UDON Delays Duel Art

April 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Yu-Gi-Oh! | 7 Comments
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Yami tearing up after he defeats Yugi's soul in episode 163

Yesterday, UDON Entertainment updated its schedule of upcoming releases, which now has Kazuki Takahashi’s Duel Art book slated for a June release instead of its original May 12 street date.

UDON’s Jenny Myung confirmed in an email that UDON is indeed aiming to release Duel Art in June, but could not comment on why the book is taking slightly longer than originally scheduled. Some retailers, like Amazon, have already adjusted their listings to display a release date different than what UDON has planned.

“Amazon is being cautious and setting the release to July on their end, since we missed our original release month,” Myung clarified.

UDON to Publish Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Art Book


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  1. I noticed this as I was doing my preorders earlier this afternoon. I’m kind of disappointed to be honest, I was (am) super excited for this book. I guess the second volume of the 3-in-1 Viz manga will hold me over for a bit, releases next Tuesday so a week before this would have come out. Ah well, at least it isn’t cancelled.

  2. yes at least it isnt canceled. im looking forward to it so hard! :3

  3. yes! at least it isnt canceled. ive been looking forward to this as well. <3

  4. Its now been delayed again till January of next year….im not happy :( was waiting on this for so long had better come with the creator god of light after this is now a major delay…..

  5. Yeah, I saw that too. I was getting really worried because we’re close to the end of June with still no announcement from UDON about a release date, and now this happens. I already reached out to UDON for comment and will post an update if I receive a response. Hopefully Amazon is wrong again.

  6. I’ve heard back from UDON. The January 2016 release date is wrong.

  7. Thank you for the update, would of been furious if it had turned into an 8 month delay….tried looking for anything official from the publisher at the time but found nothing, hoping it does come with a promo card…hopefully the creator god of light…or the anniversary art of dark magician girl though that would probably have to have censorship on it <.<

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