[YGO: TAS] LK Resumes ‘Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival’

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Marik Plays Slender The Arrival artwork by Rivan145th
“There ain’t no party like a Slender Man party!”
Warning: Heart pills not provided. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ah, yes, the Slender Man. Back in 2012, Marik and Bakura were horrifyingly ravaged by the tall, featureless, well-dressed being in “Slender: The Eight Pages” (then simply titled “Slender”), a first-person survival horror game. Undaunted by the experience, the daring duo returned in 2013 to play “Slender: The Arrival” (on TFS, YouTube) the equally creepy sequel to the first title. But after that one 12-minute segment, we never learned whether Marik would ever be able to find out what became of Kate. Well, looks like there will be a conclusion after all, for LittleKuriboh has continued the series with “Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival – Part 2,” released today!

“Marik Plays Slender: The Arrival” is the first Let’s Play of a game that LittleKuriboh has ever completed, he said. This series will have five parts, so be sure to tune into TFS every Friday to see the new episode.

LK, a long-time fan of the Slender Man mythos, has also previously recorded himself playing Slender: The Eight Pages while his wife provided some hilarious drunk, profanity-laden commentary, as well as providing his own chapter to the Slender Man legend in the animated short Concrete Giraffes. He wrote a professional review of Slender: The Arrival in April 2013.

We’re Still Here

Serious non-Yu-Gi-Oh! time now. Followers of LittleKuriboh on social media know that the man has been struggling a lot over the past several months. LK has talked regularly about his battle against depression and suicide and how he decided to turn to group and individual therapy and medication for help. But this past Monday, LittleKuriboh began sharing his experiences and ongoing struggles with an even greater audience in “We’re Still Here,” a new vlog series. The series is part of his recovery process from depression, and although he will be talking about coping with the disorder, his series will also contain positive messages, experiences, memories, and passions.

“I’m hoping that simply by telling my story, it will help others who may recognize their own depression and seek help,” said LK. “The video was made haphazardly and obviously there’s going to be a lot of refinement down the line, but I intend to keep at it.”

In this first episode, LittleKuriboh highlights how his relationships, creativity, and well-being have taken a hit in the past six months. He then describes how he first met Team Four Star at Youmacon 2009, a very emotional and powerful story that he often shares at his convention appearances. Finally, he discusses how he decided to find help for his depression and the importance of doing so.

The decision to create this series didn’t come easy to LK.

Considering doing a video about my depression or just coping with depression in general, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he wrote back in November. “I don’t just mean from a creative standpoint, I just don’t know if it’s a good idea to open that can of worms. I’ve talked about my depression on social media and got both positive and negative feedback. Some of the negative stuff very hostile. It feels like something I should maybe do when I feel ready to face a large, unfeeling crowd of people heh.”

If you suffer from depression, do give this series a shot. And if you find support in his words, by all means let him know. And even if you don’t suffer from depression or don’t know much about it, give this video a watch anyway. At the very least, maybe you will come away learning a little bit about the illness and a little more about the man who has brought so much entertainment to so many people.

LK plans to upload new episodes of “We’re Still Here” every Monday and hopes to continue the series even after he feels he has recovered.

What’s Coming Up Next from LittleKuriboh?

Aside from terrorizing Marik with scary video games, what else has LittleKuriboh been working on recently? Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, that’s what! Along with the conclusion to the story of a certain council of evil villains… Oooh!

LK has been hard at work on YGOTAS episode 64 and has already begun recording. He “guarantees” that Takahata101 will appear as Dartz.

Furthermore, LK has begun filming a new live-action comedic project and hopes to release it this weekend.

And finally, LK announced yesterday that he finally figured out how to make custom YouTube URLs. The “LittleKuriboh” YouTube channel is back! Fans can now find his channel at: http://www.youtube.com/c/LittleKuribohChannel

The old CardGamesFTW name and URL still work, too.

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