[SDCC 2015] Duel Art Targeted for August 2015 Release

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Photo of Duel Art Kazuki Takahashi Yu-Gi-Oh! Illustrations English art book cover

At its San Diego Comic Con 2015 panel on Saturday, UDON Entertainment announced that it is expecting to release Kazuki Takahashi’s Duel Art Yu-Gi-Oh! art book this August. For those who have been following the roller coaster ride that has been Duel Art‘s scheduled release date, this news will hopefully bring some much needed relief.

As previously reported, UDON did end up providing a limited number of Duel Art books for sale at SDCC. As it turns out, the decision to offer the book at SDCC came very suddenly, so it is not unusual that some of UDON’s staff weren’t in the loop about the status of the book, which led to incorrect information being conveyed on Twitter about the book’s non-availability at SDCC.

As explained by numerous UDON staff over the last few days, it is true that Duel Art was not initially scheduled to be available at SDCC. However, Kazuki Takahashi was a guest at the convention and had expressed interest in stopping by UDON’s booth to take a look at the book display. Duel Art was not even intended to be printed yet, but UDON “forced production” of the book and had them rushed overnight by FedEx. Only one case (approximately 20 books) was printed, and the books would only be available on Saturday. Still, not all of the books could be sold immediately; some needed to first be reserved for display at the booth for Takahashi to see.

Ultimately, Takahashi was too busy to stop by UDON’s booth, but a few copies of Duel Art were still placed on display at his autograph signing table on Saturday afternoon. And a few lucky fans were able to buy copies at UDON’s booth as well. ;)

More coverage of Yu-Gi-Oh!-related news at SDCC 2015 is forthcoming, including further details about Kazuki Takahashi’s Saturday panel.

Duel Art Update: Limited Number to be Sold Early at SDCC 2015

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