ADK, NAS, Other Anime Producers to Establish ‘Anime Consortium Japan’ Video Streaming Development Firm

October 31, 2014 at 6:37 am | Posted in Japanese, Other Stuff | Leave a comment

Yugi cooking up a strategy against Johnson in episode 112

On Thursday, Japanese anime producers Asatsu-DK (ADK), Bandai Namco Holdings, and Aniplex announced the upcoming launch of Anime Consortium Japan, Inc. (ACJ), a new company that will develop a platform for streaming anime worldwide and selling anime-related merchandise. The trio bring to the table ¥500 million (about $4.5 million) and will be further backed by the Japanese government’s Cool Japan Fund, which will contribute another ¥1 billion (about $9 million). The new online video platform will deliver simulcasts of new titles in multiple languages as well as previously aired programs.

Other shareholders in this endeavor will include ADK’s wholly-owned subsidiary Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Dentsu, and Bandai Namco Holding’s subsidiary Sunrise, all of whom were also shareholders in the Japanese streaming and E-commerce website Daisuki. Daisuki will be folded into ACJ.

Yu-Gi-Oh! anime fans might recognize ADK and NAS as members of a consortium that own and license the Yu-Gi-Oh! property. ADK and NAS together owned nearly 40 percent of Daisuki.

ACJ will be set up on November 7 and expects to have its streaming platform ready in April 2015. Full details about the initiative are available in releases from ADK and the Cool Japan Fund.

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