[YGOFTH 2016] Yu-Gi-Oh! Mugs by GB eye

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Five GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mugs in their boxes unopened

Have you ever wanted to spend more time with Yu-Gi-Oh! while doing everyday things, like having a meal, relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea, or organizing the pens and pencils scattered all over your desk? Today’s Yu-Gi-Oh! for the Holidays (YGOFTH) entry looks at a line of ceramic Yu-Gi-Oh! mugs, which would be perfect for all that and more.

GB eye is a major producer and distributor of posters and licensed merchandise based in the United Kingdom. This past summer, the company began selling Yu-Gi-Oh! mugs in the European, Australian, New Zealand, and South African markets.

GB eye’s mugs are officially licensed products, as shown by the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Licensed Seal stamped on all of the boxes.

Side of a GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug box with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Licensed Seal

Quality truly is king here. GB eye didn’t cut costs by having the mugs made cheaply in a third-world country. Each mug is produced in the United Kingdom and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

But are these really, really licensed mugs? Hmm…

Numerous Licensed Mug labels on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug boxes

…I’m still unsure. I think I need to see more “Licensed Mug” labels on each box before I can be 100 percent certain.

There are five designs available and the print on each mug is top notch; my lousy pictures and Photoshopping skills don’t do them justice. You won’t find crystal clear designs like these on bootleg mugs.

The “Dragons” design depicts a classic clash between Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon on an electric purple background. The Yu-Gi-Oh! logo separates the pair.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragons mug

Red-Eyes Black Dragon on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragons mug

Yu-Gi-Oh! logo on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragons mug

The “Duelists” design features Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey together with their ace monsters in front of a red spiral and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Both sides of the mug have the same design while the Yu-Gi-Oh! logo sits in between them.

Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey with Blue-Eyes, Dark Magician, and Red-Eyes on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists mug

Yu-Gi-Oh! logo on the GB eye Duelists mug

The “Millennium Puzzle” design shows Yugi’s legendary Egyptian item atop a bright green background on one side of the mug and a large Yu-Gi-Oh! logo on the other side.

The Millennium Puzzle over a green background on a GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug

Large Yu-Gi-Oh! logo over a green background on a GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug

One side of the “Yugi” design shows Yami Yugi posing with his Duel Disk in front of a stylized blue Millennium Puzzle. The other side shows Yugi Muto with his Star Chips surrounded by a blue magical circle.

Yami Yugi on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi mug

Yugi Muto on the GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi mug

The “King of Games” design features 4Kids’ classic “King of Games” logo on one side and the “Let’s Duel!” and Yu-Gi-Oh! logos on the other side. Let’s be honest here — I saved the best design for last. Ha, sorry, Yugi! What duelist wouldn’t want to take a nice long arrogant swig out of a King of Games mug while smirking at his opponent or dinner partner?

King of Games design on a GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug

Yu-Gi-Oh! logo and Let's Duel design on a GB eye Yu-Gi-Oh! mug

Each mug weighs 11 oz and holds about 13.5 fl oz (one and two-thirds cups).

Where To Buy

GB eye holds the rights to produce and distribute these mugs in several European nations, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Within these countries, customers can find the mugs in various online and brick-and-mortar stores retailing for around US$10 each. Customers in the United States and elsewhere will need to pay a little more and work a little harder to find a retailer who is willing to ship overseas. Searching the third-party sellers on the Amazon.co.uk Marketplace is probably the easiest route:

(Note: The vendors’ links are provided as a convenience. I do not endorse or recommend any particular vendor.)


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  1. The prints certainly look top-notch — I just wish they’d gone with more updated character art. :/ This is like “Yu-Gi-Oh! clip art” from 15+ years ago.

  2. Yeah, you’re not wrong. Blame NAS for not offering a larger pool of artwork to licensees. But even on Japanese products, I see the the same images showing up on everything (though it seems they have a larger pool of artwork to choose from). The difference is that NAS can have new artwork created anytime it wants for whatever purpose it wants, while 4K Media can’t. Oh well. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten Yu-Gi-Oh! mugs before though, and these are nice quality so I’m pretty happy to have something.

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