Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 3: ‘Pendulum Summons!’

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A hooded Yuya Sakaki winking in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga chapter 3

Leo Corporation headquarters. In a control room, LC President Reiji Akaba, Sora Shiunin, Shun Kurosaki, and Shingo Sawatari turn their gaze towards a large monitor and see the face of a handsome hooded figure light up in front of them. It’s the Phantom. The Phantom is tapping into the power of LC’s Solid Vision system and using it for his own gain, Akaba tells his special forces. Whatever trickery he’s up to, he must be stopped.

But utmost caution is necessary when challenging the Phantom, warns Akaba, for he has a special talent for summoning monsters, one that makes him a deadly foe — the Pendulum Summons. Pendulum Summons? What’s that?

Akaba wants the power for himself, but he hasn’t yet found the cards for the job. At an open-pit mine far from LC headquarters, a quiet evening atmosphere is pierced by bright spotlights and the clangor of heavy excavation equipment. Akaba’s men continue their exhaustive search.

Back at the duel on the rooftop, Yuya Sakaki — the true identity of the Phantom — makes his grand appearance.

“Ladies and gentlemen!! And now… the fun begins!!” Yuya proclaims.

Sawatari scoffs. Whatever Yuya’s Pendulum summon is, it won’t be a match for him, Sawatari says to himself, ignoring Akaba’s previous warning. But his arrogance proves to be his undoing.

Yuya sets his Pendulum scale by placing Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon and Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon in his Pendulum zones. Sawatari and Akaba’s team look on, flabbergasted as Yuya unleashes his exotic summoning technique.

“Swing, pendulum of destiny!!” chants Yuya. “Mark the torrent of time traveling between past and future!! Pendulum Summons!!! Come forth, Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon!!!”

Yuya’s Odd-Eyes dragons overwhelm Sawatari’s Underworld Emperor Erebus with their explosive might and drop Sawatari’s life points to zero, sending him crashing backwards.

Akaba watches on, seething. He won’t be denied this opportunity to capture Yuya! He sends in Kurosaki, Shiunin, and his SWAT units to round him up the old-fashioned way. Yuya smiles as the goons encircle him, then winks and disappears in a cloud of smoke and confetti. Another time, Reiji Akaba.

One building away from the action, the Phantom sits calmly behind Yuzu, who had been watching the duel. She gushes when she notices him and asks for his autograph. Yuya obliges, then nonchalantly tosses a card into the air where it transforms into a gigantic paper airplane. He hops aboard and glides off into the night sky. As mysteriously as he had appeared, he would disappear.

Or so he planned. His plane is feeling unusually sluggish today. A stowaway! Yuya turns around to see Yuzu sitting behind him yukking it up. The extra weight sends the plane plummeting into the sea.

When Yuzu regains consciousness, she finds herself in a dank grey building. All around her are concrete walls and water pipes. An elaborate ring of computing equipment and cables sits surrounded by a pool of water. What is this place?


Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V is on the cover of this week’s issue! Hooray!

The October 26, 2015 cover of VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine

Yuya is just so clever, isn’t he? And really powerful, too. It seems like one thing to craft a Solid Vision paper airplane from a card. But his manipulation of the Solid Vision system is so effective that Sora surmised that he was able to create a completely solid projection of himself to duel from afar. Yuya had everyone fooled. No one even questioned how he appeared to teleport around the field during the duel. How does Yuya do it? Behind his charming exterior is someone with a tremendous amount of skill.

Pendulum summoning makes its first appearance! But there’s no banter from Yuya about how it works. Looks like Reiji’s special forces will be scratching their heads over it for now.

Yuzu has, up to this point, been a mere spectator fantasizing about using Yuya to make some cash and save Syu Zo Duel School. It looks like she could be in the spotlight in the next chapter. Will Yuzu begin to play a bigger role in the story and be able to convince Yuya to teach at her school? Or will she run off and sell his autograph for moola?

Hey, what’s up with these sexy images of Yuya? Will there be at least one each chapter? Stop it, Miyoshi, you are distracting the readers! Sora is pretty cute too. Reiji’s scarf is still doing its thang. It must be like 10 feet long.

For some extra fun, have listen at this week’s Shonen Jump Podcast, where the hosts attempt to tackle the silly questions that I asked last month about Yuya and Yuto’s split personalities and their different accessories and hairstyles.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 3: “Pendulum Summons!” is available now in VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump No. 48 (October 26, 2015). Grab the issue from VIZ, Amazon, and comiXology.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Scale 4: “The Hungry Assassin!”

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