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Yugi looking at the Revver logo in LittleKuriboh's Without Yugi video
Remember when Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series found a home on Revver back in 2007? Ah, the memories…

Exactly six months ago, LittleKuriboh and his Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged empire endured a colossal shake-up when Blip.tv closed LK’s account. Since then, LK has found a new home for his videos over at TeamFourStar.com, joined a YouTube network, and made his YouTube channel a little more cozy by renaming it “LittleKuriboh.” He has even started several new projects, including more Let’s Plays, the We’re Still Here series, and The Mark Remark — his new show satirizing the antics of the WWE. Things are looking on the up-and-up for LK.

Looking at LittleKuriboh move forward amidst change and how well received his new endeavors are, I am reminded of all of the fresh excitement that always accompanied his video releases back when YGOTAS was young and how much laughter and enjoyment those videos brought to his viewers, myself included. So, in the spirit of sharing that LittleKuriboh always embodied, I’ve decided to begin working again on my streams and downloads pages for YGOTAS and to keep these pages updated for as long as I can.

My updates come with a caveat, however. To encourage viewers to watch LK’s work on TFS and YouTube, I won’t offer his videos for download until at least one month has elapsed from the time LK first releases them. And as usual, I’ll only be keeping track of and saving his Abridged-related projects.

Not all of the videos that are streaming online are currently available for download (this is something I hope to change in the future). But the vast majority of the videos that are available for download are also available for streaming. The exceptions — like Yu-Gi-Oh: The Other Abridged Movie, Zorc & Pals, GUHROOGAMESH!!!1, the full version of Marik Plays Mass Effect, and a small number of others — were either deleted from YouTube or were never uploaded to YT or TFS and thus aren’t streaming on any official source.

One thing that has changed is that lack of official YGOTAS video downloads coming from LK himself. The days of LK offering downloads on Blip, Revver, and iTunes are in the past. Since he is no longer offering downloads on TFS, going forward, we’ll need to rely on videos ripped from the streams. This is not as much of an issue as it was in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged’s early days when video compression technology was so poor that such videos were known to cause eye cancer. Today’s streaming videos look nearly identical to their source with the added benefit of being smaller in file size.

Like all of my streams and downloads pages for the many Yu-Gi-Oh! series, these YGOTAS pages are works in progress.

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