Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 9: ‘Fusion vs. Fusion’

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Yuri promising to school the bad boy Sora Shiunin in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 9

Yuya Sakaki is locked in a duel against Sora Shiunin, the third member of Reiji Akaba’s elite forces. Things seem to be swinging Yuya’s way when Shiunin suddenly reveals that Akaba has captured his sick younger sister and that her safety rests on his winning this duel. The kind-hearted Yuya shrinks away from finishing off Shiunin, but one of Yuya’s other personalities — a fiercer, more merciless duelist — isn’t buying it. Yuri takes over Yuya’s body and resumes the duel!

Yuri throws a thorn-covered whip to seize an Action Card floating in the sky, knocking Shiunin to the ground in the process and making an immediate statement as a cutthroat player. He then fuses the pretty-boy Enter-Mate Ballad and Barracuda monsters to summon the not-so-pretty Chimera Rafflesia, a hideous carnivorous plant with a bulging body and the heads of a rafflesia and venus flytrap. Chimera Rafflesia, with its three mouths lined with menacingly sharp teeth, devours Shiunin’s Frightfur Bear.

Sora Shiunin pleads with Yuri to let him win because of his sick little sister, but Yuri won’t have any of it.

I told you I don’t care!” Yuri exclaims. “I can’t forgive anyone who hurts Yuya!”

Yuya thinks Yuri’s actions are far too harsh, but Yuri can see right through Shiunin’s antics… He is a liar.

“Everyone hides darkness inside… Darkness they refuse to reveal,” says Yuri. “A guy who blabs it all over… is just vulgar scum!” Yuri tears up the photo of Shiunin and his little sister. Yuya and Yuzu are stunned and confused.

Sora Shiunin covers his face with his hand, then slowly pulls it away. His expression has changed… to reveal a sinister smile.

“You’re right! I was lying about everything!” he proclaims, his eyes burning with malevolent intent. He bolts off to seize an Action Card in the distance. Yuri starts to chase him, but the ground beneath his feet detonates. As it turns out, Shiunin’s photo was a switch that triggers an explosive when it is torn up.

But Shiunin’s surprises don’t end there. His “real entertainment” is just beginning. He reveals two new cards — Fluffal Fusionist, Pendulum Scale 1, and Fluffal Angel, Pendulum Scale 8 — and Pendulum summons Edge Imp Cotton Eater, a flying sphere-shaped monster with teeth made of deadly blades.

Yuya and Yuri can’t believe what they’ve just seen. Another duelist performing a Pendulum summoning?!

Shun Kurosaki, watching the duel from a control room at LC headquarters, is just as surprised. Already stunned from the revelation that Reiji Akaba didn’t actually kidnap Shiunin’s sister, Kurosaki now wonders why Shiunin is using Pendulum cards. Akaba reveals the his company developed those cards as prototypes to collect even more data about Yuya.

Shiunin isn’t finished yet. He activates his Pendulum cards’ effects and Fusion summons an even stronger, deadlier monster — Frightfur Daredevil, a pitchfork-carrying doll-like imp. Frightfur Daredevil decimates Chimera Rafflesia, then delivers an electric shock directly to Yuri.

Sora Shiunin enjoying the violence in his duel against Yuri in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 9

Yuri drops to 100 life points and collapses to his hands and knees. His face and clothes are sullied from the assault. Something doesn’t feel right. The force of the impact and damage he has received seem unusually high.

“This is a duel laboratory so I tripled Solid Vision’s damage settings,” laughs Shiunin.

Yuya, saddened by Shiunin’s mean-spirited, hurtful style of entertainment dueling, offers to switch with Yuri. Almost immediately, Yuya grimaces and almost keels over from the damage that his body has taken. But Yuri’s determination won’t be in vain. Yuya musters up the strength to stand tall and continue the fight.

“You’re gonna pay for hurting Yuri!”


Wow, I couldn’t have predicted this. Yuri presented himself as a ferocious, ruthless duelist — someone who could easily slaughter the seemingly innocent Sora Shiunin. But it is Sora who turns out to be the darker, crueler of the two, what with his lies, manipulation, and desire to inflict physical and psychological suffering on others. What an awful person. It’s also clear now that Sora’s monsters are a reflection of his personality. They begin with a cute exterior, but their nastiness bursts through their seams when the duel becomes serious. I do wonder about the girl in Sora’s photograph though. If everything that he has said is truly a lie, then who is she? Someone ‘shopped?

This chapter also demonstrates how much Yuya’s personalities care for each other. Even the cutthroat Yuri does what he does all for the well-being of Yuya. It puts his and Yugo’s destruction of Yuya’s memories in chapter 7 in a better light. What appears like a questionable act is all being done for Yuya’s benefit. It seems to go beyond keeping Yuya from being “sad.” Yuya has friends that want to protect him no matter what.

Yuri is quite the likeable character. Behind his fierceness is a protector, and also someone who isn’t afraid to crack jokes about being a hottie during dire situations. I don’t get the impression that Yuzu likes Yuri, but I guess Yuri just has to make more appearances so we get to see the two interact more. ;)

Speaking of being likeable… The hardcore, no-holds-barred Shun blushed! And Shingo chuckled at him! And Reiji took off his glasses! (But he didn’t open his eyes. C’mon, open your eyes! Let’s see if you’re all like 3_3 without your glasses or if you’re a hottie worthy of Yuzu’s attention.) All this on one page?! Haha, there’s been so much cuteness in these chapters recently.

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 9: “Fusion vs. Fusion” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 21-22 (April 25, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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