[YGO: TAS] Episode 62 – Winged Dragon Of Rawr! / “Where’s The New Episode?!” – a short film

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Tea after gawking a little too much at a fully nude Marik
It’s not the new episode that she’s gawking at…

And so, the Battle City tournament ends. I sure hope Kaiba isn’t butthurt about the outcome and doesn’t do something drastic, like blow up the island and kill everyone! Check out LittleKuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 62, “Winged Dragon Of Rawr!” now available at TeamFourStar.com. New episodes will be available exclusively on TFS for one week before being uploaded to YouTube.

LittleKuriboh had previewed an incomplete version of YGOTAS episode 62 at conventions earlier this year before premiering the full product at Anime Expo in July.

A month ago, LK had stated that he was holding off on releasing the new episode because of some “big news” that he was waiting to announce. For those out of the loop, LK has made Team Four Star’s website his new home for videos after Blip.tv closed his account at the start of this month.

“[W]e wanted to make sure we actually had a place to put the episode before uploading it,” wrote LK’s wife Marianne Miller in a new post on TFS that further clarifies the situation.

To help raise awareness of his move, LittleKuriboh today also released “‘Where’s The New Episode?!’ – a short film” costarring fellow voice actor and abridger xthedarkone. (Why are you watching this when you could be watching the new episode?!)

LittleKuriboh’s home on TFS is gradually coming together as videos continue to be added and he gets his own section in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. I’ve added LK’s newest videos to my page for YGOTAS streams and will update the old links to point to his other TFS uploads once the dust has settled over there. I haven’t decided if I’ll update my YGOTAS downloads page since it doesn’t look like LK will be offering downloads any more. When Blip.tv discontinued support for iTunes distribution earlier this year, neither LK nor YGOTAS fans made a stink about it, so there doesn’t seem to be much demand for downloads anyway.

Update (September 29): YGOTAS episode 62 is now available on YouTube. More of his videos will soon be added to TFS, LittleKuriboh tweeted.

Anime Convention Update: Youmacon 2014

In a move that surprised nobody, Detroit anime convention Youmacon announced last week that LittleKuriboh will return as a guest to help celebrate the con’s 10th year! Also in the guest line-up are the members of Team Four Star and loads of anime voice actors, including Steve Blum, Caitlin Glass, and Johnny Yong Bosch.

Attendees of last year’s Youmacon got a special treat when LK announced that he had obtained the full script for Naruto The Abridged Movie (yes, the real Naruto The Abridged Movie) from MasakoX. As longtime followers of Naruto Abridged know, Vegeta3986 announced the production and casting of the movie back in October 2009. The movie was only partially completed and the subpar eight-minute clip that was made became a running joke among abridgers for its quality and long production time.

LittleKuriboh, Team Four Star, and Linkara performed a live reading of the script at Youmacon 2013, including the parts that never made it onto video, getting about halfway through the script before their panel time ran out. Lanipator and LK haphazardly suggested that they would finish the reading this year. Will attendees get to hear the thrilling conclusion to the story that was never be produced? I sure hope they continue. What kind of awful people would they be if they just left it on a cliffhanger?

Youmacon will be held on October 30 through November 2 at the COBO Center and the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. This will be LK’s sixth Youmacon appearance.

More Anime Cons for 2015: AOD, MomoCon

LittleKuriboh also has two more cons booked for 2015. First is Animation on Display (AOD), which will be held on January 31 and February 1, 2015 in Burlingame, California. Joining LK in the spotlight will be Marianne Miller and Robbie Daymond, who plays Tuxedo Mask in VIZ’s new production of Sailor Moon.

Then, from May 28 through 31, LittleKuriboh will be returning to MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia. LK had hinted earlier this year that MomoCon would be a possibility, and it’s exciting to see him welcomed back. Other guests announced so far include comic and animation writer Greg Weisman and actors Keith David, Crispin Freeman, and Steve Blum.

My page for LK’s Anime Convention Schedule is now updated with these latest stops.


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  1. I think you should maintain your downloads. It’s one of two major sources to download LK’s stuff. Maybe newer fans will want to archive the stuff, your downloads provide that option.

  2. The problem is that LK isn’t offering his videos for download any more on TFS (at least not yet). I suppose I could just rip the videos that are being streamed, but that seems kind of pointless since their quality will be no better than what we can simply watch online. I think the demand for video downloads has dropped as streaming videos continue to become even more prevalent. Plus, there’s less of a concern that LK’s videos will abruptly disappear now that he has signed with a network and is self hosting. Eh, I’ll think about it.

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