Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 29: ‘Memory Duel!!’

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Sora Shiunin goofing around with his younger sister Miu in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 29

Yuya Sakaki, Reiji Akaba, and their friends enter Eve’s hideout. Its towering front door slams shut behind them, sealing out the glacial Antarctic winds. Inside, the gang finds itself in a cavernous, cathedralesque room with a dome. Everyone marvels at the space’s futuristic trimmings. With no clues as to where Eve and her companions might be, they agree to split up and search.

Yuya and Yuzu traipse through the halls of the base. Yuzu wonders if their enemies from the future might know about her own future, like who she marries. Yuya chuckles.

The pair discover a room with what appears to be a swimming pool with buoy in its center. Yuya decides to step into the water, which barely even reaches his knees. But after taking another step, Yuya suddenly sinks!

“I can’t swim!” he cries out in the water, squeezing his eyes shut and flailing his arms.

Yuzu dives in after him when they discover the strangeness of the situation — they can both speak and breathe normally in this water. All around them are long, thick columns that look like plant roots, extending up to the surface of the pool and attaching themselves to the buoy. Numerous softball-sized orbs are stuck along the length of each root.

Without warning, another person dives into the pool and appears beside Yuya and Yuzu. It’s Sora Shiunin. There is a moment of uncomfortable silence. Shiunin looks different from the first time they met, thinks Yuzu.

Yuya asks Shiunin why he joined Eve’s group. Shiunin guffaws, revealing that he has always been with her. Like Isaac, he has lived his life over and over again using the power of G.O.D.

“If you have power inside you, G.O.D. will awaken your true power,” Shiunin says. “Then, I can live again in a world that G.O.D. creates.”

Shiunin challenges Yuya to a duel, stating that Eve will only show herself if Yuya defeats him. Yuya agrees. Action Cards materialize all around them in the water. The duelists begin by pursuing the cards, but maneuvering in the water is difficult. They each summon monsters to try to one-up the other’s movements.

Yuya asks what the orbs are that all around them. Shiunin throws one at Yuya, which pops against his head. Yuya suddenly finds himself standing in the middle of a road, a truck hurtling toward him honking its horn. He gasps.

Yuya snaps out of it. It was a vision, and the spheres contain the memories from people who cling to G.O.D.’s power, says Shiunin. They were created by Eve and Isaac and act as sensors for G.O.D., who uses memories to select the group’s companions. Shiunin throws another orb at Yuya.

This time, Yuya finds himself in a hospital room, a young girl sitting on a bed in front of him. It’s the same girl in the photo that Shiunin showed him during their previous duel — Sora Shiunin’s younger sister, Miu. She’s playing with her brother and perusing the pages of a travel magazine, wishing that she could see all of the world’s magnificent sites with him. But she can’t. She’s incurably ill and won’t live much longer.

Back in the pool, Shiunin divulges his reason for working for G.O.D. — to have the opportunity to spend time with Miu over and over again. But even though he is able to relive his life, there is still no cure for her disease. Not unless G.O.D. gets back its “true power,” allowing for the creation of a world that each person desires…


Ah, what a wonderful feeling waking up on Christmas Day and finding a new chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V already here, waiting to be read.

Those spheres and roots in the pool look familiar, don’t they? They’re just like the ones in the recesses of Yuya’s mind. The same ones that Yuya’s counterparts are always destroying so that Yuya doesn’t remember his past. Suddenly, Yuya and Sora Shiunin seem much alike; they share something in common. What painful, suppressed memories lie in the depth of Yuya’s mind?

Before his first duel against Yuya, Shiunin seemed like a cute, happy boy. But during that duel, he revealed himself to be a little bit…unhinged. Now we start to see why he’s like that. What must it be like to relive your life over and over again, but unable to change a horrible, inevitable outcome? I think that most people, if given the opportunity to go back to their past and redo the actions of their life, would jump at the chance. But what if it’s a meaningless quest? What if, no matter what you do, you really can’t change the past? Would you still go back and try? Shiunin chooses to do so — not just once, but over and over again — and he suffers tremendously for it.

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 29: “Memory Duel!!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 04-05 (December 25, 2017). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, comiXology, and Google Play Books.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 30: “The World That Sora Wants!”

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– Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Volume 1, Volume 2

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