4K Media Wants to Know: What Do You Think of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS So Far?

May 25, 2017 at 6:00 am | Posted in English dubbed, Konami, VRAINS, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 20 Comments

Two shots of Yusaku Fujiki's alter ego Playmaker in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

4K Media’s long-time music producer and editor Mike Brady announced on Twitter that he is heading into the VRAINS! Brady will be watching Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS for the very first time today and he wants to hear from anyone who has seen this new series before he begins working on it.

What do you think of this anime so far? What kind of character is Yusaku? How do these early episodes compare to those of the previous series? What style of music do you think would fit the setting and characters of this story? If you’ve already seen this new anime, let @bacondevil know your thoughts. Maybe your comments will end up being incorporated into 4K Media’s English production down the line. Who knows!


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  1. I think its alright, thought with the new rules for the game, I don’t like the all Extra Deck Rules for a Extra Monstet zone, it be better to let “Fusion” “Synchro” and “XYZ” monster all be summon to normal monster zones but you can only Summon one of each per turn, “Card effects” not counted like Rank up magics or a card that let you auto Synchro on your opponent’s turn. “maybe” but still the show is fine, I just don’t like the all Extra Monster zone rules that all

  2. Did I miss something? Is there a place to watch the anime (legally) in the United States?

  3. @Runnhurd That’s great ‘n all, but tell @bacondevil, not me. XD

    @D Dubbs Not yet. Hopefully, with any luck, there will be a way soon.

  4. Hmm, not really sure why they’re still doing music replacement in this day and age, especially considering the VRAINS OST is so perfectly fitting, but if he is going to do a dub replacement score I just pray the new music doesn’t sound like random background audio over a critical moment.

  5. It’s because of money. 4K Media earns royalties when its own music gets played — not just in the U.S., but all over the world. This business strategy makes sense since the company is in the licensing business and sells its products worldwide. Consider the alternative. If 4K Media didn’t replace the music, then the Japanese composers would get paid, which is great for them. But 4K Media would not get paid and would still have to deal with all of the complexities that come with music licensing and royalties for the Japanese side. In other words, the company would be spending resources doing something that doesn’t make it any money.
    That’s the gist of it. This music replacement issue gets asked a lot. Maybe I should write an in-depth post about it some day.

  6. I agree with Shin. I don’t like music replacement in modern anime dubbing either, though it did work a bit back in the 90s to early mid 2000s, but ravegrl does have a point about royalties. It’s sad and depressing though. And ravegrl, you really should write an in depth post about the music replacement. It sounds like a pretty good idea.

  7. It’s good honestly, it seems like they are taking the plot of this show to a more serious adult and teenager theme which is good. I mean the others have taken a dark turn later on, but this is one going at it from the start with a very unique personality yugioh character as he seems to be painfully honest type even if you don’t wanna hear the bad side of the truth and the fact that he has a reputation already for being a bad ass and standing up to those knight guys is cool and i like how they are taking time in each episode instead of having a duel on every single of them and worrying just about that. I honestly hope it continues like this, and i hope when 4kids dubs it, that they keep it the same as more mature Adults and teens watch yugioh than little kids these days, plus the kids that do watch it are already mature if they can understand of the complex rules of the game and search online to watch this show as that’s basically the only way you can watch it in the first place now , basically i hope they don’t censor it. XD I honestly hope though that this time the main character doesn’t get a tease girl relationship as all the past yugioh characters and it’s so frustrating when they do nothing about it in the end like what was even the whole point of that then?

  8. Good insights! But please tell @bacondevil. X)

  9. It’s pretty good looking forward to it getting dubbed after you finish with arc V

  10. Reading some of his recent Tweets, it sounds like bacondevil got fired …

  11. Yeah, I noticed this as well. Like, he still lists it on his Resume over on LinkedIn, but seems sudden and may not have had a chance to update to reflect. He had talked about depression and anxiety in the past on his account, but the tweets have significantly ramped up since the one tweet he posted and removing of information he works at 4K Media/Yu-Gi-Oh! Music Producer…

    Hope he’s alright.

  12. I wonder whether 4K Media also receive royalties for the story and dialogue script if they rewrite enough of it. That would explain all the changes for changes’ sake…

  13. @jonathanprimus @Mendinso Fired?! DDDD: I personally don’t get that impression from his recent tweets. Maybe he just wants a change or doesn’t want people to think his tweets represent the stance of his employer. Kind of like how people say “RTs aren’t endorsements” and “Views are my own” and such, though those disclaimers are actually worthless. I hope he’s okay regardless.
    @dantini Not quite, 4K Media makes money selling the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime to others regardless of the story changes. Music licensing happens to be a completely different game and much more complex than anime licensing alone. Every time music is broadcast, sold on video, streamed, or gets any kind of play, the composers make money. Worldwide. There are many companies and contracts involved that help make this happen. It’s complicated.

  14. @ravegrl The only reason I suspect he’s been fired is he did remove references to 4K Media/Yu-Gi-Oh! on his profile (and deleted one specific tweet on his profile), which I believe were there up until prior to that one particular tweet.

    Regardless if he was or not, he sounds miserable and I do hope he’s alright. : /

  15. Considering the Dictatorship in Venezuela. I can’t blame the guy for going into a deep depression. (I hope he doesn’t commit suicide as outside of Pokémon dub music. He’s is the lesser of two evils.)

    But some people do commit about the dub music not because some of the songs sound childish or too techno for its own good. But also there are parts in anime where there’s supposed to be silent and random happy music would play outta nowhere and ruined a few enjoyments of people watching anime.

    Some people even in the Pokémon community had fights with the voice actors from the Pokémon company themselves and there’s lots of drama over there that I don’t wanna mention here.

    Plus, Doraemon had it’s first dub break for awhile since there are rumors that Disney XD wasn’t paying as much runtime or money to run the show on their channel.

    Resulting in that Hiatus X Hiatus curse that an infamous series has gained online!

    I don’t think it has to do with the money?

    It’s about what type of music that people are concern about!

  16. When I tweeted, he strangely said that Zexal and Arc-V kept the Japanese score!

  17. @King Trump Errr, your comment is really long-winded and confuses me. Are you talking about Yu-Gi-Oh or something else? ^^;

    @simtek34 Are you sure you didn’t misinterpret what he said? The English dub of ZEXAL and ARC-V most definitely do not use the Japanese score.

  18. I think simtek34 was talking about a user named celsoavieira who told him that ZEXAL and ARC-V’s Japanese music was kept when we all know that’s clearly not true.

  19. @ravegrl The guy who writes music for Yugioh! lol

    But I added more to my comment as I don’t want it to just be about one show in particular. Gotta branch out to other places, ya know?

    That and I don’t wanna be that guy who’s generic​ as hell. XD

  20. i like it so much i will give a 99% even better if 4K media don’t cut scene of violence e.g blood, guns and fire. i want to have email address 4k media to have chat

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