[YGO: TAS] Counseling Evil – 2

February 23, 2017 at 9:00 am | Posted in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series | 1 Comment
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Little Kuriboh's Counseling Evil, part 2: One successful activation of Destiny Board later...

LittleKuriboh has uploaded part 2 of his “Counseling Evil” series! In this episode, Byakuya Bakura spends his first day in Dartz’s organization of evil, only to discover that things aren’t quite what he expected them to be. Maybe a change in leadership will help. Certainly those Orichalcos clowns would benefit with Bakura at the helm, right?

During this month’s Patreon stream, LK previewed the first three minutes of the video, which, oddly enough, included some censored audio despite the final cut being fully uncensored. He also revealed what Abridged Ryo thinks about all of the Thiefshipping that’s taking place.

“That’s something I’ve intentionally kind of glossed over a little bit because it’s, uh, I hate to say it but it’s a touchy subject,” LK laughed. “I like to think he’s a willing participant. That’s my feelings about the whole thing, but it’s a strange scenario. It’s unconventional.”

Counseling Evil – 1

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  1. I wish there was more Yugioh news outside of Digimon? lol

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