Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 4: ‘The Hungry Assassin!’

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Yuzu Hiragi wants to think of a new catchphrase for Yuya Sakaki in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 4

Yuzu has regained consciousness and finds herself in Yuya’s secret lair. She is deep in the heart of a grey industrial building whose walls and floors are lined with a network of winding pipes. Below the platform she is standing on is a pool of water. This might be some kind of water treatment plant. Yuzu remembers why she pursued Yuya in the first place and wastes no time making her motives clear.

“Here’s an idea! Wanna teach at my cram school?” she asks Yuya. “We’ll pay 500 yen per hour!” What a tightwad. That’s only about four U.S. dollars!

Yuya has no time to entertain her oh-so-bounteous offer. He is busy at work in front of a panel of three large computer monitors. He starts typing and the logo of Leo Corporation fills the middle monitor. He’s in. A wanted poster with his face on it appears. Yuya has infiltrated LC’s Solid Vision system and is using it to hunt for a particular card: Genesis Omega Dragon.

“That card will determine the fate of the world!” he says.

Yuzu hasn’t the slightest idea about what that card is and doesn’t think his quest is a big deal. Surely Yuya will still be able to teach at her school! She reveals her ace in the hole: a signed contract. When Yuya provided Yuzu with his “autograph” earlier, he unwittingly agreed to work for Syu Zo Duel School. Doh!

Elsewhere in Maiami City, Reiji Akaba has just finished debriefing Shun Kurosaki, Shingo Sawatari, and Sora Shiunin in his LC office.

Sawatari, tormented by his loss to Yuya, storms off to sharpen his skills elsewhere. Shiunin thinks there is more to their mission than Akaba is letting on. Now alone with with Kurosaki, Shiunin confides his misgivings to him. When the three of them came together a month earlier, they were told that Yuya had hacked into LC’s system. But when Shiunin tried investigating further, he couldn’t find evidence of any abuse. Instead, Yuya had been using the system to save other people. Kurosaki doesn’t care much for Shiunin’s stories, however. He has his own reasons for teaming up with Akaba.

Kurosaki is the kind of person who craves only real, white-hot battles, he says. He is someone who feeds off the thrill of the duel. The tremor of being pushed to the periphery of defeat. The euphoria of coming back from the brink. He recalls his time participating in an underground duel months earlier, hunting fruitlessly for this feeling of ecstasy. So when Akaba approached him, promising to satisfy his hunger with the excitement that he sought, of course he accepted the challenge. He need only do one thing: capture the elusive Phantom. Yuya Sakaki, a duelist who only duels for enjoyment, sickens Kurosaki to his core. He would find and crush him. He walks away from Shiunin and begins his own mission.

Not much is known about Yuya Sakaki. But Kurosaki recalls seeing a girl cheering Yuya on during his duel against Sawatari. She seems so familiar. He remembers competing against her in a mental arithmetic competition when they were young. Ah, Yuzu is her name. She will be his way to getting to Yuya.

Back at Yuya’s hideout, Yuya’s computer picks up a video uploaded to an underground website. It’s Yuzu’s father getting annihilated in a duel! Kurosaki’s face fills the frame. If Yuzu wanted to see her father ever again, Yuya would have to meet Kurosaki… for a duel!


Shenanigans! Yuzu gets what she wants — for Yuya to be a teacher at Syu Zo Duel School — through her trickery. And it looks like the school needs help more than ever, considering how easily Syu Zo fell to Shun. Way to ruin the reputation of your school by losing so easily! What makes him qualified enough to run a school for dueling anyway? No wonder he’s in the red.

There’s some nice backstory and characterization of Shun in this chapter. He’s driven so strongly by his thirst for the thrill of the duel that he’s even going after Yuya himself now, seemingly without checking in with Reiji first. He’s utterly ruthless about it as well, getting innocent people involved as he hunts down Yuya. Poor Yuzu and Syu Zo. Shun seems to remember Yuzu from the arithmetic competition from years ago. (Both of them were so small and cute back then!) Does Yuzu remember Shun, too? It doesn’t seem like she recognizes him. Do they have more history together, or did they only cross paths that one time?

Slowly but surely, the story of Yuya, Reiji, and the mysterious Pendulum summoning ability is revealing itself. What is Genesis Omega Dragon and why is Yuya searching for it? Is it the same card that Akaba’s men were seen searching for in the previous chapter? In Scale 1, Reiji called Yuya “the destiny factor who holds our future in his hands.” Here, Yuya says Genesis Omega Dragon will “determine the fate of the world.” These two figures certainly must be related, right?

For any readers who noticed, this chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V was delayed by one week.

“We’re usually within a week of when it comes out in Japan,” said Andy Nakatani, Editor in Chief of the English-language Weekly Shonen Jump, during last week’s WSJ podcast. “This week, we’re—more than a week.”

“ARC-V was supposed to be in [the November 23] issue but it had to be pushed to next week’s issue,” added editor Alexis Kirsch.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 4: “The Hungry Assassin” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 53 (November 30, 2015). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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