stole from it when it entered this world.


After reading last month’s chapter, I wasn’t sure if G.O.D. was the card Eve had in her hand. If it wasn’t, or if it was only a stepping stone to getting G.O.D. into play, I could see this story continuing on for much longer. But now, we really do see Eve play G.O.D. So this is it then — this is the big reveal. The story has reached its climax.

As absurdly powerful as G.O.D. already is — if an enemy tries to attack or effect it in any way, it ends their turn — I can’t help but feel like there is even more to it. After all, look at its design.

Front view of Genesis Omega Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 37

G.O.D. is tightly restrained by chains, leaving it hunched over, unable to let loose its full might. It reminds me of the anime version of Exodia, who, when summoned by Shimon, was also initially bound by chains that constrained its power.

In spite of the “god” moniker, G.O.D. seems to be a far more devilish being, tempting people when they are weak and promising to give them what they want, only to unleash suffering upon them in the end. There is also a question of the origin of G.O.D. When it is summoned, it is shown in front of a gate or portal, one that is all too similar to the man-made gate Adam sees in chapter 32. So does this imply that G.O.D. is a human creation? That humans, ever in the pursuit of success and the betterment of their world, created a monstrosity that could end their own existence? This is hitting a little too close to home…

Check out these good boys being all brave and protective when Eve was about to summon G.O.D.

Yuto shielding Yuzu and Yugo and Yuri protecting Yuya in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 37

So cute.

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 37: “The Cause of Everything!!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 39 (August 27, 2018). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, comiXology, and Google Play Books.

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  1. I wished the 4 manga dragons there would have had a connection with G.O.D. …
    Kind of feeling iffy on Eve apparently merged with G.O.D., something doesn’t feel right. Like its not needed.

  2. Interesting point about Eve. You got me thinking about why she is in this situation. My prediction is that Eve is set up to be a redeemable character. She is originally driven to act by love and her intentions (from her perspective) are righteous. But now that her actions have unleashed an evil entity that has merged with her, she becomes a character that could be given an opportunity to stop this evil from within G.O.D. itself. She will have some kind of revelation or spiritual/psychological awakening driven by an external force, perhaps caused by Yuya or Adam. And this will somehow lead her to stop G.O.D. from succeeding. That’s my take on it so far.

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