[YGO: TAS] Episode 63 – Yu-Gi-Oh Kai!

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It looks like this meme... is really old. YYYEEEEEAAAAHHH! From YGOTAS episode 63

Hey, remember when Tea and Serenity wander around the city, reminiscing about the events of the past two seasons? Let’s have a flashback about it! I’m sure this will be both memorable and hilarious. Check out LittleKuriboh’s new YGOTAS video uploaded earlier today: episode 63, “Yu-Gi-Oh Kai!” with special guests TeamFourStar, the cast of Pokémon ‘Bridged, and Kirbopher! Pingu fans might want to skip this one though…

“There are way too many references in these flashbacks.” Righto, Serenity. You’d think that with 1KidsEntertainment doing the editing, the references would have been left on the cutting room floor, resulting in a 30-second episode. Wait, what…?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged’s New Editor: 1KidsEntertainment

It’s true, LittleKuriboh is no longer editing YGOTAS. Instead, he has handed over the reins to his friend and fellow abridger 1KidsEntertainment, with “Yu-Gi-Oh Kai!” being the first ever episode to be edited by him.

“I’d like to formally announce that @OneKids will be taking over editing duties for Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged,” LK tweeted last week. “I will still be writing and voicing the show, but in order to deal with my current schedule and still give you videos consistently, I turned to @onekids, knowing that he is skilled and experienced enough to edit my crappy humor into a watchable video. I want you guys to get more videos, more quickly. This decision was made in order to give you better content, at a more consistent rate. I will still be editing Naruto Spoof. And yes, there is more Naruto Spoof content on the way.”

For anyone who thinks this might affect the contents and direction of the show, 1KidsEntertainment sets the story straight.

“For the record, @yugiohtas maintains 100% creative control over his show,” he tweeted. “Does all of the writing, voicing, and comedic timing.”

And how will this affect 1KidsEntertainment’s own project, his famed Pokémon ‘Bridged series?

“[T]hat will still be happening. It can’t get much slower than it is,” he quipped. “By contrast, editing is all on my time. I can make progress on projects pretty much every day if they’re written and voiced already.”

Sounds good to me. He did one heck of a job on this episode!

Update (November 18): YGOTAS episode 63 has now been added to LK’s CardGamesFTW YouTube channel.

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