Akihabara Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Menu Unveiled

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ADORES’s hit Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe will be opening its doors for a third run in October, but you don’t have to wait until then to check out its new menu items! The AnimePlaza store in Akihabara yesterday posted its upcoming line-up of mouth-watering drinks, main dishes, and desserts. There are plenty of new selections, plus a few small tweaks to a lot of the returning favorites.

And look who got all fancy new courses this round: Kaiba did! Very fitting, since his birthday is coming up next month — the 25th of October to be exact.

Seto Kaiba's grapefruitade drink at the AnimePlaza Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe


  • Kaiba – “Crushing force! Honorable defeat! Great applause!!” – Ginger ale, Blue Hawaii syrup, fresh cream, pink grapefruitade, pineapple, silver dragées.
  • Yami Yugi – “Millennium Puzzle Drink” – Grape soda, Blue Hawaii syrup, mixed berries, chocolate cream, sponge cake, adzuki bean wafer.
  • Jonouchi – “Dark Mega Flare” – Cola, strawberry syrup, blackcurrant sorbet, adzuki bean wafer, silver dragées.
  • Judai – “Gotcha☆ Let’s Duel!” – Strawberry Curaçao, cola, strawberries, apples, fresh cream.
  • Manjome – “Ojamas Have Also Appeared!? Manjome Thunder” – Chocolate syrup, coffee, milk, banana, Pocky.
  • Yusei – “For Now, I’d Like Some Milk…” – Milk.
  • Jack – “Blue-Eyes Mountain with Shortcake” – Coffee (Blue Mountain), shortcake
  • Yuma – “I’m Gonna KattoPink Lady Soda!” – Pink grapeade, strawberryade, soda, fresh cream, pineapple gelatin, sugar, cherry.
  • Kaito – “Kaito’s Hot Cocoa” – Hot cocoa, milk, fresh cream, chocolate sauce
  • Yuya – “Now The Fun Has Really Begun!” – Melon soda, vanilla ice cream, nata de coco, tomato.

Seto Kaiba's oden main dish at the AnimePlaza Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe

Main dishes:

  • Kaiba – “Isono: ‘Mr. Kaiba, this is your meal.’ Seto: ‘…Isono!’ French-Style Oden” – Oden, mustard, parsley, basil.
  • Jonouchi – “Jonouchi Deluxe! Friendship Curry!” – Rice and curry, beef, onions.
  • Anzu – “Anzu’s If You Tell, Then… Burger – Act 2” – Teriyaki hamburger, mayonnaise.
  • Judai – “Salmon Summon! Ms. Tome’s Deluxe Late-Night Rice Ball Snack” – Salmon rice ball, plum rice ball, bonito rice ball, pickled radish.
  • Kiryu – “This Will Have to Satisfy Me! Kyosuke Kiryu Satisfaction Pasta” – Pasta carbonara, meat sauce, seafood mix, Parmesan cheese.
  • Number 39: Utopia – “The Bearer of the White Wings of Hope!” – Japanese rice omelet, white sauce, mint cherry, ketchup.
  • Yuya – “Yuya’s Goggle Salad☆” – Tomatoes, meatball, teriyaki sauce, potato salad, ham, grated cheese, lettuce.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon parfait at the AnimePlaza Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe


  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon – “Burst Stream of Destruction Parfait” – Pineapple gelatin, corn flakes, Ramune ice cream, bananas, strawberries, Blue Hawaii syrup, fresh cream, silver dragées, adzuki bean wafer.
  • Yugi – “Marshmallon’s Sugary Marshmallow Toast” – Toast, marshmallows, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, fresh cream, adzuki bean wafer.
  • Kuriboh – “Kuriboh & Winged Kuriboh’s Mont Blanc” – Chocolate Mont Blanc, regular Mont Blanc, fresh cream.
  • Sora – “I Use ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Pudding’ to Fusion Summon!” – Pudding, marbled ice cream, sponge cake, fresh cream, candy.
  • Shingo – “Sweet Milk Apple-Berry Pie with Melted Honey” – Apple pie, fresh cream, blueberries, honey, caramel sauce, nut topping, mint.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe will run at AnimePlaza Akihabara from October 1 through 30. Be sure to follow the store on Twitter @anipla_akiba for all the latest updates.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Heads to Akihabara in October


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  1. Kaiba’s getting all the love lately!

  2. Yesss!

  3. i want to be there ><
    eat it all

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