Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 13: ‘The Adam Factor!’

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Ren escaping after his duel with Yugo in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 13

Yugo is in a tight spot. His continuous Trap card, Synchro Panic, stops both duelists from Synchro summoning, while Ren’s Field Spell, Synchro Zone, negates all attacks except those from Synchro monsters. With no Synchro monsters of his own on his field and Ren’s formidable White Aura Whale staring him down, Yugo is moments away from being annihilated. But he is unfazed by the pressure.

“I can do this!” Yugo exclaims. “I’ve got a card I evolved with Yuya!!”

Yugo plays the Spell card Pendulum Transfer, which allows him to move his monsters from his field to his Pendulum zones. Yugo plays his Scale 3 Speedroid Passing Rider and Scale 8 Speedroid Domino Butterfly for a Pendulum summon and calls forth… Clearwing Fast Dragon!

Ren is dumbfounded. This cannot be! Clearwing Fast Dragon is a Pendulum monster?! It’s true, Clearwing has both Pendulum and Synchro abilities, says Yugo, and is thus able to overcome the effect of Ren’s Synchro Zone.

Clearwing Fast Dragon uses its special ability to slash White Aura Whale’s attack to zero, then charges head-on into the colossal Whale, shredding its body into pieces and dropping Ren’s life points to zero. Yugo and Ren’s Duel Runners screech to a halt.

“I may have lost, but I also achieved my goal,” Ren tells Yugo. “Listen, can you hear that pulse?”

The fog around them dissipates and the clouds above their heads open up, revealing a whorl of light and colors and the sound of a heartbeat.

“That is proof that Yuya Sakaki has the Adam Factor,” says Ren.

While Yugo is transfixed by the image and the pulse in the sky, Ren opens a portal and speeds away.

Yuto and Yuri appear alongside Yugo to console him after the tough battle. Yuto suddenly sees a network of roots appear beneath their feet. All along the branches of the roots are glowing orbs, each with an image of little Yuya and Yugo from the past. Yuya and Yugo fixing a pocket bike. Yugo stealing food from Yuya. Yuya cheering as Yugo takes first place in a race. The pair are all smiles and laughs.

“Why are these things…” says Yugo as he falls to his hands and knees, his eyes welling up with tears.

“Because you were rampaging around Yuya’s mind,” says Yuri.

“Maybe the stress called up memories?” wonders Yuto.

“Yuya… You mustn’t remember this stuff!” Yugo exclaims, tears now running down his cheeks. “These memories will make you suffer… They’ll only makes you sad.”

Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri looking at Yuya's memories in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 13

Yugo stands up. He orders Clearwing Fast Dragon to demolish the ground and destroy the web of memories.

“It’s better this way,” says Yugo. “Now Yuya won’t remember us.”

Elsewhere on the outskirts of Maiami City sits an excavation site. Reiji Akaba traverses the tunnels of the site and stops at a heavy steel door. He slowly opens the door and enters the unlit room.

Inside, the floor is littered with broken furniture. Overturned bookshelves and tables, torn-up couches, and shatter mirrors are scattered all over the hardwood floors. Akaba picks up a picture frame on the ground; it holds a photo of himself when he was young standing next to his father, a smiling bald man wearing semi-rimless glasses and a white lab coat. This trashed room that he has locked away was once part of their home.

Akaba thinks back to the days when that photo was taken, back when he was a young prodigy sitting in this very room, unenthused with his college classes. One evening, his father invites him out to dinner.

“Reiji… Do you think the blood of the gods is red?” asks his father while peering at his glass of wine.

His father is working to combine Duel Monsters and Solid Vision with a fellow researcher.

“It’s most intriguing,” he continues. “Duel Monsters may open the door to the divine realm. It’s a challenge to the gods, Reiji!”

His father’s words resonate with him to the present day. Akaba enters a lab and approaches a glass display case. Inside is a Pendulum card.


The first part of this chapter was irritating. Yugo suddenly unleashes a deus ex pendulo machina, yet doesn’t offer any explanation about how it works other than to say that it’s thanks to “a card I evolved with Yuya.” This isn’t like Ren’s Reincarnation Synchro strategy, which is incredibly overpowered yet entirely possible within the mechanics of the game. Yugo literally made something up that cannot be rationalized by the rules of Duel Monsters. We are not in Duelist Kingdom anymore. This game has evolved far enough that making stuff up like this in order to advance a story shouldn’t be necessary.

Fortunately, the remaining two parts of this chapter are more pleasing. First, we get a more vivid depiction of Yuya’s memories; they manifest themselves as roots in the ground, spreading their branches all throughout the depths of his mind. Yuya’s counterparts are on a constant mission to stop these roots from spreading. But the memories that Yugo destroys are clearly happy ones. Why would Yuya suffer if he were to remember these?

Then, we see some of Reiji Akaba as a young boy. Reiji’s memories are at first reminiscent of a young Seto Kaiba being pushed to study, but then it’s clear that Reiji’s father is a different type of person — a kind, attractive man concerned about his research. What was his mission and how is Reiji going to carry on his work?

The excavation site in this chapter — is it the same locale first mentioned in chapter 3? Back then, Reiji said he was focusing all of his resources on searching for the cards that will allow him to perform Pendulum summons. So now he finally has what he needs?

Also, the “Adam Factor”? Haha. So there is a woman named Eve, a connection between Duel Monsters and the “divine realm,” a monster named G.O.D., and concerns about the destruction of the earth. What’s next? A character attempting to bring about Third Impact?

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 13: “The Adam Factor!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 38 (August 22, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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