Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 11: ‘Turbo Duel!’

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Ren and Yugo making a tight turn on their Duel Runners in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 11

Deep in the mind of Yuya Sakaki winds a dilapidated roadway, towering high above the ground. The desolate landscape is littered with wind turbines jutting out of the ground like weeds. A monstrous full moon illuminates the cold night sky. In the distance, the sound of a Duel Runner can be heard racing forward. It zooms by in a flash, but another one is right on its tail. Yugo flashes his lights at the Duel Runner ahead of him.

“Who’re you?!” Yugo exclaims. “Don’t break into Yuya’s memory without asking!!”

The driver of the other motorcycle turns his head to look at Yugo. Unbeknownst to Yugo, it’s the same masked man who pulled Sora Shiunin out of Yuya’s duel earlier. The man has been expecting Yugo, for it is fate that has brought them together, he says.

“I know a lot of things,” says the man. “Like how Yuya’s father, Yusho Sakaki, and Reiji Akaba’s father, Reo Akaba, triggered the World Illusion…”

Yugo is stunned by the revelation. Who on earth is this man?

He introduces himself as Ren and challenges Yugo to a Turbo Duel. Yugo accepts and promises to destroy him and get some answers.

Yugo hurtles forward and takes the early lead. He begins playing his cards but peers back and realizes that Ren still has not moved from his starting position.

Ren sits calmly on his Duel Runner and dons a pair of white riding gloves. He covers up a large, dark-colored scar on his right hand and forearm. He is not intimidated by Yugo, a former city champ. As a duelist who rose to the top of the Continental Circus, Ren is confident that his experience is more than enough to defeat Yugo, so much so that Ren isn’t even riding his best Duel Runner.

At last Ren rockets forward. Using the special abilities of his serpentine White Moray monsters and his White Spell cards, he is able to summon three monsters to his field, quickly outnumbering Yugo’s one and frustrating his opponent. But they don’t remain on the field for long. Ren tunes them to Synchro Summon White Aura Dolphin, an eerie multi-eyed beast.

“He’s a Synchro user like me?!” says Yugo.

Yugo grows increasing flustered as Ren now launches an attack against his monster. He looks to protect himself from the onslaught, but all of this action is distracting him. Ren knows it and seizes the moment to catch up and overtake Yugo.

Yugo refusing to be overtaken in his Turbo Duel against Ren in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 11

Yugo, his eyes now burning with anger, Synchro Summons his ace, Clearwing Fast Dragon. He won’t ever lose a Turbo Duel, he exclaims. Never! He boosts the attack of his monster, then surges forward, preparing to overtake Ren.

Yugo’s rage is clouding his judgment, however. In his voracious attempt to regain the lead, he once again takes his attention off the road. Yugo, now only a few feet away from catching Ren, accelerates and leans in to make a tight turn. But he’s going too fast. Much too fast.

“Yugo!” Ren cries out.

It’s too late. Yugo’s tires slip out and he and his Duel Runner skid off the edge of a cliff…


This duel… is very, very good. I don’t really focus on the mechanics and cards of the duel (I never do — they’re not why I like Yu-Gi-Oh!) but I feel compelled to emphasize how different and exciting this duel is. The way Ren analyzes a duelist’s actions and vehicle highlights a level of realness to the Turbo Duel that’s sometimes overlooked. Motorcycle physics. The need for intense concentration. Speed. Injuries. All are important elements at play here. Forget about the autopilot seen in the anime; real driving skills are needed to Turbo Duel in this world.

Speaking of which, can you really get injured or die while dueling in someone’s mind? Does Sense exist here? Perhaps it’s the whole “your mind makes it real” effect at play a la The Matrix, or the fear of being stuck in some kind of limbo like in Inception. I’m reminded of the very first time in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe when someone traverses the dangers within another person’s soul — chapter 14 of Yu-Gi-Oh!, where Shadi visits Yami Yugi’s soul.

On a more humorous note, why are there Action Cards in Yuya’s mind? And duelists pick them up by crashing into them like in Mario Kart? Haha, that’s great!

There’s lots of new information in this chapter. And once again, not a lot of answers. Yugo is stunned when Ren reveals that he knows about this so-called World Illusion. What’s not clear is if Yugo already knows the cause behind this event, or if he is hearing about them from Ren for the first time.

Are Ren and Yugo supposed to be enemies? The way Ren calls out Yugo’s name when he skids out of control and tumbles off the cliff makes it seem like Ren actually cares about Yugo’s well-being.

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 11: “Turbo Duel” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 30 (June 27, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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