Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Gets Full-Color Treatment

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A monochrome and full color comparison of Yugi meeting Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh! manga chapter 99

Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga publisher Shueisha announced yesterday that Kazuki Takahashi’s original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series is now available in full color! All 22 volumes of the “bunko” edition manga (“bunkoban” — small-sized paperback edition) have been digitally colored and are being published on numerous e-book platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, and Shueisha’s own Jump+ app. Each full-color digital volume costs 600 yen (about $5.35), which is 100 yen more expensive than each original black-and-white monochrome volume. Alas, they are only available for sale in Japan.

Dragon Ball, another Shueisha manga, has also received the full-color treatment and is being published in English by VIZ Media. If you’ve read that, then you know how stunning these color manga can be. So if you would like to see these get printed in Japan, spread the word! And if they are popular enough, maybe they will eventually get an English release as well. Who knows!

April Fools’ Day 2016

Hahaha, April Fools?! Nah, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Color Edition is real. But you know what looks a little suspicious? Kaiba Corporation buying Shueisha. I’m not sure that’s real. Then again, maybe that’s why these nice books are suddenly getting published. Yes, that must be why.

Oh look, all of the titles on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ home page have been Yu-Gi-Oh! card-ified. Kenshin is a level 9 Earth Fusion monster. JoJo is a rank 4 Water Xyz monster. Yu Yu Hakusho is a Spell card. Haha, I am okay with these. Death Note is a Trap card? Of course it is.

KC looks like a good company to work for. And at the top of the page is a banner advertising an employment test for anyone who is interested in landing a job there.

Banner on Shueisha's Jump Plus website announcing an employment examination for Kaiba Corporation

The company is hiring people to develop, sell, market, and plan the next generation of Duel Disks. To qualify, job candidates need to have basic knowledge of Magic and Wizards (Duel Monsters) and “business level” dueling skills. However, being a top-place finisher in an international tournament and participating in Duelist Kingdom or Battle City is preferred. Flexible work hours, competitive performance-based salaries, compensation of M&W expenses, duel insurance, and paid time off are all included. You will need to relocate to Domino City though.

Sound good? Take the exam. All of the answers are Seto Kaiba (海馬瀬人). But you didn’t hear that from me — I don’t want to get fired from this brand-spanking-new job!

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