Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 8: ‘Sora’s Hospitality!’ + Kazuki Takahashi Interview

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Sora Shiunin and his Candy Park Action Field in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 8

Yuya and Yuzu have left the safe haven of Yuya’s hideout after learning the whereabouts of Genesis Omega Dragon. But it was all just a trick by Sora Shiunin, who is eager to squeeze some answers out of Yuya about his mysterious past and his cryptic hacking and dueling abilities. Now, with Yuya trapped in a locked room, Shiunin has him right where he wants him.

Shiunin snaps his fingers and a bright, prismatic Action Field materializes before their eyes, completely lighting up the dark and empty lab. It’s Candy Park, a world filled with giant succulent sweets of all kinds — massive colorful lollipops jutting out of the ground, chocolate truffles drenched in ganache, decadent flans, fluffy cotton candy…

But the playful field hides some unfriendly booby traps, as Yuya soon learns. Spotting an Action Card in the sky, Yuya hops onto a large balloon floating in front of him, only for it to burst, sending him plummeting to the ground. Shiunin snickers and wastes no time snatching the Action Card for himself then Fusion summoning his first monster, Frightfur Bear. A towering, grotesque stuffed animal emerges behind Shiunin. Its body is mutilated by a pair of scissors sticking out of its severed torso. Each of its severed arms are attached to its body by the blades of a pair of scissors jammed into its shoulder and arm sockets.

Yuya goes on the offensive, setting his Pendulum scale with Enter-Mate Ballad and Enter-Mate Barracuda, a pair of beautiful boy monsters. He then Pendulum summons Handsome Liger, an equally beautiful samurai who wears traditional samurai waist and thigh protectors, but a rockin’ modern overcoat. Frightfur Bear has more attack points than Handsome Liger, but Yuya’s Pendulum monsters use their abilities to weaken the menacing stuffed animal, allowing the samurai to cut it down with his sword.

Sora Shiunin winces as his monster falls, but he is ready to retaliate. He activates Frightfur Reborn, which brings Frightfur Bear back from the graveyard. Free of the ill effects of Enter-Mate Ballad and Barracuda’s attack-weakening abilities, Frightfur Bear now attacks Handsome Liger, launching one of its scissor-stuffed arms at the samurai. Yuya knows that he can bolster Handsome Liger’s attack points with a trap card, but just as he is about to activate it…

A small piece of paper flutters down from the sky. Shiunin gasps nervously as Yuya reaches for it. It’s a photograph of Shiunin and his little sister. She is smiling and sitting upright in a hospital bed. Yuya and Yuzu glance over at Shiunin, who is now trembling, his eyes welling up with tears.

“I… can’t lose this duel…no matter what!” he exclaims. “I have a sick little sister… But Reiji Akaba took her hostage… If I don’t defeat you, he’ll kill my sister!”

Yuya and Yuzu are petrified by Shiunin’s revelation. Tears begin streaming down Shiunin’s face as he begs Yuya to let him win. Yuya relents and doesn’t activate his trap. Frightfur Bear annihilates Handsome Liger and the destructive impact sends Yuya and Yuzu tumbling backward.

In a control room at LC headquarters, Reiji Akaba, Shingo Sawatari, and Shun Kurosaki watch the action unfold. Kurosaki is outraged by Akaba’s actions, vowing to “dispense justice.” He demands LC’s president reveal the truth about what happened to Shiunin’s sister. Akaba sits stoically in his chair with his fingers steepled. He doesn’t respond.

Yuya is on his knees, contemplating what to do next, when he hears a familiar voice mocking him for being weak. But before Yuya can respond, the voice makes his presence felt, literally.

Yuri in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 8

“This looks like a job for me!” the voice proclaims. Suddenly, after a twirl and flourish of Yuya’s cloak, a new figure is standing in front of Shiunin and Yuzu. It’s Yuri, the cape-wearing boy from Yuya’s mind! And this personality isn’t impressed at all with Shiunin or his sister.

Who cares about that?!” he asserts. “You can both die for all I care!”


Sora! A moral dilemma! What an unexpected turn of events. What is Yuya supposed to do? Let Sora win? But if that happens, Yuya’s loss basically gives Reiji an open invitation to capture him. If Yugi were dueling here, he would be skillful enough to end the game in a way that doesn’t hurt either duelist. Maybe he would reduce both players’ life points to zero at the same time so that there wouldn’t be a true winner or loser, and both of them could walk away and duel again another day. Is Yuya that clever? It might not matter at this point because Yuri has taken over, and it’s pretty clear what his intentions are. And although Yuri might be cutthroat, maybe this is because he recognizes something that Yuya doesn’t — like how Sora might actually be lying.

Playboy Yuya returns in this chapter. Thank you for carrying attractive monsters that appeal to both sexes, Yuya, hahaha.

There’s a charming visual gag that appears after Enter-Mate Ballad uses its effect. When Sora’s Frightfur Bear wilts while losing attack points, it goes walleyed, trembles, and releases a sweat drop. Then its scissors momentarily transform from razor-sharp killing machines into blunt-tipped child-safe utensils. Cute.

Hey, Shingo and Shun are so funny together! They should star in their own comedy spin-off series.

Shun seems to have revealed himself to be a good person in this chapter, not just a cold, calculating duelist who plays for keeps. Reiji appears to take special notice of Shun’s words — that Shun will “dispense justice” if Reiji really did take Sora’s sister hostage. Shingo breaks up this serious moment when he realizes that Shun had kidnapped someone as well, haha.

What happened when Yuya attempted to reach the second Action Card and stepped onto the exploding balloon? Did he use his Solid Vision manipulation abilities to teleport back next to Yuzu? Whatever happened, he looked genuinely confused for a moment. Is there something going on with his body or mind that hasn’t been revealed yet?

Interview with Kazuki Takahashi at Jump Festa 2016

Last December, VIZ’s Shonen Jump crew caught up with numerous manga creators at Jump Festa — Shueisha’s annual convention for all things Jump — and asked them each for their thoughts on what Shonen Jump and manga mean to them, the things that they are really excited about this year, and more. Today’s issue contains Team Jump’s interview with Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi. Which of his characters would Takahashi like to hang out with at a New Year’s party? Does he ever dream about his characters? What video game has he been trying to get into? Find out as Team Jump picks his brain in this issue!

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 8: “Sora’s Hospitality!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 16 (March 21, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 9: “Fusion vs. Fusion”

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