Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Gets 3-in-1 Omnibus Re-release from VIZ Media

January 14, 2015 at 12:33 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, Series 1, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 3 Comments

VIZ Media's Yu-Gi-Oh! 3-in-1 omnibus manga book 1 cover mock-up

VIZ Media announced yesterday that it will be re-releasing Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series in 3-in-1 omnibus editions. The first omnibus volume is slated for February 3, 2015 with future volumes scheduled to be published every three months. Thirteen 3-in-1 books are in the works. VIZ first teased its plans for a Yu-Gi-Oh! 3-in-1 at its Anime Expo 2014 panel last July.

Takahashi’s 38-volume series was previously released by VIZ under the Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World titles. VIZ serialized Yu-Gi-Oh! in its Shonen Jump print magazine in the January 2003 to November 2004 issues, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World in the February 2005 to December 2007 issues. Graphic novels of all three titles are still available as individual volumes in print format and in a variety of e-book formats.

VIZ currently offers two different lines of omnibuses that both include three volumes in one book: the 3-in-1 line and the VIZBIG line. How are they different? VIZ’s 3-in-1 editions are the company’s “budget” omnibuses. Their pages are the same size as the individual volumes’ pages, but their paper is less dense. Each 3-in-1 sells at a suggested retail price of $14.99. VIZBIG editions are printed on a larger, brighter, heavier stock and often include color pictures and extras. Each VIZBIG big retails for between $17.99 and $19.99.


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  1. Hey, I don’t suppose we know whether or not these will be using the uncensored translation like the earlier prints (of the first few volumes at least) or just the censored one that’s been used since, do we?

  2. My guess is that the 3-in-1 editions will be the same as the most recent printings of the individual volumes. Better ask VIZ if you want to be sure.

  3. Very awesome, love the cover art too. Thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless! ;)

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