[YGO: TAS] Episode 70: A Convenient Truth, Mai VS Mai

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A Convenient Truth -- YGOTAS episode 70

Hooray! It’s a new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged! How very convenient; I love season 4. Check out episode 70, “A Convenient Truth,” on YouTube and TFS. Yugi and the gang are now one step closer to discovering the origin of the monster attacks around the world. Hopefully, all of the pieces of this mystery will fall effortlessly into place for them. It would be awful if something bad were to happen to complicate things — like someone losing his soul over this mess!

This episode features a new voice for Rebecca performed by Erika Harlacher (Kurapika in the 2011 Hunter x Hunter, Elizabeth Liones in Seven Deadly Sins). Erika replaces ColonelCheru, who played Rebecca in episode 65. LittleKuriboh loved ColonelCheru for the role and was very sad to recast her, he said on Facebook, though he didn’t offer a reason behind it.

Mai VS Mai

Last week, LK released “Mai VS Mai,” an exceptionally serious and in-depth critical analysis of the Mai Valentine from the beginning of his series and the current Mai Valentine. This video was made possible by his Patreon pledgers, who voted on this topic for LK to explore.

LK recorded this video’s dialogue during his July Patreon live stream and offered his viewers some insight into its writing and production. Mai is LK’s least favorite character to play because of his inability to voice a woman, he said. And he didn’t want to have the old Mai appear in the video alone, or even just talking to the new Mai, because he thought this wouldn’t be funny and would devolve into a bunch of accusations of the old Mai being a sexist joke. While it is important to highlight the breasts joke in discussing Mai’s evolution, it’s also important not to shove that down people’s throats or make people feel bad about themselves, LK explained.

During the live stream, LK noticed that the title of the video, “Mai VS Mai,” sounds like a play on “Spy vs. Spy,” but this was completely unintentional. But if anyone asks, yes, he meant to do that!

Convention Updates: Meta Con

LittleKuriboh has added one new stop to his anime convention schedule! He will be guesting at Meta Con in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from September 2 through 5 alongside other voice actors like Greg Ayres and John Swasey. LK last attended this event in 2012.

YGOTAS Turns 10

You may have noticed that Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series turned 10 years old last month on July 14, but the date came and went without any fanfare from LittleKuriboh. This was intentional, explained LK in one of his We’re Still Here vlogs. LK had been tremendously dreading the occasion and felt like he had disappointed his viewers. I’m sure many of his friends and fans would quickly disagree with that though.

“I will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of YGOTAS some time later this year,” he tweeted three weeks later. “I’m sorry I wasn’t feeling it for the actual anniversary.”

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