Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 12: ‘High-Speed Strategy!’

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Yugo and Ren on their Duel Runners in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 12

Yuya Sakaki lies on his sofa, asleep but writhing as if he is in pain. Beads of sweat drip down his face while Yuzu looks on worryingly.

“Yugo… Yugo…” mumbles Yuya.

Deep in the recesses of Yuya’s mind, Yugo is struggling hard in a Turbo Duel. He has summoned his ace monster, Clearwing Fast Dragon, and pushed forward to try to overtake his mysterious masked opponent Ren. But Ren faster. And maybe even stronger. Yugo, with fire in his eyes, pushes his Duel Runner to its limit, but his speed proves to be undoing. He loses control on the tortuous highway that is Yuya’s mind and tumbles off a cliff.

All of a sudden, the ground far below Yugo begins to tremble and a roadway rises out of the earth. Yugo and his Duel Runner land safely on the pavement. He steadies himself, surges forward, and hops his bike back onto the highway he was previously driving on. Ren, slightly taken aback by what he has just seen, wonders if Yuya’s consciousness had sensed that Yugo was in danger.

Yugo is back in action. He catches up with Ren and makes his move. Clearwing Fast Dragon destroys Ren’s White Aura Dolphin! Ren is full of tricks though. By banishing one of his White monsters from his graveyard, Red is able to revive his Dolphin. He then Synchro summons an even more powerful monster, White Aura Whale.

A gargantuan white sea monster with 12 eyes erupts out of the waters beside the roadway and towers above the duelists in the air.

“That thing’s huge!” exclaims Yugo. Huge doesn’t begin to describe it. Clearwing Fast Dragon might as well be krill for the beast hovering overhead.

When White Aura Whale is destroyed, it can return from the graveyard in the same way that White Aura Dolphin can, Ren explains. “My Synchros remain in continual flux! It’s called Reincarnation Synchro!”

Ren orders his mighty White Aura Whale to attack Yugo’s Clearwing. The Whale descends from the sky, swallows up the Dragon, and completely demolishes the path behind Yugo as its mountainous body slams against roadway and dives back into the water.

And when White Aura Whale destroys a monster, it gets to attack again, laughs Ren.

This is all too much for Yugo. He can’t win against Ren, he thinks as his life points fall. He freezes up, eyes wide open as he fears what is to come. Suddenly, he hears a voice. It’s Yuya.

“C’mon, Yugo!”

The voice brings back images of the past. A packed motor racing arena. A young Yugo, fully decked out in a racing suit, struggles in a pocket bike race. Another young boy stands tall in the crowd and gives a thumbs-up.

“You can do it, Yugo!” It’s Yuya. He smiles as Yugo passes by him on his bike. Yugo smiles back.

The vision reawakens Yugo’s drive to win.

Young Yuya cheering on young Yugo in a pocket bike race in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 12

“I made up my mind to always protect you!” he proclaims.

As Ren orders White Aura Whale to move in for its second attack, Yugo activates the continuous trap Synchro Panic. It returns his Clearwing’s Synchro materials, Passing Rider and Domino Butterfly, back to his field, and prevents them from being destroyed this turn. But the trap comes at a price; neither duelist can Synchro summon for three turns. Yugo shuts down Ren’s Reincarnation Synchro strategy, but also stops himself from bringing back his own ace.

Yugo is safe for now, but with his life points low, he needs to find a way out of this juncture. He realizes that Ren hasn’t been able to pull too much farther ahead. Has Yugo spotted Ren’s weakness? As the duelists approach a right turn, Yugo jets forward to the right of Ren and prepares to pass him.

Ren sees now that Yugo has figured out his riding technique. He once crashed while making a right turn so he tends to leave an opening to his right. He leans in to block Yugo, but is suddenly blinded by a cloud of fog. Yugo pulls ahead.

The duelists are now entering the depths of Yuya’s heart, says Yugo. And it’s a course that he’s ridden hundreds of times.


Whereas last chapter dealt elegantly with essence of Turbo Duels — the physics, mechanics, and the focus needed — this chapter reminds us how important a powerful duel strategy is. Ren’s terribly effective technique is given a name: Reincarnation Synchro. And what a dangerous technique this is. When his White monsters are destroyed, not only can they be revived, but they also return as Tuners. As long as he can pay the costs by banishing a monster, he has nearly endless opportunities to Synchro summon. This impressive strategy doesn’t exist in the real-life card game… yet.

But hey, let’s talk about what’s really important here. Little Yugo riding a pocket bike. And happy little Yuya giving him a thumbs up. Hnnnggg. So much cute. That flashback only appears for one page, but it reveals something important. Yugo has memories of himself outside of Yuya’s body. The two really are separate characters, which means that at some point in their past, something happened that united their personalities into one body. And if this is true for Yugo, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that it’s also true for Yuto and Yuri. This assumes, of course, that these memories are even real. And knowing how messed up Yuya’s memories are, who knows what’s true or not at this point in the story.

Hey, the recap of the previous chapter calls Ren “an agent for Reiji Akaba.” Wha? Is he really? Where was this previously stated? But now that this is mentioned, his hair does actually look kind of like Reiji’s, doesn’t it? Hmm…

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 12: “High-Speed Strategy” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 34 (July 25, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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