[YGO: TAS] LittleKuriboh – Duel Monsters Vines 1-13

December 3, 2015 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series | 4 Comments
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Melvin hugging Marik in LittleKuriboh's DUEL MONSTERS #13 Vine

“What happens when you combine a grown man, several Yu-Gi-Oh themed statues, a Vine account, and too much free time?” asks LittleKuriboh in his latest video. You get LK playing with (and abusing?!) his Yu-Gi-Oh! figures in a bunch of amusing six-second videos! Check out “LittleKuriboh – Duel Monsters Vines 1-13,” a newly released compilation of all of the “DUEL MONSTERS” Vines he has made so far!

Together, LK’s 13 Vines have accumulated over 7.5 million views. (Almost half of those loops are of “DUEL MONSTERS #7,” which features the adorable Harvest Moon cow plush. Gotta love that cow.) If you like what you see, be sure to follow LK to be the first to watch his newest Vines.

In other news, LittleKuriboh today hit his second Patreon milestone goal by reaching $3,000 in contributions per month! Congratulations to LK for reaching this “full-timer” goal, and cheers to all of his patrons, viewers, and supporters who have helped him come so far.


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  1. Ravegrl, can you help me contact Cinedigm’s Marketing Manager Vanessa Varous please? I really want those reauthored DVDs you posted about last year but I’m not getting any replies from that e-mail you provided.

  2. Reauthored DVDs from last year? You mean these? How come you waited so long before saying something? Vanessa Varous is no longer at Cinedigm and hasn’t been for some months now so I think you might be out of luck… :(

  3. I tried several times to reach them with the e-mail you provided to no avail. I did this six times in a matter of months after you made that article. That e-mail doesn’t seem to be functional. Cab you please try to help me contact Cinedigm so I can ar least see if the replacement discs are still available.

  4. You can contact Cinedigm using this form. But you’re talking about a replacement program from over a year and a half ago run by someone who’s no longer at the company, so…

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