Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 23: ‘The Trick Revealed!’

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Yuya's Duel Runner with a Booster Unit in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 23

Ren removes his mask and throws it to the ground, shattering it. Yuya gasps upon the sight of a familiar face and haircut. It’s Yugo?! No. Ren reveals himself to be a descendant of Yugo, the duelist whom he idolized when he was younger.

“I do not understand the mind of God,” tells Ren, “But I struck a deal with God and received recompense. In return, I must serve God. That is the fate God gave to me.”

With that, Ren continues his assault on Yuya and vows to complete his “mission.” He uses his spell cards to continually return monsters from his graveyard back to his hand and to strengthen his White Aura Biphamet. It attacks, whittling down Yuya’s life points. Yuya knows that to even stand a chance against Ren, he will need to solve the mystery of Biphamet’s two heads and its ability to seemingly resurrect itself without end. But Yuya can’t overtake Ren and his technologically superior Duel Runner…at least not without some help.

Yuya draws the card Booster Unit. He thinks back to the time when he was preparing for this duel with Yugo. Yuya chose the particle accelerator as the stage because it allows him to pull off a magic trick, he tells Yugo. He had tweaked the particle accelerator so that it shoots Solid Vision mass particles. He can then use his creation — the Booster Unit Solid Vision item — to catch the particles and accelerate.

Back at the duel, Yuzu watches on anxiously from the control room when Yuya suddenly radios in.

“Push the button!!” Yuya says. Yuzu slams a comically large button taped to the center of the control panel in front of her.

Behind Yuya, a Solid Vision beam fires and whizzes toward the duelists. Yuya activates his Booster, catching the beam, and rockets up and over Biphamet. For the first time, Yuya is ahead of Ren, blocking Ren from snagging the Action Cards ahead of him. No longer does Ren have the advantage.

Yuya fills in his open Pendulum zone with Performapal Pendulum Conductor, then Pendulum summons Clearwing Fast Dragon and Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon. Yuya uses Clearwing’s effect to drop Biphamet’s attack to zero and prepares to attack. But Ren is unconcerned, proclaiming that his spell makes him immune to damage as long as he has another White monster on the field. This is exactly the information Yuya was hoping for.

White Aura Biphamet’s two heads are actually two separate monsters. As long as one head lives, it can revive the other. Yuya activates Pendulum Conductor’s effect, allowing his monsters to attack both heads simultaneously. Ren is finished for sure this time!


So Ren is Yugo’s descendant after all. As expected. This only leads to more questions of who Yugo actually is, and what type of duelist he grows up to become.

And what is Ren’s mission? Why has he been selected by G.O.D. to be reborn again, only to owe G.O.D. a favor for his additional lives? Ren seems like an ordinary person who died before fulfilling his dreams, just like countless other people throughout history. What makes him special? The answer probably lies with Yugo.

Yuya and Ren’s duel plays out kind of anticlimactically. Yet again, we see a duel introduce elements that are impossible in the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! card game — not once, but twice. Ren’s two-monsters-in-one scenario doesn’t exist in the game, and neither does Yuya’s simultaneous attack strategy. The story doesn’t need these fantastical elements; the already very complex game can play out in other ways. Ren’s previous Reincarnation Synchro strategy with White Aura Whale seems more threatening than this one because that is at least plausible, and is rightfully overpowered to demonstrate Ren’s strength and importance.

But at least this duel introduces something very worthwhile: a new Kuriboh card, Kuriborder!

Kuriborder in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 23

So cuuute!

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 23: “The Trick Revealed!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 30 (June 26, 2017). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, comiXology, and Google Play Books.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Volume 1

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