Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 7: ‘Genesis Omega Dragon!’

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Sora Shiunin winking in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 7

Along a dark and foggy highway, a Duel Runner seating two hurtles forward. The driver, a boy wearing a white racing suit, seems to be searching for something. His passenger, a boy wearing an overcoat and cape, looks around anxiously. A gleaming shard laying on the road ahead suddenly catches the driver’s eye. He stops his motorcycle in the middle of the empty road, picks up the hand-sized shard, and gazes at thoughtfully at it.

“I guess this fragment is mine,” says Yugo, the driver. His passenger, Yuri, seems concerned about Yugo’s find.

“Don’t tell me you want Yuya to remember you,” Yuri says.

“I don’t,” Yugo replies. “If I did, I wouldn’t be erasing his memories.”

The pair are in agreement. They realize that no good will come to Yuya if he remembers who they are. Yugo crushes the shard between his fingers.

Back at Syu Zo Duel School, Yuzu and Syu Zo are still aghast at Yuya’s revelation that he has a quadruple personality. This kid doesn’t seem right in the head, Syu Zo whispers to his daughter. Yuzu thinks that Yuya’s eccentricities could make him a popular attraction at their school.

Yuya himself isn’t too sure why he has three other personalities inside his head. He has been experiencing memory loss and he hasn’t seen “the other two” guys recently. Hmm.

Yuzu recalls Yuya’s goal of locating Genesis Omega Dragon — G.O.D. — and wonders whether that might have something to do with his multiple personalities and missing memories. Yuya turns straight-faced. Genesis Omega Dragon, he says, is the supreme monster whose existence will determine the very fate of their world. Whoever possesses that card will bring destruction to the world.

Yuzu and Syu Zo gasp.The apocalyptic imagery of crumbling cities and societies is almost too much for them to handle.

“It abuses the system that makes Solid Vision physically real,” Yuya explains. “It’s possible that the Solid Vision system was made specifically to create it.”

Yuya, however, has a more pressing concern on his mind; he doesn’t want to rattle off any more embarrassing sales pitches or catchphrases to advertise Syu Zo Duel School! He decides to head back to his hideout. Yuzu won’t let him off the hook that easily though and decides to tag along. After all, the fate of her school rests on Yuya’s success in hunting down Genesis Omega Dragon.

Sora Shiunin approaching Leo Corporation's Mother Computer in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 7

Across the city at Leo Corporation headquarters, a frustrated Sora Shiunin is still seeking to satisfy his curiosity about Yuya Sakaki. Who is he really? What is his Pendulum summoning ability? Is he really a hacker? Shiunin is unable to extract the answers from the company’s computer, Decoy. To get those highly guarded details, he will need to access the Mother Computer, the company’s gargantuan spherical supercomputer.

The next day, Shiunin sneaks into LC’s locked Mother Computer room but is caught by Reiji Akaba. Nevertheless, Akaba politely offers an answer to Shiunin’s questions.

“He is the destiny factor who will someday destroy this world,” Akaba says of Yuya. Such is the prediction of the Mother Computer.

Akaba, however, is less forthcoming when Shiunin questions him about Akaba’s own mysterious past. Akaba and the Leo Corporation appeared quite abruptly one day and took control of the Maiami City Solid Vision systems. Who is he and how did this come to be? Akaba tells Shiunin to question Yuya for the answers. He leaves Shiunin with three of LC’s proto cards.

Back at Yuya’s hideout, Yuya’s computer hones in on new information about the whereabouts of Genesis Omega Dragon. It seems that a certain company that researches the materialization of Solid Vision may have materialized part of the card. This is too important for Yuya and Yuzu to pass up. They don their smartest suits and head out.

Yuzu and Yuto wearing business suits in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 7

They are not there to call a business meeting, however. Using fake identification cards, the duo infiltrate the office high-rise. They make their way to the system laboratory where the data about Genesis Omega Dragon originated. They step into the dimly lit room only to find it completely empty. Suddenly, the door shuts and locks behind them. Have they fallen into a trap?

“I’ve been waiting for you, Yuya Sakaki,” says a voice in the darkness.

A pillar of light illuminates the speaker. It’s Sora Shiunin!


First off… Yuto in a suit! Hnnnggg! Ahem, glad to get that out of the way.

Scale 7 is an outstanding chapter that provides a lot of details about the interconnectedness of the characters and plot while still introducing new secrets to whet the reader’s appetite.

The “destiny factor” and Genesis Omega Dragon: previous chapters have introduced these only as two influential elements that will determine the fate of the world. But now, it is crystal clear that they are more deadly than previously explained.

Reiji has used the “destiny factor” descriptor once before to refer to Yuya. Now, he makes it clear that this is because Yuya will destroy the world. Yuya now also states unequivocally that the wielder of Genesis Omega Dragon will bring about the world’s end. How are these two pieces of the puzzle connected? Is Yuya destined to find this ultimate monster and use it for annihilation? Could his mere act of finding this monster unleash its destructive capabilities? Is he even aware of this possibility? Or is this knowledge one of the many holes in his memory?

It is now also clear that Reiji and Yuya know each other. Both are characters with mysterious, unexplained pasts. What is their relationship? In the grand scheme of things, how did the Solid Vision with Mass technology even come about and what does Reiji hope to accomplish by taking over the city’s systems? Will he use this power for good or evil?

Meanwhile, Yugo and Yuri are traversing the mind of Yuya, eliminating pieces of his memories. It seems awfully important that Yuya not remember who they are, otherwise he will be “sad.” What do these personalities know about Genesis Omega Dragon? Are they friends who want to stop the destruction of the world, or enemies who want to bring it about?

Also, Genesis Omega Dragon: a dragon of beginnings and endings. G.O.D. Heh, real subtle…

The plot thickens.

* * *

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 7: “Genesis Omega Dragon!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 12 (February 22, 2016). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 8: “Sora’s Hospitality!”


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  1. Good to see that the ARC-V manga is continuing strong. Let’s hope the anime picks up soon too.

    Also, Sora’s Reiji retinal glasses….! I almost choked reading that.

  2. Those are great! Actually, all of the glasses are great — every character is wearing glasses at some point in this chapter! Aghhh! Cuteness overload.

  3. The plot’s definitely picking up here… but at the same time, there’s so much fanservice(not the pervy kind or the IV kind) going on to the side. Yuto in a buisness suit and being all tsundere, Yugo and Yuri taking a joyride through Yuya’s brain, and then Sora and Reiji’s little stunt with the glasses. SO CUUUUTE!!!
    But either way, I’m glad to see that the manga knows what it’s doing. Eager to see how Sora plays his Frightfurs next month!

  4. The fan service in ARC-V (and ZEXAL too) is really, really good. And yeah, I agree that this chapter is a super example of that. The creators really know what they need to do to appeal to their audience.

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