Crossing The GODS: Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actors Launch Original Illustrated Audio Drama

October 28, 2017 at 7:00 am | Posted in Other Stuff | 2 Comments

Crossing The G.O.D.S. logo from the teaser

If you’ve ever wanted to hear more of Dan Green (the voice of Yugi), Eric Stuart (the voice of Kaiba), and the many other Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actors that you remember from yesteryear, get ready because they’re coming back together for something new! At MCM London Comic Con yesterday, Dan and Eric announced that they are producing a new project — an original illustrated audio drama debuting in early 2018. Titled Crossing The G.O.D.S., the story will be an episodic web series starring Dan, Eric, and several more familiar actors from their circle of friends. It will be structured like an audio comic strip — panel-driven as if the viewer is reading a comic book, but with voice acting, music, and sound effects.

Crossing The G.O.D.S. is produced by Audramada Productions, a new company helmed by Dan, Eric, and Anthony Haden Salerno (the voice of Chazz Princeton). Dan is writing, directing, and illustrating the piece; Eric is working the audio post-production; and Anthony is composing the music and editing the video.

Check out a teaser on Audramada Productions’ website and follow the project on Facebook!

The announced cast of characters:

Crossing The G.O.D.S. cast of characters


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  1. I do recall seeing Eric asking if fans they were interested in having their favorite childhood voice actors working together again. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. However, now I’m excited to learn more about Crossing the G.O.D.S. Can’t wait to hear more! πŸ˜„

  2. It’ll be awesome hearing all these guys together again in the same project after so many years. Plus, since this is their own creation, they can do it how they want to do it. No need to worry about making some higher-ups happy or marketing to a specific demographic. I’m excited!

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