New Brazilian Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs to Include Japanese Version

May 5, 2016 at 5:30 am | Posted in Duel Monsters, Japanese, Konami, Portuguese, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 14 Comments

Yugi preparing to play a card against Kaiba in episode 1
Sua vez! É hora do duelo!

Thought the original Japanese version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters would never get a home video release in the West? Get ready to be surprised. 4K Media (Konami) announced yesterday that Brazil will be getting season 1 and 2 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime on DVD later this year and that the release will include the Brazilian Portuguese dub and the original Japanese version. The series will be distributed by PlayArte Pictures Entretenimento, whose catalog includes anime like Naruto and Saint Seiya as well as mainstream titles like The Walking Dead and Orange is the New Black.

This is not the first time that Yu-Gi-Oh! has seen a DVD release in Brazil. Years ago, the series was distributed by Imagem Filmes, though that release only included the Portuguese dub. The company produced only six volumes, each containing three episodes plus a pack of trading stickers from Panini. (Volume 1 is pictured below.)

Yu-Gi-Oh! O Coração das Cartas DVD from Brazil's Imagem Films
Old Brazilian Yu-Gi-Oh! DVD from Imagem Filmes

Since there are visual differences between the Japanese and 4Kids Entertainment’s productions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, each of PlayArte’s DVDs will need to include two copies of each episode — the original video and the edited video. This doubles the total number of discs necessary for a bilingual release. Will PlayArte be able to handle this challenge while maintaining respectable video quality and a reasonable disc count and price?


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  1. I’m so excited that this happened! Hope it comes to U.S too…! :D :D :D

  2. Yeah! If this does well in Brazil, I hope it opens the door for a bilingual U.S. release. I’m probably going to buy this Brazilian release anyway just to check out how good it looks.

  3. Interesting. Are Brazilian DVDs Region 1? If so, I might import these.

  4. No, Brazilian DVDs are region 4, but most DVD players can be unlocked to play anything. Just Google your DVD player brand and model plus “remove region lock” or something like that.

  5. @Charles Martin
    I think you could just download VLC Media player and play on your computer If I’m not mistaken. VLC Media Player is a region free DVD player. So regardless of what Region your laptop/ desktop is in VLC Media Player should be able to play it.

  6. You’re right that VLC Media Player can play DVDs from any region, but if the DVD drive itself is region locked, then it still won’t work. The good news is that DVD drives can be also unlocked (just search for the brand and model). This might be risky though because removing the region lock involves installing third-party (hacked) firmware. I’m not responsible if anything goes wrong. :P

  7. I wonder if they will just use the original Japanese visuals alone, and have the Brazilian dub over that?

  8. The Brazilian dub is based on the 4Kids version though. To use the Japanese visuals, a new dub is necessary, and I think that’s unlikely because of the huge number of episodes and the high cost of producing a dub. It would be cool if it happened though.

  9. Here’s an unboxing video of this release al.

  10. I bought it too. It’s so amazing to see the Japanese version sold on home video on this side of the planet. I really hope Playarte is successful with this title.

  11. News, ravegrl.
    It seems that, on the quiet, PlayArte launched the second box, with another 12 episodes, following the same scheme of the first one.
    It is already an evolution compared to the DVDs of Imagem Filmes, which only released 18 episodes. PlayArte players already count 24.
    But you want the truth? Never that it will launch the 22 boxes, with all 236 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
    The unboxing can be seen here:
    My opinion is that the Brazilian home video market should invest first in the movies, then think about the OVAs (if they exist), and then think about the TV series.

  12. I think it’s presumptuous to say that PlayArte won’t release the entire series. But if fans really want PlayArte to release the whole thing, they need to buy the releases that are already out. Without that support, PlayArte won’t have any reason to keep going. That’s probably why Imagem Filmes’ release stopped. I think it’s smart for Brazilian anime distributors to invest in movies too. It’s challenging for smaller markets to release TV series on home video if they are very, very long, like Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Long TV series might be better suited for streaming.

  13. First, that is not a presumption based merely on my personal opinion. There are yes comments that sales are not going well, which may justify in parts the delay for the launch of box 3, and box 2 is already on sale since the end of 2016 (so my surprise, since I discovered his existence only this week, which may indicate that just because the company does not do good marketing is disrupting sales).

    What about Image Filmes, exactly! And look at the time (10, 15 years ago) the anime was high among the Brazilian public, and even that did not help. Imagine today, that the franchise is down here (although nostalgia is something favorable)? Only fans do not support a project as ambitious as PlayArte.

    That’s why I am totally in favor of prioritizing the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! on DVD and Blu-Ray, and leave the episodes to Netflix and Crunchyroll even (and not only for Yu-Gi-Oh!, for any other anime, except for Saint Seiya, who is very successful here). Of course, new episodes of anime should have television as a priority (and it has to be channels with good representation, like Rede Globo, which made Yu-Gi-Oh! do very well here), and it’s something that does not happen, because they leave the service for a little channel as PlayTV, which currently reprises the series here in Brazil.

  14. Oh man, your comment about how Imagem Filmes’ DVDs weren’t successful — even though they were released when Yu-Gi-Oh! was at the height of its popularity — is making me sad lol. Well, I trust that PlayArte knew what it was getting into when it decided to start this ambitious project. Now all fans can really do is keep buying PlayArte’s DVDs as they are released and hope that is enough for the company to continue them.

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