LittleKuriboh’s Dramatic Patreon Announcement

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LittleKuriboh and Marianne Miller head to Patreon

If you’ve been following LittleKuriboh on social media and YouTube the past few months, you might know that things haven’t been going too well for the Father of Abridging. But even when he isn’t doing so hot, LK still has his fans on his mind and tries to put his best foot forward to keep them entertained. Today, LittleKuriboh uploaded a new video that not only summarizes his recent struggles in a humorous light and offers insight into what he hopes to accomplish in the near future, but also introduces a new initiative that will allow his fans to support him during this challenging time.

Both longtime and new fans of LittleKuriboh will want to check out “LittleKuriboh’s Dramatic Patreon Announcement,” where he reminds everyone that — hey! — he hasn’t forgotten about you! LK wants to continue doing what he loves to do: creating videos that entertain people and make them laugh. But to help maintain a consistent schedule and quality of new releases, he is turning to Patreon, a crowdfunding system that allows content creators to obtain funding from supporters on a recurring basis.

Contributing to LittleKuriboh’s Patreon will allow LK to hire and pay editors, save money for recording studio space, and cut back on anime convention appearances. Ultimately, these steps will provide LK with more time and more efficient means of writing and recording his projects, and he will be able to guarantee a consistent number of new video updates each month.

For example, reaching a the lowest milestone of $1,500 per month insures that LittleKuriboh will make at least one scripted video (like Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged) and four unscripted videos (like We’re Still Here) each month. If he can reach his highest milestone of $10,000 per month, LK will begin looking into renting recording studio space or putting a down payment on a new home, a section of which will be converted into a recording and filming studio. At this tier, he will guarantee at least eight scripted videos and four unscripted videos per month. Wow!

It could take three or four months for LK to hire new team members, write new content, and get settled into a new schedule (not to mention he’ll still be tending to his health all the while). In the meantime, Marianne and her friends will be filling in to make sure all of the patrons’ video goals are met. LK assures his fans that he will still be involved with all the projects that are made and will have complete creative control of the videos posted on his channel.

Whether you have been following LittleKuriboh since his earliest YGOTAS days or you are a new fan who has taken a liking to his recent We’re Still Here and The Mark Remark series, consider becoming a patron if you love what LK does and want to see more!

LittleKuriboh’s Health

One of LittleKuriboh’s most admirable traits is his positivity. Even in his most challenging circumstances, he puts on a cheery and brave face, if not for himself, then for his audience. It’s no surprise then that LK presented his health issues in today’s video in a very lighthearted manner, downplaying the severity of his afflictions so as not to worry others.

Make no mistake about it: over the last few months, LittleKuriboh has been in awful shape. Although LK began to speak about his health issues and hospital visits in mid-June when E3 started, it wasn’t until the end of June that he publicly revealed he had been diagnosed with colitis. In early July, LK made numerous trips to the emergency room and urgent care centers before finally being admitted to the hospital for complications from the disease.

Marianne let LK’s followers know what was up about three days after LK’s admission. As it turned out, LK’s colitis diagnosis came as early as late May or early June. The medications that he had been receiving since were not working and his body was shutting down. LK’s hospital stay would last 10 days. On July 18, the day after being discharged, LittleKuriboh and Marianne together posted a longer video describing what happened and the aftermath of the hospitalization.

LK condition is, more specifically, ulcerative colitis, a disease where his body’s immune system attacks his colon. It’s a chronic condition that he will need to live with for the rest of his life, but it’s manageable. Over the next few months, LK will have to take some strong medication, like the immunosuppressant Remicade and ones that require him to be put under anesthetics for four hours at a time. LK had to have a PICC inserted — a catheter that runs from the arm directly to the heart.

“Creatively, I’ve trying to take it easy right now,” LK said in that video. He will only be releasing videos if he’s physically able to.

Anime Convention and YGOTAS Updates

As expected, LittleKuriboh’s health issues threw one heck of a wrench into his plans, not the least of which was to make new videos. After barely making it through Anime Expo at the beginning of July, LK was forced to cancel his Otakon, San Japan, and Another Anime Con appearances as he continues his recovery process.

On the plus side, Alcon from September 3 to 6 is still a go, as is Con Alt Delete from December 18 to 20.

As for new convention announcements, LittleKuriboh will be making his seventh appearance at Youmacon from October 29 to November 1 in Detroit, Michigan. Youmacon had announced LK as a guest back in mid-May and it looks like LK will still be able to make it.

Additionally, Triad Anime Convention in Winston-Salem, North Carolina revealed last week that LK will be guesting at its event from March 11 to 13, 2016. This will be LK’s first appearance at this con.

And believe it or not, the script for Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 65 had been completed prior to his illness, explained LK in a July 29 life update vlog. But frighteningly, minutes after he finished it, LK came down with a fever, collapsed, and was hospitalized.

With any luck, LittleKuriboh’s recovery will go swimmingly and he will be back to his ol’ funny self in no time.

Update: LittleKuriboh has created a new Facebook page for all of his general creative projects. Check it out:

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